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[COVER] WINNER Named Singapore Fans “SingerCircles”, Returned Bigger and Better at Their First Solo Concert in Singapore

Li Meixian

| November 4, 2018

It was an evening to remember for all Singapore InnerCircles, or SingerCircles, an affectionate nickname given by the members of WINNER during their EVERYWHERE concert tour on our sunny island yesterday (3 Nov).

Local fans have waited 4 years for their solo concert ever since the boy group’s previous appearance in Singapore at the YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour, and the wait was definitely worthwhile seeing how the boys have returned bigger and better.

WINNER made a grand entrance as they kicked off the concert with their debut title track “EMPTY“, which was followed by the passionate cheers and screams from the fans as they continued with fan-favourite tracks from their 2nd album, such as “AIR“, “HELLO” and “EVERYDAY“.

The members then took turns to deliver their solo stages, beginning with Mino’s “BODY” and “TURN OFF THE LIGHT“, followed by Jinu’s sentimental cover of G-Dragon’s “Untitled, 2014“, Yoon’s “It Rains” and “Instinctively“, and finally Hoony’s “Serenade” and his sexy rendition of Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga“.

Yoon also gave fans a special treat as he spontaneously sang to Troye Sivan’s “Youth”, mentioning that it was his first time singing this track live in front of his fans.

Making sure to feel closer to their fans, WINNER made an effort to speak in English throughout the concert, and shared that they always try to enjoy the local culture whenever they travel overseas.

Yoon added that they made a trip to the Singapore Flyer the day before (on the night of their arrival) and they took some photos there to commemorate the visit even though the attraction was closed at the time of their visit. They also tried Butter Crabs and all members gave a big thumbs up on this local dish.

The excitement continued at its peak with a string of all-time favorite hits by WINNER, such as “MOVIE STAR“, “LOVE ME LOVE ME“, “ISLAND“, “REALLY REALLY” and “LA LA“, just to name a few.

The boys also brought back good old memories with their classic track “DON’T FLIRT” for the first encore stage, followed by “LUXURY“, “REALLY REALLY” and a remix version of “EVERYDAY“, as they wrapped up the concert on a high note, echoed with ardent fan-chants by the enthusiastic fans.

If you’ve attended the concert, what was your favorite moment during the show? In case you missed the concert, be sure to check out some snippets on our Twitter and Instagram story highlights!

WINNER 2018 EVERYWHERE Tour in Singapore was brought to you by Unusual Entertainment and covered by HallyuSG.

(Photos: YG Entertainment)


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