Patbingsoo Korean Dining House introduces Gangnam and Itaewon set menu and diners stand to WIN Exclusive Discounts


| September 3, 2018

As fans of all things Korean, having Korean food every other day is like a staple for us, where we are always in search of good and authentic restaurants in Singapore to satisfy our kravings (cravings). If you’re just like us, high-five ‘cos you’re not alone!

Recently introduced their all-new Gangnam and Itaewon set menu at the outlets, Patbingsoo Korean Dining House prides itself as a trendy Korean restaurant, where they have made a name for themselves for their sweet and savoury menus. Conveniently situated at 4 locations in Singapore (Plaza Singapura, Northpoint City, Jurong Point and VivoCity), Patbingsoo serves a variety of popular Korean street food and meals, as well as Instagram-worthy Bingsu that may be well worth your penny.

Both Gangnam and Itaewon set menus are only available for a limited period of time, which allows diners to enjoy their signature dishes all in a bundle set. The best of it all, diners will stand a Spin & Win opportunity to win exclusive discounts or the Grand Prize of having your meal waived off by Patbingsoo!

Itaewon Set Meal (S$58++)

Main Highlight: Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs
Choose 1 Dish: House Special Ramyeon OR Tteok Carbonara
Beverages: 3 soft drinks

Suitable for sharing among 3 persons, the Itaewon Set Meal features their signature Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs as its main highlight, complemented by either the House Special Ramyeon or the creamy Tteok Carbonara.

A classic combination of cheese and pork ribs, Patbingsoo definitely brought this dish to another level, using a smooth and velvety mixture of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and wrapping it around the deliciously battered pork ribs. The soft cheese melts into the tender meat as you chew into it, complementing the intense sauce from the ribs.

You can also plop a piece of pineapple on the ribs to dispel the heaviness of the cheesy and meaty flavours, which adds a refreshing sweetness to the ribs. To add even more variety, the leftover cheese is mixed with the fries to create a side of steaming cheese fries. Also, there are chips and garlic mayo sauce on the side to soothe your munchies, which honestly tasted really great altogether!

Choose between the House Special Ramyeon or the Tteok Carbonara for this set, both great for sharing among the group. Packed full of ingredients, the House Special Ramyeon would be the type of comfort food that we’d go for every other day, comparable to our all-time favourite Korean army stew.

The soup base is instantly uplifted with the presence of seaweed and kimchi slices, complete with spam and minced pork, which make for a great addition to the dish.

If you are a cheese lover, consider the Tteok Carbonara dish which contains a generous portion of Sautéed Tteok (Korean rice cake) with sprinkles of bacon bits and corn, drenched in sinfully delicious cream sauce and cheese. The creamy sauce wasn’t too heavy with the bacon bits, and was overall a tasty dish, rivaling the carbonara pastas out there.

Overall, we’d recommend to go for the House Special Ramyeon for a more flavorful and well-balanced taste together with the Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs.

Gangnam Set Meal (S$58++)

Main Highlight: Budae Jjigae (Army Stew)
Choose 1 Dish: Dub Bab / Bibimbab / Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice
Beverages: 3 soft drinks

For the same price, you can also enjoy the Gangnam Set Meal which features the Budae Jjigae (Korean army stew), choice of 1 dish (Dub Bap / Bibimbap / Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice) and 3 soft drinks. Though army stews are pretty common and may seem like a boring dish when you look at the ingredients separately, together they actually create a satisfying and sumptuous meal to share.

The rich and flavourful stew is irresistible and will definitely leave you slurping non-stop! Each ingredient gives you a different taste that is enhanced by the stew itself. You can try mixing the ingredients, like the spam with kimchi, or fish cakes with rice cakes, and explore every possible combination. There are so many different flavours and textures to experience. Going through the entire dish will bring you on a culinary journey!

BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW! The meaningful history behind army stew gives the consumption of it a whole new experience. During the 1950s in the Korean War, the same American food products were smuggled out of military camps and used to create this dish. It might look like a simple dish, but it has a complex history! Next time, try asking your friends and test their knowledge on K-Food!

For this set meal, you’ll get to choose 1 dish (Dub Bab / Bibimbab / Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice) to go with the Budae Jjigae. These three dishes don’t need a further introduction, though we’ve got to mention that their Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice was surprisingly really good, with tons of mozzarella cheese.

Whichever dish that you order, just be sure to mix them well for a more enhanced flavour.

When you’re there, be sure to also try Patbingsoo’s specialty desserts — Bingsu (shaved iced), as they serve the largest range of wonderfully designed Bingsu in Singapore. Something cold and sweet after a hot meal would be perfect, so we ordered their Must-TRY Sinsa Patbingsoo ($15.90++) which came in a rock melon decorated with sweet surprises inside!

Had a similar one in Korea before, but this actually tasted way better, with a brilliant concoction of shaved ice, cornflakes, almonds, red beans, Nata de Coco and of course, juicy rock melon slices. This dessert is a great way of finishing a heavy meal, and every spoonful just leaves you wanting for more. The variety of textures all melt together in an icy, milky mix that satisfies any sweet tooth. The Bingsu is also served inside of a real rock melon, which makes for an Instagram-worthy dessert!

Here’s what interesting about Patbingsoo’s range of Bingsu — most of them are actually named after train stations in Korea (except their Mango Rose Bingsu and Mango Sticky Rice Bingsu), so you can easily spot a few familiar names on the menu!

For all you K-Food lovers out there, Patbingsoo Korean Dining House is currently running a promotion where diners get to enjoy exclusive discounts for their meals. From now till 15 October, get entitled to 1 SPIN from the Patbingsoo Spin Wheel when you order either the Gangnam or Itaewon Set Meal, or simply spend $48++ on a la carte items!

Everyone wins! Up to 100% Meal on Patbingsoo!

Top Prize: Up to 100% Meal on Patbingsoo
Other Prizes: 50% / 30% / 10% off entire bill

Terms & Conditions:
– Valid for dine-in only at all outlets, from now till 15 October 2018.
– Valid for 1 spin/redemption per receipt per table. No splitting of bills/tables.
– Not valid with other promotions, sets, discounts or credit card privileges.
– The management reserves the right to amend/terminate the promotion/prizes without prior notice.

Visit Patbingsoo Korean Dining House @:
Outlets: Plaza Singapura, #B2-47 | Northpoint City, South Wing, #B1-181 | Jurong Point JP2, #03-56 | VivoCity, #B1-27
Website (Check out their full menu here!)

This post is brought to you in partnership with Patbingsoo Korean Dining House.


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