[K-MOVIE] Ma Dong Seok Plays the Unbeatable Beast in “Unstoppable” – In Cinemas 6 December

Ever wondered just how far the power of love will take you to? Try watching “Unstoppable” and see how much an ex-gangster is willing to go back to his old ways just to save the love of his life. The latest Korean film to premiere in Singapore is this action-packed movie that features a bunch of familiar faces we all already know and love – Don Lee (aka Ma Dong-seok) and Song Ji-hyo.

Join Kang Dong-chul (played by Don Lee) on a journey as he sets out on a race against time to rescue his one true love, Ji-soo (played by Song Ji-hyo). This is one movie that will definitely help you start off your December with a bang!

When it comes to humble personalities and quality performances, both Don Lee and Song Ji-hyo have won our hearts and wallets hands-down. Adding to his neverending list of 2018 filmography, this is Don Lee’s 5th time headlining a movie so anticipations are high for yet another stellar performance.

Similarly, Song Ji-hyo’s appearance on the ever-so-popular Running Man has propelled her an international stardom so we can’t wait to see just what she has in stores.

Unstoppable” is director Kim Min-ho’s first ever feature-length film so expectations are high for his fresh take on directing. Even before the official premiere, his debut film has already taken the fifth spot on the movie charts with over 57,000 moviegoers recorded during the pre-screening. Definitely not an easy feat for someone who just released his first film!

Film Synopsis:

A once legendary gangster Dong-chul (Ma Dong-seok) cleans up his past and tries to settle down to enjoy an ordinary life with his angelic wife Ji-soo (Song Ji-hyo). Then one day, he returns home to find the place cluttered with signs of struggle and his wife nowhere to be found. Soon after, he realizes that his wife has been kidnapped. He receives a call from a stranger offering to pay him to give up his wife.

Title: Unstoppable / 성난황소
Genre: Action, Thriller
Cast: Don Lee (Ma Dong-seok), Song Ji-hyo
Directed by: Kim Min-ho
Singapore Release Date: 6 December 2018
Runtime: 116 Minutes

Watch the official trailer and stay tuned to our Facebook page (here) to find out how you can win yourself a pair of complimentary passes to catch this movie!

(Photos: mm2 Entertainment)


Love The Banana Milk? Now There’s A Brand New Season-Edition Tangerine Flavored Milk!

(Photo: IG @milkeurumi)

South Korea’s popular dairy manufacturer, Binggrae, has newly launched their brand new season-edition flavored milk on 28 November and it’s Tangerine flavored!

Just like the Mulberry flavored milk that was released earlier this year, this new flavor is one that has never been explored by other manufacturers. Binggrae is most well-known for their iconic Banana flavored milk, and till today it is still well-loved by many. Did you know that its Banana flavored milk had gone through 5 different classic packaging (excluding seasonal designs) since 1974?

Check out the flavors that have been released in the market so far:

(Photo: Binggrae)

(Above) From left to right: Banana, Strawberry, Banana Light, Melon Flavored Milk

(Photo: IG @sagimakgol_kim)

(Above) Coffee Flavored Milk

(Photo: IG @binggraekorea)

(Above) Mulberry Flavored Milk

(Photo: Binggrae)

(Above) The Latest Tangerine Flavored Milk

(Photo: Binggrae)

Did you know that there is a Yellow Cafe in Seoul inspired by the Banana Milk itself? In fact, there are two of these themed cafes in South Korea launched by Binggrae — the flagship cafe is located at the Hyundai City Outlet along Dongdaemun district (Seoul) and the other branch is situated in Jeju.

(Photo: IG @jejulog_dongjoo)

You can find all things related to the Banana Milk at the cafe, including cute accessories, merchandise, and even banana milk-scented oil diffuser! Both cafes spell interior goals, with every corner a good spot for photo-opportunity.

(Photo: IG @hyundaioutlets)

What’s a trip to the Yellow Cafe without trying some of their signature items on the menu? It’s a must to try the banana milk soft-serve ice-cream, one of the most popular items they offer at the cafe.

(Photo: Binggrae)

Everything here is banana milk flavored, though there are also other seasonal products made with strawberry milk. You name it, they (may likely) have it! Banana latte, banana milkshake, banana toast, banana tiramisu, etc etc. You’ll literally go bananas here!

Getting to Yellow Cafe:
1) Dongdaemun Branch — Hyundai City Outlet, B2
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm (Sun-Wed) / 11am to 11pm (Thu-Sat)

2) Jeju Branch — 90 Jungmungwangwang-ro, Seogwipo, Jeju Special Self-governing Province
Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm (Daily)


The Face Shop Korea Collaborates with Kakao Friends for their Christmas Collection

Ho ho ho, another legendary collaboration has come your way this winter! Ever wished the makeup you used came in cuter packaging? This Christmas, your wish has been granted by the kind Santa Clauses at The Face Shop because this year, they are here to stuff your Christmas stocking with their latest Little Friends (Kakao Friends) collection!

Here’s a preview of the all the items available:

(Photo Credits: The Face Shop Korea)

1. Time to reward yourself after a long day’s work with a Little Friends Character Mask. Comes in 2 different characters – Ryan (Revitalising) and Apeach (Moisturizing). And yes, the mask is a picture of the characters themselves. How cute! (25g/2,500 won each)

2. This year, surprise your special someone with a bottle of Little Friends Soul Perfume. For the ladies, the red Little Apeach Soul Secret Blossom is the perfect one for you and for the gents, the black Little Ryan Soul Essential for Men! (30ml/16,000 won each)

Scent Notes (Top / Heart / Base):
Little Apeach Soul Secret Blossom: Lemon Tea, Green Tea Leaf, Lilac, Osmanthus / Red Peony, Peach Flower, Wisteria / White Sandalwood, Precious Amber, Soft Musk 

Little Ryan Seoul Essential for Men: Basil, Lemon, Mint / Cedar Leaf, Lotus Flower / Amber, Vetiver, Precious Wood, Musk 

(Photo Credits: The Face Shop Korea)

3. Start your day right with the refreshing Little Friends Cleansing Foam that comes in 3 different Kakao Friends characters to choose from!  (120ml/10,000 won each)

4. For those with sensitive skin, you have not been forgotten! Try out the Dr. Belmeur Baby and Kiss for a milder alternative – Suitable for babies too! Choose between the body wash or moisturizer for a soothing experience. (375ml/22,000 won each)

(Photo Credits: The Face Shop Korea)

5. Give your lips some life with the Little Friends Lip Tint that comes in 4 different colors and characters for you to pick one that’s best suited for you! Choose between a Little Tube in Orange, Little Apeach in Pink, Little Muzi in Red, Little Ryan in Red. (5g/12,000 won each)

6. Encased in a cute lil’ tub, pucker your chapped lips up with this Little Ryan Lip Balm that comes in red and transparent formulas. (6g/10,000 won each)

(Photo Credits: The Face Shop Korea)

7. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer comes in the most adorable form this year! With the Rudolph Little Ryan Avocado Body, staying hydrated and well-moisturized is now a breeze with the Avocado Body Wash and Avocado Body Lotion. (500ml/16,000 won each)

8. Motivate yourself to use more hand cream with these Little Friends Hand Cream that come in 3 different scents and characters. Apeach comes in peach (duh), Ryan comes in Avocado and Tube comes in Snow Cotton! (60ml/8,000 won each)

9. Flash your million-dollar smile with your very own Little Friends Mini Lipstick Kit. (1.3*3g/18,000 won each)

My Little Red: Orange Red Little Muzi, Hot Red Little Neo, Deep Red Little Frodo

My Little Rose: Brown Little Ryan, Coral Little Tube, Rose Little Apeach

10. And lastly, end your Wishlist with your very own Rudolph Little Ryan Cushion. With 7 different type of creams for you to choose from, your Christmas this year will be the most unique one yet! (15g/20,000 won each)

If you haven’t got any slightest clue as to what to put onto your Christmas Wishlist, why not put some of The Face Shop x Kakao Friends’ collection in it? Don’t forget to thank Santa with some cookies and milk later! This Kakao Friends x The Face Shop Christmas Collection can be purchased from our online K-Beauty shop HERE! Pay the same price (or even cheaper) as Korea’s stores and top-up for a flat shipping fee to get the items delivered right to your doorstep! 🙂


[K-MOVIE] ‘The Wrath’ Starring Son Na Eun and Seo Young Hee, Opens in Cinemas 6 December

A remake from the 1986 classic of the same title, The Wrath (2018) is an upgraded and polished version of this horror story that once took Korea by storm with its breathtaking suspense and cutting-edge production. Joining one of the best horror film actresses, Seo Young-hee, is first-time movie lead, Son Na-eun from one of Korea’s top girl group, Apink.

Seo Young-hee has previously taken on roles in various hit films such as Bedevilled (2010) and The Chaser (2008), so anticipation is high as she takes on another lead role in a horror film after 6 long years.

The film will touch on the tension between two great women with great ambitions and desires. In this film, Madam Shin (played by Seo Young-hee), a prominent aristocrat from the Joseon Dynasty, will go against Ok-boon (played by Son Na-eun), a peasant who was sold off to a rich family to help bear their child. As death plagues the people in the household, Ok-boon sets out on a mission to discover the truth behind these mysterious deaths, only to find out she has strange, psychic powers.

This contemporary film is directed by renowned Director, Yoo Young-seon. Under his long list of accolades is The Wicked (2014), a film he has previously directed and was invited to screen at the 15th Jeonju International Film Festival. With a wealth of experience in production and screenplay writing at the back of his fingertips, The Wrath is expected to be his next masterpiece.

Film Synopsis:

“Don’t speak of what you hear, and don’t remember what you see.”

Ok-boon is brought into a great mansion, where mysterious deaths have occurred, and meets Madam Shin, the lady of the house with a great secret. Madam Shin tells Ok-boon the rules she must obey by while in the house. Later, Ok-boon must face the terrifying truths beyond imagination.

The dead begins to cry out loud!

If you want to live, cover your ears!

Title: The Wrath
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Cast: Seo Young-hee, Son Na-eun, Lee Tae-ri, Park Min-ji
Directed by: Yoo Young-seon
Singapore Release Date: 6 December 2018
Runtime: 94 Minutes

Watch the official trailer and stay tuned to our Facebook page (here) to find out how you can win yourself a pair of tickets to the preview screening!

(Photos: Golden Village Pictures)


[K-Travel] Your 1-Day Vintage Guide to Ikseon-dong!

Ikseon-dong has got to be one of the hottest places in town recently. Nestled between Anguk and Jong-no 3-ga Station is this relatively small street that packs a punch of vintage vibes. Don’t let the small area deter you because there are tons of things to do in this area! This place is where the old and new come together to give you the best experience of both worlds. Though it is filled with nothing but traditional Hanoks, what fills the insides are various eateries that serve up a bunch of amazing food – Both Korean and international, as well as vintage shops that make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a different dimension.

Needless to say, Ikseon-dong has a rustic charm that’s tinged with a hint of modernization, a rarity in today’s day and age. To get the most out of your trip to Ikseon-dong, here is a guide on what to do there!

(Photo Credits: nex3nex5 @ Naver Cafe)

Wake up, sunshine! Start your day right by wearing something fit for the occasion! Immerse yourself in this unique rusticity by renting an outfit from the early 20th century at 경성의복 (Kyung Sung Clothes). With a multitude of different fashion pieces for you to choose from, choosing an outfit has never been more fun!

Have a sip of tea with your very own pair of lacy lady gloves or take a stroll along the beautiful alleys with a parasol, it will definitely make you feel as if you’ve been transported back to the good ol’ times.

(Photo Credits: tjsal2772 @ Naver Cafe)
(Photo Credits: tjsal2772 @ Naver Cafe)

Feeling a little hungry? Head over to 경양식1920 (Gyeongyangshik 1920) for a meal fit for royalty. Situated in a quaint little Hanok, this place was built to resemble a place stuck in time. After all, this eatery was named after the year in which Ikseon Hanok Village was created by the Korean Government!

This particular eatery only specializes in 2 items – The hamburg steak and pork cutlet, so do take note of that before making your way down there for your very own feast.

(Photo Credits: kimjiy8 @ Naver Blog)

After a satisfying lunch, make your way to 동백양과점 (Dong Baek Yanggwa Jeom), a café that specializes in western style desserts and drinks. This shop has been making waves around the country recently for their fluffy strawberry soufflé pancakes so make sure to allocate enough time to try those out. Their visuals alone are enough to make your trip down well worth it. And I’m sure these taste as good as they look too!

Or if these sweet pancakes aren’t your exactly your cup of tea, have a cuppa at 마당꽃방 (Madang Kkotbang), while getting for yourself a bouquet of flowers. Step into an oasis where plants and flowers greet you with their sweet scent and pretty colors! With umbrellas and flowers lining the sides of this café on the outside, it’s not hard to find the path to this treasure.

(Photo Credits: hyodol91 @ Naver Blog)

The sun is setting and it’s about time to leave this village. Sad to leave but what to do if your old soul just wants to take a piece of vintage back home? How about indulging yourself with a piece of vintage fashion with an outfit from Vintage Bonnie?

Ikseon-dong is only a 10 minutes walk away from the Jong-no 3-ga subway station. This place is still a spot relatively untouched by tourists so if you’re visiting, make sure to equip yourself with some basic Korean. Also, Insadong and the famous Jongmyo Shrine are near the area too, so check that out if you have some time to spare. Here is a map of Ikseon-dong for you to pre-navigate yourself with. Have fun! 😀

Traveling to South Korea soon? Be sure to equip yourself with unlimited 4G WiFi coverage in Korea from as low as S$3/day — find out more here!


Park Bo Gum Announces 2019 Asia Tour (and Singapore is Included)!

(Photo Credits: Blossom Entertainment)

One of South Korea’s hottest actors, Park Bo Gum, will be coming to Singapore next year! Blossom Entertainment, Park Bo Gum’s management, has just released the list of countries the actor will be touring for his 2019 Asia Tour and Singapore is mentioned as one of the countries he will be visiting! Although the dates have not been confirmed, it is also said that he will be visiting Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and more.

(Photo Credits: Blossom Entertainment)

This will be the third time the actor will be in Singapore, with his previous visit happening more than a year ago when he was here to MC for KBS Music Bank in Singapore.

Park Bo Gum has featured in many hit dramas such as as Prince Lee Yeong, and > as Choi Taek. The actor will also be taking part in a brand new drama alongside actress Song Hye-gyo, marking the end of his 2-year acting hiatus.

More details of the Singapore leg will be out at a later date so don’t forget to stay tuned to this page for the latest updates!

{LATEST UPDATE} Click on the link below for the details of Park Bo Gum Asia Tour in Singapore!


Ticketing Details Are Out For ‘s… TAEYEON Concert in Singapore!

Having successfully held her 3rd solo concert in Seoul on October 20 & 21, TAEYEON is now ready to embark to more cities and meet her overseas fans. Come January 12 next year, Singapore SONEs will be in for a treat as the female powerhouse from Girls’ Generation will be staging her concert at the Singapore Expo. Given her huge popularity globally, tickets are expected to sell out fast for all stops of her tour. Find out more details below!

Date: January 12, 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 1
Time: 6PM
Ticket Pricing: (exclude booking fee)
CAT 1 S$288 | CAT 2 S$238 | CAT 3 S$188 | CAT 4 S$148

Tickets to TAEYEON’s solo concert in Singapore will be available via SISTIC on 1 December 2018, 10am (based on Singapore time) for the public sale. There will also be a pre-sale of tickets on 30 November 2018, 10am, only for fans who have subscribed to IMC Live Global’s (i.e. the promoter) Newsletter. Register here by 29 November, 3pm, to receive the access link and unique code for the pre-sale.

For more information on the ticketing, be sure to read up the FAQs here. Stay tuned to our socials for the latest updates!


Gangnam Corndog – Authentic Korean Street Food Right Here in Singapore!

Recently, we headed down to The Central @ Clarke Quay on a mission to get our Korean food fix. Hidden behind this very unassuming exterior lies a cozy little Korean eatery owned by a mother and son duo. Gangnam Corndog sells a variety of very authentic snacks at very affordable prices. Despite a small seating area, the shop was packed with customers – Both tourists and locals during lunchtime, a testament to their amazing food (or so we heard).

After spending a long time deliberating on what to get, we settled with having a Mozza, Cheddar and Squid Ink Corndog ($4.90 each), a bowl of Corndog Tteokbokki ($12.80) a serving of Fried Chicken and Potato in Soya ($9.80) , as well as a bottle of Orange Juice, Melon Juice and Fruit Punch ($5.90 each) that came in very cute illuminating lightbulbs. Having always walked past this shop many times without a second glance, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves with a table of scrumptious-looking Korean street snacks. One whiff and we can already tell that this meal was going to be a good one.

And we were not disappointed. The deep-fried Mozza, Cheddar and Squid Ink Corndog was well made, with the sausage and corn batter melding well together. All of it was encased with a layer of sugar for the added crunch and dimension of flavor. The cheese was also a nice addition to this already savory snack, and its long cheese pull made it a good photo opportunity.

The Squid Ink corndog was even made to resemble a real squid, a nice little touch. 10/10 would definitely buy this again for a snack!

The Corndog Tteokbokki was another star of Gangnam Corndog. When we say having this warms the soul, we mean it and we aren’t kidding. Made with a touch of mother’s love (as with all other dishes), this hearty meal is a good way to give you the kick you need to last you through the day.

The rice cakes were chewy, and the fishcakes were savory, very unlike the artificial tasting ones you get outside most of the time. The cheese that we added to this dish for an additional $2 also helped bring it to the next level, because not only did it complement this seemingly simple dish, it helped give it a brand new flavor as well.

Lastly, we ordered the Fried Chicken and Potato in Soya platter because we just couldn’t resist it. This was an unexpected find because who would’ve ever thought of ordering this at a shop that specializes in Corndogs?! But well, this definitely wasn’t a letdown! The chicken was fresh, tender and juicy, just like how all fried chicken should be. The potatoes helped to balance out this meaty dish and the sauce was definitely one that helped give this a wow factor. A must-try!


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If you’re ever nearby, don’t forget to give Gangnam Corndog a try and let us know what you think!

Address: Gangnam Corndog @ Clarke Quay Central (01-47, 6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817)
Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm (Monday to Sunday)
Expected Damage: S$5 ~ $15 per pax
Our Verdict: ★★★★☆

Disclaimer: All reviews reflect our own personal preference. We pay for all the food unless otherwise stated.

(Photos & Video: Nicole)


JJ Lin Announced as One of the Special Artists for 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards

(Photo: JJ Lin Official FB)

Always our Singapore pride. JJ Lin has been announced and confirmed to be one of the special artists for the annual 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards, which will be taking place at three cities — Korea (December 10), Japan (December 12) and Hong Kong (December 14), with the theme “Challenge, Passion, Dream”.

Mnet has today released the news of his attendance at the awards ceremony, along with two other special artists Janet Jackson and Matsushige Yutaka. It is unclear whether JJ Lin will be attending all three ceremonies or just making a stop at one or two cities, but the news is definitely making a splash and many are anticipating his appearance at the 2018 MAMA.

UPDATE on 6 Dec: JJ Lin will be performing at 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong!

The South Korean music awards ceremony has been held annually since 1999, and this year’s ceremony will mark its 20th anniversary. It was also staged in Singapore back in 2011, graced by many Korean and international artists such as Song Joong Ki, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, The Black Eyed Peas’ &, and more.

Online voting has opened and fans can visit to cast their votes for the nominees till 9 December 2018, 23:59 hours (KST). Award categories include Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Male/Female Group, and many more.


Top 7 Korea Activities Not to be Missed during Klook’s BLACK FRIDAY Sales

What’s better than discounts? More discounts! Come 23 to 26 November 2018, Klook will be having their Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales where lucky travelers like you and me can enjoy a further 10% off all activities / 50% off F&B / *Buy 2 Get 2 Deals (*2-for-2 promo codes will be released here) when you make a booking online (discounts capped at $27).

Double The Savings, Double The Fun! Simply enter the promo code SGBLACKFRI during check-out to redeem the discount by 26 Nov, 23:59hrs. Here are the Top 7 activities that we’ve carefully hand-picked from Klook for those of you who’ll be traveling to Korea soon:

(Photo: Klook)

1) Feast Your Eyes on All Things SMTOWN

One ticket to the SMTOWN Museum entitles you to an eye-galore of your favorite SM idols – from a whole range of gallery exhibits to the museum’s experiential programs. If you’re a fan of artistes such as Super Junior, TVXQ, SHINee, EXO, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, BoA, NCT and more, here’s where you can spend half a day browsing through never-before-seen SMTOWN exclusive contents and meet the artistes via augmented reality! How cool is that? (Get your ticket in advance here)

(Photo: Klook)

2) Donning the Korean School Uniform

Always envied the male and female leads in K-dramas? Now you can also immerse yourself into the drama character and walk proudly on the streets in those stylish uniforms. Gone were the days for Hanbok costume rental, it’s the trend to rent high school uniforms now!

Uniform rental is available for 4 hours (S$16.45) or 8 hours (S$21.89), but we recommend taking up the 8-hour package so that you can have plenty of time to walk around, take lots of photos and explore the streets of Seoul in the attire. (Book yours here)

ALSO READ: 추억여행 – Take a Trip Down Memory Lane in Korea

(Photo: Twitter @SBSMTVTheShow)

3) Attending A K-pop Music Show’s Live Recording

If you’re a K-pop fan, this is one experience you can tick off from your bucket list of attending a music program’s live recording in Korea. Catch your favorite idols performing their comeback tracks at SBS MTV The Show, which airs live every Tuesday at 6:30pm (KST)! Thanks to Klook, the process of attending such recordings has been made easier for foreign fans, simply by booking the package online here.

For those who’re keen in this package, be sure to read our complete guide to SBS MTV The Show here!

(Photo: Klook)

4) Interactive Art Museum where Paintings Come to Live

Experience something different on your next trip to Seoul and spend a day to hop around the museums and art exhibitions! At the L’atelier Museum in Dongdaemun, you CAN be a part of the real painting and renowned art pieces as this interactive art museum will take you on a magical trip back to the 19th century. Imagine the moving art pieces in Harry Potter films – yes, you will be able to witness the paintings come to live here!

There are also musicals and hologram shows to enjoy at this museum based on famous impressionist painters, such as Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet, and all these are included in one ticket price. Even if you’re not a museum-person or an art lover, the museum’s interactive nature will be a whole new experience for anyone who visit! (Book your ticket here)


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5) Be the 9th member of Running Man

Calling all fans of Running Man! The Running Man Thematic Experience Center is one attraction that you should check out when in Seoul. It’s still a fairly new attraction (just 1 year old) and it caters to both children and adults of all ages. Complete various missions and collect R-points to be the 9th member of Running Man!

Our favorite part of this attraction is the LED mirror maze — for the grams. Read our full review here! You can book your dated tickets in advance here. We’d recommend to visit early or during the weekdays if you want to avoid the crowd or long queue.

[Photo: Airport Railroad Map (Credit: Airport Railroad Co., Ltd.)]

6) AREX Incheon Airport Express Train One Way Ticket to/from Seoul

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to get to downtown Seoul is by the AREX train. Don’t be confused by the Express Train and All Stop Train — the Express train takes you all the way to Seoul Station from Incheon International Airport, whereas the All Stop Train will make a stop at all the subway stations along the way to Seoul Station.

With frequent departures from Terminal 1 and 2, the AREX Express Train is the fastest way to reach Seoul city centerin approximately 43 minutes (from T1) or 51 minutes (from T2). AREX Express train tickets are priced at 9,000 won (~S$11) for a one-way trip (Incheon Airport to Seoul Station or vice versa), but you can purchase it in advance for S$7.75 and apply the promo code (SGBLACKFRI) for a further 10% discount! *MORE SAVINGS*

Tip: Receive an AREX ticket for free if you book the Safex Airport Luggage Services on or before 31 December 2018! Simply drop off your luggage at the airport and receive it at your hotel — save all the hassle and you can head straight to the shopping streets!

7) Unlimited 4G WiFi

Admit it. WiFi is one of the most important agendas to settle whenever you travel because we simply want to stay connected at all times. Traveling with your friends or family? You can now save even more by booking just 1 WiFi device to share among 3 persons from as low as S$1/person/day! 4G WiFi coverage extends country-wide in Korea, so even if you’re planning a trip to other provinces, you don’t have to worry that much about its connectivity. 10/10 would book this device whenever we travel to Korea because it’s just so convenient. (Book yours here)

This Market in Seoul Let You Purchase A Dosirak (Lunchbox) and Fill it with Street Food for 5,000 KRW only!
South Korea’s Very Own Discount Chain “Pierrot Shopping” has Finally Opened!
Helpful Pointers for Your First Trip to Seoul


McDonalds Korea Releases Yet Another Drool-worthy Dessert Pie (+Super Mario Toys Galore!)

(Photo Credits: McDonalds Korea Official Homepage)

Remember the McDonalds Chocolate Pie that was released in South Korea last year, that sent everybody into a frenzy? This year, McDonalds Korea is back again with a vengeance and this time with their latest dessert pie, the Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie! Here’s a picture of the pic in its full, oozing glory.

(Photo Credits: rnbns @ Naver Blog)

Although the combination of cream cheese and raspberry jam might rub some people off the wrong way, the unexpected pairing, warmly enveloped between two sheets of chocolate pie crust, is a delight for the taste buds. The tanginess of the raspberry and the creaminess from the cream cheese is like a match made in heaven.

(Photo Credits: deamsgod @ Naver Blog)

Although this humble pie has received its fair share of criticism from the public (e.g. the crust isn’t chocolate-y enough, the raspberry tastes too artificial, etc) since its release on 19 November, it doesn’t stop Koreans from heading out in this freezing cold weather to buy themselves a piece of this ₩1,000 pie (~S$1.20)!

In other news, McDonalds Korea has also released a new line of Happy Meal toys for their tiny customers! From now till the end of December, take home your very own Super Mario toy with a purchase of any Happy Meal!

(Photo Credits: delighter_s2 @ Naver Blog)

There are a total of 8 different designs for you to collect. The first round of toys will be given out from now till 29 November, and the second round of toys will be given from 30 November till mid-December. So what are you waiting for, quickly ask someone you know in Korea to get them for you before they all run out!

(Photo Credits: McDonalds Korea Instagram)

PS. A Happy Meal in Korea starts from ₩3,500 (~S$4.20)!


[FILM REVIEW] Intimate Strangers: A Fundamentally Realistic Film With A Twist


This movie stars a ton of familiar faces, namely Yoo Hae-jin, Cho Jin-woong, Lee Seo-jin, Yum Jung-ah, Kim Ji-soo, Song Ha-yoon, and Yoon Kyung-ho. Just 4 days into its release in the Korea box offices, ‘Intimate Strangers‘ has already surpassed over 1,000,000 in ticket sales. Even till now, the film is still doing impressive on the Korean movie charts so this definitely speaks volumes about its quality which we will be talking about today.

Intimate Strangers‘ was a really enjoyable yet thought-provoking film to watch. The casts’ realistic portrayal of their characters along with the great chemistry between them was definitely one of its main selling points. While it has a fairly easy plot to digest thanks to its comical nature, the movie touched on some deeply rooted societal topics that shroud the world today. Think gay acceptance and the like. Overall, it is a lighthearted film that slowly orchestrates itself into a drama with each sequence (To simply put, it’s very exciting).

The story kicks off with 7 longtime friends gathered together over a meal at a housewarming party. Wanting to prove how well they knew each other and how each of them had nothing to hide, the group starts to play a game where they have to reveal any incoming calls and texts up front, no objections allowed. As the game progresses through the night, the cast find themselves in an unpredictable limbo as their secrets are spilled and their true selves are being forcefully revealed.

As the movie progressed, it was evident that the actors were able to integrate into their roles seamlessly and the plot was engaging enough to leave viewers satisfied. However, there are a few scenes in the movies that left me a tad bit unsatiated. Though I must add, this boils down to personal preference and should not affect your perception of the film!

While the acting and plot was on point, the film had an open ending and like most moviegoers, the lack of proper closure leaves me with a sense of uneasiness because I cannot help but think of it the entire day… Another issue was how the film normalizes the social problems mentioned above. Maybe because I had expected them to talk a bit more about it in the film but somehow it kind of felt like it was a touch-and-go. But hey, talking about it is already a step in the right direction so who am I to complain!

In a sense, ‘Intimate Strangers’ made me realize how much of a role a smartphone plays in our everyday life. It controls and affects our emotions, our relationships and most importantly, holds many of our deepest darkest secrets. Watching this show brought me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions – One minute I was laughing at the jokes in the film, the next minute I would be feeling sad. Would I watch this show again? For sure because this movie is the perfect marriage between comedy and drama, and I felt 2 hours went by in the blink of an eye because of the rush of excitement.

And if there’s one thing I took away from the film, it was this phrase that was written at the end of it that struck a chord within me – Everyone has three lives, a public life, a private life, and a secret life. So if you were in their shoes, would you be ready to expose your secret life now?

Actor’s Appeal: ★★★★☆
Plot: ★★★★☆
Cinematography: ★★★☆☆
Sense of Satisfaction: ★★★☆☆

Total: 3.5/5

Intimate Strangers’ opens in GV cinemas 22 November 2018. Watch the official trailer and find out more about the film here:

[K-MOVIE] Unravel Secrets with “INTIMATE STRANGERS”, The Fastest Korean Comedy of 2018 To Surpass 1 Million Moviegoers

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