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[COVER] SEVENTEEN Impresses with Electrifying Performances and Heartwarming Notes at their IDEAL CUT Tour in Singapore

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| September 26, 2018

13-member Korean boy group SEVENTEEN was in town last week for the Singapore stop of their “IDEAL CUT” world tour. The show was held on 21 September (Friday) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and marked the group’s third time meeting their Singapore Carats.

SEVENTEEN kicked off their concert on an explosive note with remixes of “HIGHLIGHT” and “Thanks” before moving on to more energetic, powerful performances of “FLOWER” and “Chuck”.

Hoshi taught fans the special hand sign that he made just for the tour, and The8 revealed that it meant that SEVENTEEN and Carats together form “love”, which melted the hearts of fans throughout the stadium.

The three units each had their own special stage, which allowed the members’ talents to shine more. The hiphop team set the stage on fire with “Un Haeng Il Chi” and “Sukyo”, the latter being an unreleased song that fans heard for the very first time during this tour.

The vocal team poured their hearts out with mellower tracks “Habit” and “Pinwheel”, while the performance team showed their incredible energy with “SWIMMING FOOL” and “JAM JAM”.

For the next part of the show, SEVENTEEN surprised fans by dressing up as Caratbongs, the group’s official lightstick, as they performed “THINKIN’ ABOUT YOU” while playing with their own unique props!

Pretty U”, “Shining Diamond” and “Adore U” were definitely crowd favourites as the stadium was filled with Carats’ voices singing along as the group performed. The members also showed fans their goofy sides by making each other do sexy dances and aegyo (affectionate gestures), and they even played a prank on Seungkwan by running offstage while he was doing his runway walk!

Towards the end of the show, a VCR interview showed the members expressing how thankful they are to their Carats, and how preciously they think of them. After that, the group appeared once more for the final encore and serenaded their fans with “Campfire”, creating a very warm and fuzzy atmosphere.

The SEVENTEEN members sat down on the stage floor for their final ment, which made it much more like a personal and intimate conversation with fans.

Hoshi promised that they will continue to grow and develop, and look forward to return to Singapore very soon. Joshua then expressed his sincere gratitude to fans for their unwavering love and support, while leader S.Coups added an “I will always love you” in English for Singapore Carats. The group then ended the show with an electrifying performance of “Very Nice”.

SEVENTEEN truly impressed with their ability to pull off a diverse range of genres, ranging from R&B and ballads to hiphop and dance. That along with their genuine love and appreciation for Carats proves just why they are one of the biggest K-pop acts today, and we cannot wait for them to visit Singapore again in the near future!

Article: Sarah
Photos: Fast Track Events


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