[K-Travel] South Korea’s Very Own Discount Chain “Pierrot Shopping” has Finally Opened!


Beatrice Yeo

| October 30, 2018
(Credit: nerve2016 @ Naver) 

You’ve probably never heard of Pierrot Shopping before but this is one place everyone should definitely check out when they’re in Seoul because if there is one thing people all around the world have in common, it’s a penchant for discounts and wacky goods. And Pierrot Shopping offers just that!

Just like how Singaporeans flocked to Don Don Donki when the discount giant first came onto our shores, Koreans have been flooding Pierrot Shopping ever since it first opened its COEX outlet in June and here’s why.

(Credit: ioilzz @ Naver) 

With colorful signages and eye-popping product displays (that eerily reminds you of Japan’s famous Don Quijote), it is definitely one fun and exciting place to shop. Similar to their Japanese counterpart (they are not owned by the same people), they sell anything and everything you can think of – From alcohols, snacks and fresh foods, all the way to wigs, luxury goods, to even 19+ toys.

But unlike the cute penguin mascots that fill Don Quijote, clowns full of varying expressions adorn the walls and entrances of the shop.

(Credit: Jinidag @ Naver)

Pierrot Shopping is the brainchild of conglomerate Shinsegae (E-mart) and it opened to much fanfare back in June. This flagship store has a total of 2 stories that when combined, have a total area of 2,513 square meters of fun. It is designed for customers to “shop without a clear purpose” and no surprise, the stores are packed to the brim with interesting items hidden at every nook and cranny, ready for people to dig out. Their goal is to make shopping exciting by encouraging customers to venture around the aisles and make unexpected discoveries, sort of like participating in a treasure hunt.

With 2 outlets already established and more than 10,000 footprints being recorded each day, Pierrot Shopping is set to open its 3rd outlet in Myeongdong sometime in December. And tourists, don’t worry because tax refunds are also available in-stores. One thing’s for sure, hitting the minimum amount required for a tax refund will definitely be easy-peasy.

Pierrot Shopping (삐에로쑈핑) can be found at two locations:

1. COEX Mall, B1
Opening Hours: 10:30am to 10pm (All year round)
Getting Here: Samseong Station (Subway Line 2, Exit 5 or 6)

2. Doota Mall, B2
Opening Hours: 10:30am to 5am (Monday to Saturday), 10:30am to 12am (Sunday)
Getting Here: Dongdaemun Station (Subway Line 1 or 4, Exit 8)

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