Korea’s Favourite Spicy Ramen Brand, Samyang Releases New Fire Chicken Tteokbokki Cups!

Beatrice Yeo

| November 12, 2018
(Photo: IG @ilovebuldak)

Everyone’s favorite Korean spicy noodle brand is back with a bang. And this time, Samyang is back with a product that features another one of the nation’s most iconic dishes, the rice cake (떡볶이). Introducing, the Fire Chicken Tteokbokki (불닭떡볶이)!

This brand new product is made with the same sauces that’s used to set your mouth on fire and with rice cakes made from the rice from local Korean farmers. What a beautiful crossover!

The new instant rice cake cups come in a packaging very similar to the instant ramen packets we all know and love so don’t get confused. To enjoy this meal of the century, just combine the rice cake with water and sauce before microwaving it for 2.5 minutes and viola~ It’s complete!


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This brand-new product retails for 3,000 won at CUs countrywide (it will be out in other convenience stores in Korea at a later date) and comes in 2 different flavors for you to choose from – the Original Fire Chicken and Carbonara Fire Chicken.

Pair it with your favorite ramen and hotdog for the most sinful-yet-perfect meal you’ll ever eat in your entire life. How can anyone resist saying no to the oh-so-lovely carbs?


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This product is currently sold in Korea only but if you ever want to try it, why not use Airfrov? Here’s an exclusive promo for all first-time and existing users on Airfrov:

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Don’t forget to try them and let us know how they taste!

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