A Comprehensive List of all the Character Cafes around Seoul (Part 1)

Beatrice Yeo

| December 4, 2018
(Photo Credit: A Colombian Abroad)

Character cafes are no stranger to frequent visitors to Korea because when it comes to having great coffee and cute things, Korea has got at the top of the scoreboard. With new shops and concepts popping out every now and then, it’s hard to keep track of what exactly is going on and that is where this post will come in handy.

This is the guide you will need on your next trip to Seoul if you’re planning on visiting some character cafes. So without further ado, here is a part 1 of the long list of character cafes!

Ryan Café @ Kakao Friends Hongdae Flagship Store

(Photo Credits: tjsal2772 @ Naver Blog)

If you asked anyone to put a face onto KakaoTalk, one of the biggest messaging apps in Korea, most of it will tell you Ryan. This brown bear lion is famous for his deadpan expressions but behind this emotionless face actually lies a lion with delicate emotions. One of the more well-known characters on the block thanks to its adorable persona, it’s no wonder there are many items dedicated to him.

Just make your way downtown to this local hotspot and grab yourself some Ryan cupcakes while snapping some pictures away with this lion, you’ll soon find yourself loving this cute one too!

Address: 162 Yanghwa-ro Mapo-gu Seoul (서울 마포구 양화로 162)

Opening Hours: 10:30am to 10pm

Line Friends Café @ Line Itaewon Flagship Store

(Photo Credits: Here)

Another famous messaging app, LINE, has their own plateau of characters as well! They were even one of the first to market characters as products, with one of the oldest and most famous ones being Brown and Cony. Headlined by this bear and rabbit duo, the entire crew has invaded Itaewon with their cuteness!

Just visiting the flagship store at Itaewon is like stepping into their little world to have a glimpse of what life, where they live, is like. Not only do they sell themed food and merchandises, but they also have a ton of photo zones where you can take pictures with them in their ‘natural habitat’! Too cute for words…

(Photo Credits: Here)

Also, if you’re a big fan of BTS and BT21, this is the exact same store the members were at when they were tasked to design these characters. So don’t forget to cop yourself some BT21 merchandise and get yourself a BT21 drink while you’re at it!

Address: 200 Itaewon-ro Yongsan-gu Seoul (서울 용산구 이태원로 200)

Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm

Gundam Themed Café @ Code-G Coffee (Gimpo)

(Photo Credits: min_spoon @ Naver Blog)

This cafe might be a bit far out from the city center but for all the Gundam fans out there, the trip down there might be well worth it, so much so that even some fans even say it rivals the original stores in Japan! Located in Gimpo, every inch of this place is filled with Gundam paraphernalia, it’s a collector’s dream come true.

Code-G even sells some kits onsite so you can tinker with your own with like-minded fans! While playing with your Gundams, don’t forget to enjoy some drinks, read some manga or admire some custom Gundams while you’re here to enjoy the full experience.

Address: 10 Jangcha-ro 5beon-gil Gochon-eup Gimpo-si Gyeonggi-do (경기도 김포시 고촌읍 장차로5번길 10)

Opening Hours: 10am to 11pm

Moomin Café @ Café Moomin & Me

(Photo Credits: Moomin Official Website)
(Photo Credits: Moomin Official Website)

Moomin fans, rejoice! The ever-popular Moomins have finally brought the Moomin Valley all the way to Seoul! This three storey mega building not only houses a cafe but various photo zones and merchandise counters too, there’s just no end to it all! Step away from the city’s hustle and bustle for a bit, and spend your afternoon chilling with the larger-than-life toys, or go around the building on an adventure to discover more about the Moomin Valley! This is the perfect place for everyone out there.

Address: 36 Toegye-ro Jung-gu Seoul (서울 중구 퇴계로36)

Opening Hours: Weekdays from 9am to 8pm daily. Weekends and Public Holidays from 11am to 7pm.

This is not the end because there are way more character cafes out there that we just can’t fit it all into one post. Check out part 2 of the series below!

A Comprehensive List of all the Character Cafes around Seoul (Part 1)


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