6 Interesting Ramyeon Flavours Made in Korea That You Must Try!

we bet you’ve never seen these before!

Beatrice Yeo

| December 12, 2018

Ramyeon (or ramen) serves as a form of comfort food for many of us. Even more so for the Koreans because it is something they eat regularly. Eaten alone as a dish, or paired with their favorite toppings, there is no end to the variations of the Korean Ramyeon. Not only does it go well with anything, but it is also affordable and easy to cook. And for the broke college students, this is a staple.

With many years of experience in the field, the pioneer Korean companies have begun to concoct a variety of flavors – sometimes weird, sometimes delicious and sometimes wacky, and so today we bring you 6 interesting Ramyeon flavors made in Korea for you to keep your eye out on. We promise you, you’ll be drooling by the end of this post!

1) Samyang Sriracha Ramen

(Photo Credits: IG @samyangfoods)

Ever liked a sauce so much you wish you could just turn it into an instant meal? Now, everyone’s favorite Thai hot sauce has done just that and it now comes in a spectacular Ramyeon form for everyone to enjoy. Made by the same creators of the Fire Chicken Noodle, Samyang, this less spicy alternative might just be the next crowd favorite with its springy noodles and tangy sauce.

The Sriracha Ramen comes in a green and red packaging that is reminiscent of the original hot sauce packaging so I am pretty sure this is going to taste as good as it looks! Don’t forget to add a gooey egg or some cheese onto this dish for that extra oomph.

2) PALKIN Lobster Ramyeon

(Photo Credits: remonterrace @ Naver Cafe)

PALKIN is a brand very well known for their very ingenious creations. Once, they created Korean’s first ever Ramyeon tea (it’s real!) and now, they are back with Instant Lobster Ramyeon.

Wrapped in a super lux packaging that looks nothing like we’ve ever seen, this Ramyeon looks like it might potentially cause a hole in your wallet. But I guess luxury comes at a price because it apparently comes with real lobster pieces (Please don’t take our word for it, we haven’t tried it before either) and noodles made from locally grown potatoes. It was even trending on the Korean sites for a bit, and judging by the reviews, I guess this is worth a shot!

3) Ottogi Cold Soy Milk Noodles

(Photo Credits: yunyi00 @ Naver Blog)

Who said Ramyeon and summer don’t go hand in hand?! With Ottogi’s Cold Soy Milk Noodles, you’ll be wondering which hole you were living in your entire life. During summer when the heat levels reach their ultimate high, cold noodles are the way to go. But who would have thought that soy milk would be the perfect idea for a cold dish! It is so good that people even buy boxes of it to tide them over during summer.

With a refreshing broth and light taste, no wonder it’s a must-have for the Koreans. For the grand finale, don’t forget to put in the star ingredient to complete this dish – Ice cubes!

4) Samyang Chinese Bibimmyeon (Sichuan Style)

(Photo Credits: IG @samyangfoods)

If you are someone who loves Chinese and Korean food then I think you would love this Chinese-Korean combination!

This Chinese Bibimmyeon by Samyang combines the spiciness of the ChinSichuanese cuisine together with the refreshing taste of a bibimmyeon to bring to you a harmony of two different tastes that when combined, it’s literally a burst of flavors that will take your tummy on a journey from Korea to China and back.

5) PALKIN Jjajangmyeon + Jjamppong Half and Half

(Photo Credits: dkfnsl87 @ Naver Blog)

Koreans and their long list of interesting Ramyeon flavors and I think this might just take the cake. Thanks to PALKIN (once again), now you have the answer to the question of the century: Jjajangmyeon vs Jjamppong.

The Jjamppong Half and Half is a Ramyeon that combines the two flavors at the opposite end of the spectrum to bring you this delicious meld of flavors. While one side’s sweet, the other is spicy but when brought together, forms an interesting pairing that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

6) Samyang Heck Fire Chicken Noodles

(Photo Credits: Samyang Official Store)

If there’s a noodle with looks that can kill, it’s this Samyang Heck Fire Chicken Noodle because just by looking at it, we would be dead (no thanks to the spiciness). After a successful run in April 2017, this noodle is back again this December to burn our tongues alive with a noodle that is 2.5 times more spicier than the regular Fire Chicken Noodle (it apparently has 10,000 SHU!). Are you game enough to take the spiciest noodle in Korea on?


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