2PM’s Lee Junho and K-pop Boy Group Snuper join Song Ji Hyo as the Honorary Ambassadors for KBEE 2018

KBEE 2018 presents an exciting exhibition line-up over 2 days from November 1-2, featuring over 100 participating booths that will focus on Korean cosmetics, fashion, healthcare, food, K-pop goods, and more.

In celebration of the event, KBEE 2018 Singapore is proud to announce their Honorary Ambassadors Song Ji Hyo, Lee Junho (from 2PM) and K-pop boy group Snuper, who will participate in activities such as Fan-signing events, social contribution event*, and a K-pop concert. (*Charity t-shirt with signatures of the Honorary Ambassadors will be sold at the CSR event and all profits will be donated to Singapore welfare facilities.) Asia Rookie boy group BOY STORY from JYP Entertainment China will also be having their first concert and Hi-Touch event at KBEE 2018 Singapore.

What’s Happening Each Day at KBEE 2018 Singapore:

Date: November 1, 2018 (Thursday)
Where: Marina Bay Sands EXPO & Convention Center B2
Program Line-up
Mini Stage (Hall E)
– 1pm to 2pm: Fansign Event (Lee Junho)
– 2pm to 3:30pm: K-Beauty Makeup Show
Mini Stage (Hall F)
– 5pm to 5:30pm: Opening Ceremony
– 5:30pm to 6:30pm: K-Pop Concert
Exhibition Hall (Hall E)
– 9:30am to 5pm: Exhibition & Event

Date: November 2, 2018 (Friday)
Where: Marina Bay Sands EXPO & Convention Center B2
Program Line-up
Mini Stage (Hall E)
– 11am to 12pm: Influencer Live Streaming Show
– 12pm to 1pm: Shopee Online TV Korean Product Show
– 1pm to 2pm: Fansign Event (Song Ji Hyo)
– 2pm to 3pm: Fansign Event (Snuper)
– 3pm to 4pm: Hi-Touch Event* (BOY STORY Special Appearance; *Purchase a t-shirt at CSR event to receive a Hi-touch ticket)
Exhibition Hall (Hall E)
– 9:30am to 5pm: Exhibition & Event

How to Get Tickets?

Admission to the Exhibition is free, where the public can register on site. For the Fan signing events as well as K-pop concert, attendees are required to present their entrance ticket which must be obtained prior to the event through KBEE 2018’s website.

Downloads will be open via https://kbee.kr/ on 14 October (Sunday) from 7pm to 9pm (based on local time), while tickets last. (Update as of 14 Oct: There will be a 2nd Ticket Download and it will be opened on Wednesday, October 17 from 7pm to 9pm)

For more information, follow KBEE 2018 here or visit their official page at https://kbee.kr/ and watch this space for the latest updates!

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