[K-MOVIE] Ma Dong Seok Plays the Unbeatable Beast in “Unstoppable” – In Cinemas 6 December

Beatrice Yeo

| November 30, 2018

Ever wondered just how far the power of love will take you to? Try watching “Unstoppable” and see how much an ex-gangster is willing to go back to his old ways just to save the love of his life. The latest Korean film to premiere in Singapore is this action-packed movie that features a bunch of familiar faces we all already know and love – Don Lee (aka Ma Dong-seok) and Song Ji-hyo.

Join Kang Dong-chul (played by Don Lee) on a journey as he sets out on a race against time to rescue his one true love, Ji-soo (played by Song Ji-hyo). This is one movie that will definitely help you start off your December with a bang!

When it comes to humble personalities and quality performances, both Don Lee and Song Ji-hyo have won our hearts and wallets hands-down. Adding to his neverending list of 2018 filmography, this is Don Lee’s 5th time headlining a movie so anticipations are high for yet another stellar performance.

Similarly, Song Ji-hyo’s appearance on the ever-so-popular Running Man has propelled her an international stardom so we can’t wait to see just what she has in stores.

Unstoppable” is director Kim Min-ho’s first ever feature-length film so expectations are high for his fresh take on directing. Even before the official premiere, his debut film has already taken the fifth spot on the movie charts with over 57,000 moviegoers recorded during the pre-screening. Definitely not an easy feat for someone who just released his first film!

Film Synopsis:

A once legendary gangster Dong-chul (Ma Dong-seok) cleans up his past and tries to settle down to enjoy an ordinary life with his angelic wife Ji-soo (Song Ji-hyo). Then one day, he returns home to find the place cluttered with signs of struggle and his wife nowhere to be found. Soon after, he realizes that his wife has been kidnapped. He receives a call from a stranger offering to pay him to give up his wife.

Title: Unstoppable / 성난황소
Genre: Action, Thriller
Cast: Don Lee (Ma Dong-seok), Song Ji-hyo
Directed by: Kim Min-ho
Singapore Release Date: 6 December 2018
Runtime: 116 Minutes

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(Photos: mm2 Entertainment)


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