The Face Shop Korea Collaborates with Kakao Friends for their Christmas Collection

Stocking stuffer of the year!

Beatrice Yeo

| November 28, 2018

Ho ho ho, another legendary collaboration has come your way this winter! Ever wished the makeup you used came in cuter packaging? This Christmas, your wish has been granted by the kind Santa Clauses at The Face Shop because this year, they are here to stuff your Christmas stocking with their latest Little Friends (Kakao Friends) collection!

Here’s a preview of the all the items available:

(Photo Credits: The Face Shop Korea)

1. Time to reward yourself after a long day’s work with a Little Friends Character Mask. Comes in 2 different characters – Ryan (Revitalising) and Apeach (Moisturizing). And yes, the mask is a picture of the characters themselves. How cute! (25g/2,500 won each)

2. This year, surprise your special someone with a bottle of Little Friends Soul Perfume. For the ladies, the red Little Apeach Soul Secret Blossom is the perfect one for you and for the gents, the black Little Ryan Soul Essential for Men! (30ml/16,000 won each)

Scent Notes (Top / Heart / Base):
Little Apeach Soul Secret Blossom: Lemon Tea, Green Tea Leaf, Lilac, Osmanthus / Red Peony, Peach Flower, Wisteria / White Sandalwood, Precious Amber, Soft Musk 

Little Ryan Seoul Essential for Men: Basil, Lemon, Mint / Cedar Leaf, Lotus Flower / Amber, Vetiver, Precious Wood, Musk 

(Photo Credits: The Face Shop Korea)

3. Start your day right with the refreshing Little Friends Cleansing Foam that comes in 3 different Kakao Friends characters to choose from!  (120ml/10,000 won each)

4. For those with sensitive skin, you have not been forgotten! Try out the Dr. Belmeur Baby and Kiss for a milder alternative – Suitable for babies too! Choose between the body wash or moisturizer for a soothing experience. (375ml/22,000 won each)

(Photo Credits: The Face Shop Korea)

5. Give your lips some life with the Little Friends Lip Tint that comes in 4 different colors and characters for you to pick one that’s best suited for you! Choose between a Little Tube in Orange, Little Apeach in Pink, Little Muzi in Red, Little Ryan in Red. (5g/12,000 won each)

6. Encased in a cute lil’ tub, pucker your chapped lips up with this Little Ryan Lip Balm that comes in red and transparent formulas. (6g/10,000 won each)

(Photo Credits: The Face Shop Korea)

7. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer comes in the most adorable form this year! With the Rudolph Little Ryan Avocado Body, staying hydrated and well-moisturized is now a breeze with the Avocado Body Wash and Avocado Body Lotion. (500ml/16,000 won each)

8. Motivate yourself to use more hand cream with these Little Friends Hand Cream that come in 3 different scents and characters. Apeach comes in peach (duh), Ryan comes in Avocado and Tube comes in Snow Cotton! (60ml/8,000 won each)

9. Flash your million-dollar smile with your very own Little Friends Mini Lipstick Kit. (1.3*3g/18,000 won each)

My Little Red: Orange Red Little Muzi, Hot Red Little Neo, Deep Red Little Frodo

My Little Rose: Brown Little Ryan, Coral Little Tube, Rose Little Apeach

10. And lastly, end your Wishlist with your very own Rudolph Little Ryan Cushion. With 7 different type of creams for you to choose from, your Christmas this year will be the most unique one yet! (15g/20,000 won each)

If you haven’t got any slightest clue as to what to put onto your Christmas Wishlist, why not put some of The Face Shop x Kakao Friends’ collection in it? Don’t forget to thank Santa with some cookies and milk later! This Kakao Friends x The Face Shop Christmas Collection can be purchased from our online K-Beauty shop HERE! Pay the same price (or even cheaper) as Korea’s stores and top-up for a flat shipping fee to get the items delivered right to your doorstep! 🙂


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