Unleash Your Inner Wizard with SPAO’s Latest Collaboration with Harry Potter!

You’re a wizard Harry!

Beatrice Yeo

| November 13, 2018

There’s one thing every wizard must do before attending the prestigious Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry and that is to have your own set of wizarding attire. For those who just can’t seem to find the way into Diagon Alley, how about a making a quick stopover at SPAO and taking a look at their Harry Potter Collection? I say it’s high time for you to stock up on some wizarding clothes and start your new school term off with a bang!

Strut to Platform 9¾ with these awesome Magician Sweaters (₩29,900)

Or end your wizarding day back at the common room with your very own Letter Hoodie (₩29,900)

Be a model student and sleep in these Hogwarts Dormitory Capes (₩59,900) and Checkered Pyjama Set (₩49,900)

To be released on the 16th of November

Embrace the inner magician within you with these Gryffindor/Slytherin robes (₩179,900)

How about wearing the colors of your House and showing your House Pride off!

Quidditch Letter Sweater ₩39,900
Quidditch Stripe Sweater ₩49,900
Hogwarts Sweater ₩39,900
Stripe Muffler ₩25,900
Letter Muffler ₩25,900
Letter Beanie ₩15,900
Smart Gloves ₩15,900

Impress Professor Flitwick by showing off how good you are with your charm skills with these Spell Sweaters (₩49,900)

Prefer going against Dumbledore’s Army and joining the Death Eaters instead? How about decking yourself in some he-who-must-not-be-named fashion (₩39,900)

A fan of the Newt Scamander’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”? Or just love cute creatures like Pickett? Have for yourself a piece of magical history with this Newt Scamander Coat! (₩199,900)

Whether you’re a muggle, half-blood or pureblood, who says you can’t wear some Wizarding World fashion (Click the link to see the full list of merchandise available). These products are exclusively sold at SPAO Korea (both online and offline) but if you ever want to get your hands on it, be quick because these products are literally flying off the shelves, even mannequins are not spared.

(Photo Credits: SPAO Elandmall)


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