Two of South Korea’s popular Makeup Brands, Bbi@ and EGLIPS are now in Singapore with Limited Box Sets up for grabs!

Time to stock up on some Korean makeup!

Beatrice Yeo

| October 24, 2018

When I was in South Korea a few months back, I remember the time a friend “forcefully” dragged me to the drugstore after our meal, so kanchiong in wanting to get her hands on some Bbi@ and EGLIPS products. At that time, I had no idea what she was up to nor did I know what the brands were so of course, me being the easy one, begrudgingly allowed myself to be dragged to the drugstore with her. But the trip definitely did not go to waste, I vividly remember being pleasantly shocked at the wide range of quality products and being even more surprised at the prices of it – In what world can we find quality products at this price?!

Though I had to be her guinea pig for 121023051 products, I could understand why she was so smitten with them. So, imagine how thrilled she was when she found out the brand has set foot in Singapore thanks to Sky007 Singapore. She was excited, to say the least, and I was so stoked to finally get to try them on myself, by myself. But I digress, to get you started, here is a short introduction for those who don’t know much about the brands.

Bbi@ is an abbreviation for “Blooming Beauty in Online Oce@n” and is one of the first online (no surprise) cosmetic brands launched in South Korea. In the 10 years since its inception, the brand has already cemented itself as the go-to brand for trendy, quality and affordable makeup products.

On the other hand, EGLIPS is a fun, exciting and affordable makeup brand often raved by top beauty bloggers from around the world — Most notably, PONY, who’s a huge fan of the brand’s Blur Powder Pact. EGLIPS focuses more on foundations, pacts, and liners that are suitable for women of all ages and occasions of all kinds.

Lucky you because HallyuSG and  Sky007 Singapore have teamed up for a collaboration to offer limited Special Boxed sets for those who want to try out Bbi@ and EGLIPS products. Now that both brands have finally reached our shores, I say it’s high time you get to try them out for yourself!

The Bbi@ special box comes with 1 Spa Foundation, 1 Downy Cheek, 1 Cashmere Shadow, 1 Last Velvet Lip Tint and 1 Auto Gel Eyeliner Slim(BONUS: Get your Bbi@ special box early and receive 1 Bbi@ t-shirt and 2 mask packs! While stocks last!)

Here’s what we have to say about them:

Bbi@ Spa Foundation in Shade 21 Vanilla Beige

When people choose a foundation, they will usually stick with it till the end and in this humid country we call home, it is important to find a product that doesn’t make you feel stuffy even after wearing it the whole day. After trying out this product, I could see myself changing creams and using it for myself. This foundation is relatively long lasting, covers up scars pretty well and blends easily. Most importantly, it is super easy to work with and a steal for its quality and quantity (each box has 21g of product!).

Bbi@ Downy Cheek in #05 Downy Coral

I’m not a fan of cream blushers but this Downy Cheek has got me thinking twice. The creamy formula blends into the cheek really well and helps give it a natural flush, perfect for the summer look you’ve always wanted. It is easy to build, and the wide surface also makes it easier for you to pick up more product with your hand or brush. This is worth trying out if you’re interested in experimenting with cream blushers.

Bbi@ Last Auto Gel Eyeliner Slim in S2 Jazz S

Creamy liners are a must-have for any make-up pouch and this is the one you should definitely have! This eyeliner comes in a 2mm lead for thin lines and precise drawing. It glides on smoothly, is smudge proof and (almost) waterproof, making it the best liner to wear for any event.

Bbi@ Cashmere Shadow in #02 Cozy Bronze

This shimmery shadow provides the right amount of sparkle to your eyes! It comes with 4 other natural shades (shimmers/matte) making it the perfect combination for whatever eyeshadow looks you are going for. The color payoff is pretty good and it is very easy to blend.

Last Velvet Lip Tint in Shade #11 Calm Boss

Definitely the most well-known product in the list and it’s hard not to see why. This lip tint comes in a lux packaging with a wide range of colors.

(Before and After application)

Awarded #1 in 2018 First Half Glowpick Consumer Beauty Award, this lip tint is very velvety and applies on very smoothly. The wand applicator makes the applying process even easier and the formula is very staining so don’t have to worry about your lips losing color. Plus points for the smell of this lip tint – It smells like strawberries and what sweet dreams are made of.

Bbi@ Lip Ink Tattoo *Not included in the special boxed sets*

These watery lip tints are easy to handle and applies on very easily but remember to let it dry before you touch it! It comes in a variety of bright colors and in a very cute tube that resembles a syringe. On top of that, it stays on your lips relatively well and It smells pleasant! 10/10 would buy this product.

In the EGLIPS special box,  it contains 1 Golden Shimmer Lipstick, 1 Muse in Shadow, 1 Blur Powder Pact (!!!), 1 Saranghae-Zoo Velvet Blusher and 1 Saranghae-Zoo Primer(BONUS: Get your EGLIPS special box early and receive 1 EGLIPS t-shirt and 1 shower head-band! While stocks last!)

EGLIPS Golden Shimmer Lipstick in #03 Extreme Girl

Red lipsticks are a necessity and as they always say, never underestimate the power of a red lip. This is a very pinkish red shade that complements all tones, and its rich intensity helps give your face a pop of color! It is also moisturizing and a tiny bit staining but definitely perfect for the daily usage. The packaging is very sturdy and the magnetic clasps come in very handy as it helps to prevent any unnecessary breakage while on the go. However, it does not sit well with Singapore’s warm climate so remember to keep it in a cool area away from the sun to prevent it from melting!

EGLIPS Muse in Shadow in M005 Affection

The perfect base for any eyeshadow look! The more you apply, the deeper the color becomes and the curved packaging makes it very easy to get more powder out. The shadow lasts long and the matte finish makes it very easy to work with. Combine it with other colors to create a unique color of your own!

EGLIPS Blur Power Pact in Shade #21

The product that everyone’s talking about. The powder comes compressed in a petite container that makes it easy to be brought out and about. The puff is plump and soft, making application a very comfortable and easy process as it also helps to spread the powder evenly and firmly.

The pact comes in 5 different shades to suit your skin tone and true to what everyone has been raving about, it really helps you achieve the glowy photoshopped look by reducing your fine lines and enlarged pores. It’s not cakey and gives off the perfect semi-matte finish. Now we know how PONY looks so flawless with this!

EGLIPS Saranghae-Zoo Velvet Blusher in #01 Lovely Pink

This blusher comes cutely packaged in a sweet pink container and applying this pink cream blush on the apples of your cheeks will definitely give you that rosy glow we all need. Best applied with a makeup sponge but remember to apply moderately! Apart from that, it is a bargain at its price and it is nice to smell.

EGLIPS Saranghae-Zoo Primer

A must-apply before any foundation! This primer is an all-encompassing product that helps your makeup stay on your face flawlessly and retains the moisture in your skin. It spreads on the face easily and dries off quickly without stickiness, making the application a breeze. This transparent formula adheres to the skin really well and it helps smoothen out uneven surfaces. A must-have!

With an extensive list of products at such low price points, how can we not be tempted to try them all?!

Promotion for the Special Boxes: EGLIPS – $42.90 (U.P. $62.90) / Bbi@ – $49.90 (U.P. $69.90)
Online Purchase: or (Cart out with “HALLYUSG_EGLIPS” or “HALLYUSG_BBIA” to enjoy the promotion + FREE LOCAL SHIPPING!)
Visit Their Shop: My Beauty Moments @ Lucky Plaza, #02-73

Bbi@ Special Box comes with 1 Bbi@ t-shirt and 2 mask packs
EGLIPS Special Box comes with 1 EGLIPS t-shirt and 1 shower head-band
Only 35 boxes are available for each brand, get yours while stocks last!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Sky007 Singapore. Visit their online shop here and follow their Facebook page for the latest products!


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