Introducing The Newest Street Style Trend from South Korea – Get Your FILA Disruptor II at Half the Price!


| August 24, 2018

If you haven’t heard of the New Fila Disruptor II, it’s time to get educated with the newest street style trend from South Korea. Not many of us are willing to concur to our parents’ fashion choices, but you’ve got to admit — their vintage styles did sometimes make it into the modern world as fashion statements. The mom jeans trend is a great example, and we’re still rocking the dad-style baseball cap in 2018. 

Great news if you’re a fan of the whole vintage, tacky-but-somewhat-chic style… There’s a newcomer making news in the street style department. Say hi to chunky, thick-soled “sports shoes” — endearingly known as “dad shoes”!

For most of its existence, it’s been labelled as the “uncle” trend; something that only unfashionable middle-aged men wear. Well, not anymore — at least not when big player sneaker house FILA decides to take it and morph it into their new FILA Disruptor II, aka our (not so) secret hypebeast’s desire. 

Check out the different brand’s offerings of FILA Disruptor II below:

1. The Classic Whites

What has been the biggest upgrade from the “dad shoes” style is the soles. FILA has changed up the round base and instead included pointy jagged edges for the fiercer look. The all-white style is fully blanc, sans the FILA accents. 

Popular Korea stars like IU and Kim Yoo Jung have also been seen donning a pair of FILA Disruptor II!

2. A Pop of Colour

Those who are looking for a pop of colour on an otherwise minimalist pair of shoes, go for the ones with orange / pink accents on the “highlight” points of the shoe – Final Disruptor Point 2.  The ankle guard, toe guard and back of the shoes also have light grey suede elements, one of the newest additions to the disruptor collection.

3. Holographic Strip

Ah yes, can’t ever leave out the holographic option! FILA has chosen the unorthodox route of having the iridescent strip along the mid toe portion of the shoe, like a rainbow trail. Rainbow road on the FILA Disruptor II? We love it!

4. Chic Metallics

Metallic gold for the over-the-top folk (nothing wrong there) and glossy patent black for the understated chic!

5. Back to Black

Black truly is the new black. If you’re one to exclusively wear black kicks, be sure to keep an eye out for these gorgeous black FILA Disruptor II! Pick your poison — the triple black boasts ebony toe to tip, while matte black comes with a contrasting white sole. 

6. Millennial Pink

Last but not least, the coveted millennial pink FILA Disruptor II. Say what you want, but millennial pink will still be on our sneaker radars, forever and always.

The FILA Disruptor II can be found in Singapore but there are limited designs and can cost up to S$268! If you’re thinking of getting a pair for yourself, Airfrov your very own pair of FILA Disruptor II from South Korea today to save up to S$148!

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(Source: Airfrov)


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