Experience Korea’s Favorite Winter Activity, Ice-Fishing at Hwacheon Sancheoneo Festival | 5 to 27 Jan 2019

(Photo: Klook)

It’s the time of the year again! From 5 January to 27 January 2019, the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Festival will be opened for visitors to experience unique winter activities such as trout ice-fishing, bare-hand fishing, snow-sledding, ice-soccer, and many more.

Held annually in January, this festival is one of South Korea’s major winter festivals, where it attracts over a million visitors from all over the world — including the Korean locals who flock here every year to participate in the ice-fishing tradition. Hwacheon is also known for its picturesque scenery, surrounded by the magnificent mountains and rivers.

(Photo: Klook)
(Photo: Klook)

There are various fun activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy, most notably the fishing experience where one could dig holes into the ice and attempt at ice-fishing. Each visitor can catch up to a maximum of 3 trouts out of the fishing ground.

(P.S. You can also cook and feast on the fresh catches right there with a small fee too!)

(Photo: Hulutrip)

Visitors can try their hands on trout ice-fishing on ice, lure-fishing in the waters, or bare-hand fishing in the pool. There are also fishing zones specially catered for foreigners, as well as infants and children.

Besides the fishing activities, you can spend the day soaking in the unique Korean culture at the festival as there are also special events, street performances, ice wall photo zone, an indoor ice sculpture square, a salmon craft studio, and more at the venue. Don’t forget to visit the Food Street and Agricultural Specialty Product Market to fill your tummies up!

(Photo: Klook)

For the more adventurous ones, get ready to spend hours of fun with the winter activities offered at the festival, ranging from snow-sledding to bobsleigh, creative sleigh, ice-soccer, Eolgomi Castle and more. Who says winter is only for those who can brave the cold? It’s such a jolly season to be in!

Where: Hwacheon riverside Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea
Getting here: You can either take the shuttle bus for foreigners, or board the intercity bus to Hwacheon from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal and walk for 10 minutes to the festival grounds.
Entrance Fee: 8,000 won (For Tourists) (Note: Fishing rod is charged separately at 5,000 won each)
Festival Website (More info here)

For those who want to save the hassle of planning your own trip there, there is currently a 1 for 1 promotion on Klook (till 27 Jan 2019) for this activity, which will include the entrance ticket, round-trip transfers to and from Seoul via shuttle bus, lunch, fishing rod and an English speaking staff on board. Be sure to book early because tickets tend to run out fast nearer to date and especially on weekends! Find out more here.


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Here’s your chance to watch your favorite Asian celebrities and stars gracing the glamorous event of the year taking place at the Sands Theatre @ Marina Bay Sands this December 22nd!

We will be giving away a total of 15 pairs of tickets to the invite-only awards ceremonyStarHub Night of Stars, which will see the appearance of Korean stars Lee Joon Gi (이준기), Jeong Sewoon (정세운), K-pop groups A.C.E (에이스) and Cosmic Girls (우주소녀), as well as many other popular Asian celebrities such as Jasper Liu and Derek Chang (from Taiwan), Joe Ma and Michelle Yim (from Hong Kong), and more.

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Terms & Conditions

– Both contests will end on Tuesday, 18 December 2018 at 23:59 hours (GMT+8). Winners will be announced in the comments section on the Facebook and Instagram contest post itself, within 24 hours after the contests close.
– Multiple entries on each contest will be disqualified.
– Contest is open to International fans for participation as well, but does not include any other expenses such as accommodation or air ticket. You must be in Singapore during the event period.
– Complimentary tickets are strictly prohibited for sale. Any winner caught reselling the tickets will have it forfeited immediately and they will be banned from future contests.
– HallyuSG reserves the right to select the winners at random or in accordance to the contest rules.

Find out more about StarHub Night of Stars here!


6 Interesting Ramyeon Flavours Made in Korea That You Must Try!

Ramyeon (or ramen) serves as a form of comfort food for many of us. Even more so for the Koreans because it is something they eat regularly. Eaten alone as a dish, or paired with their favorite toppings, there is no end to the variations of the Korean Ramyeon. Not only does it go well with anything, but it is also affordable and easy to cook. And for the broke college students, this is a staple.

With many years of experience in the field, the pioneer Korean companies have begun to concoct a variety of flavors – sometimes weird, sometimes delicious and sometimes wacky, and so today we bring you 6 interesting Ramyeon flavors made in Korea for you to keep your eye out on. We promise you, you’ll be drooling by the end of this post!

1) Samyang Sriracha Ramen

(Photo Credits: IG @samyangfoods)

Ever liked a sauce so much you wish you could just turn it into an instant meal? Now, everyone’s favorite Thai hot sauce has done just that and it now comes in a spectacular Ramyeon form for everyone to enjoy. Made by the same creators of the Fire Chicken Noodle, Samyang, this less spicy alternative might just be the next crowd favorite with its springy noodles and tangy sauce.

The Sriracha Ramen comes in a green and red packaging that is reminiscent of the original hot sauce packaging so I am pretty sure this is going to taste as good as it looks! Don’t forget to add a gooey egg or some cheese onto this dish for that extra oomph.

2) PALKIN Lobster Ramyeon

(Photo Credits: remonterrace @ Naver Cafe)

PALKIN is a brand very well known for their very ingenious creations. Once, they created Korean’s first ever Ramyeon tea (it’s real!) and now, they are back with Instant Lobster Ramyeon.

Wrapped in a super lux packaging that looks nothing like we’ve ever seen, this Ramyeon looks like it might potentially cause a hole in your wallet. But I guess luxury comes at a price because it apparently comes with real lobster pieces (Please don’t take our word for it, we haven’t tried it before either) and noodles made from locally grown potatoes. It was even trending on the Korean sites for a bit, and judging by the reviews, I guess this is worth a shot!

3) Ottogi Cold Soy Milk Noodles

(Photo Credits: yunyi00 @ Naver Blog)

Who said Ramyeon and summer don’t go hand in hand?! With Ottogi’s Cold Soy Milk Noodles, you’ll be wondering which hole you were living in your entire life. During summer when the heat levels reach their ultimate high, cold noodles are the way to go. But who would have thought that soy milk would be the perfect idea for a cold dish! It is so good that people even buy boxes of it to tide them over during summer.

With a refreshing broth and light taste, no wonder it’s a must-have for the Koreans. For the grand finale, don’t forget to put in the star ingredient to complete this dish – Ice cubes!

4) Samyang Chinese Bibimmyeon (Sichuan Style)

(Photo Credits: IG @samyangfoods)

If you are someone who loves Chinese and Korean food then I think you would love this Chinese-Korean combination!

This Chinese Bibimmyeon by Samyang combines the spiciness of the ChinSichuanese cuisine together with the refreshing taste of a bibimmyeon to bring to you a harmony of two different tastes that when combined, it’s literally a burst of flavors that will take your tummy on a journey from Korea to China and back.

5) PALKIN Jjajangmyeon + Jjamppong Half and Half

(Photo Credits: dkfnsl87 @ Naver Blog)

Koreans and their long list of interesting Ramyeon flavors and I think this might just take the cake. Thanks to PALKIN (once again), now you have the answer to the question of the century: Jjajangmyeon vs Jjamppong.

The Jjamppong Half and Half is a Ramyeon that combines the two flavors at the opposite end of the spectrum to bring you this delicious meld of flavors. While one side’s sweet, the other is spicy but when brought together, forms an interesting pairing that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

6) Samyang Heck Fire Chicken Noodles

(Photo Credits: Samyang Official Store)

If there’s a noodle with looks that can kill, it’s this Samyang Heck Fire Chicken Noodle because just by looking at it, we would be dead (no thanks to the spiciness). After a successful run in April 2017, this noodle is back again this December to burn our tongues alive with a noodle that is 2.5 times more spicier than the regular Fire Chicken Noodle (it apparently has 10,000 SHU!). Are you game enough to take the spiciest noodle in Korea on?


6 Cafes To Visit in Sharosugil, The New Hotspot Everyone’s Been Talking About

(Photo Credit: Lifebyplane)

Step aside Gangnam, Sharosugil (샤로수길) is the new hotspot! Named after the shape of Seoul National University’s entrance, Sharosugil is now the go-to place for teenagers and young adults these days.

This hip neighborhood is located at a close proximity to the prestigious university (Directions: Walk towards Gwangak-ro 14gil from Exit 2 of Seoul National University Station) and is now full of independently owned eateries and cafes that have survived the onslaught of commercialisation to form their own unique identity (aka little fast food chains). The cafes here serve a huge variety of unique foods and drinks full of individuality, and at an affordable price too! One thing’s for sure, they definitely know what the younger crowd wants.

(Photo Credit: jaehyuk0202 @ IG)

Previously a residential area, this place is currently the most bustling and vibrant indie food hub in the whole of Gwanak-gu. Check out the #샤로수길 hashtag on Instagram and you’ll be surprised to see the number of things this humble little street offers.

You’ll be bombarded with a ton of delicious looking food, it’ll make you want to book your next flight to Seoul right away. With that said, here are 6 eateries/cafes you should check out if you’re ever planning to visit this place!

1) Tendong Yotsuya 텐동요츠야

(Photo Credit:

For an authentic taste of Japan in Seoul, try Tendong Yotsuya! Known for their lightly battered and crispy tempuras, this oily bowl of perfection is a joy to dig into! All tempuras are fried to order so its freshness is a given.

Their hot seller, the basic tempura bowl (8,000), comes with a variety of different tempuras, from shrimp, pumpkin to even seaweed. It’s so good that 텐동요츠야 appears third on the search result bar after you type in 텐동 on Naver. But get ready to queue because this shop is known for having queues formed even before its official opening hours!

Tendong Yotsuya is opened from 12 pm to 2:30 pm & 5 pm to 9 pm, Tuesday to Sunday.
Address: 서울관악구 관악로14길35

2) Annyeong Vietnam 안녕베트남

(Photo Credit: 쉬엄쉬엄. 느긋하게. @ Naver)

If Japanese food is not your thing, fret not, there’s Vietnamese cuisine here too! Sharosugil is a place where the best of all the world’s cuisine converge and form the perfect harmony. The shop’s crispy Bánhxèo (12,000) and fragrant Buńchá (11,000) is sure to go straight up your alley!

Using only the freshest greens and the richest broth, eating here at Annyeong Vietnam is sure to make you feel all pumped up and refreshed. But if you’re not a fan of those, don’t worry because the other dishes sold here are also as authentic as it can get!

Annyeong Vietnam is opened from 11:30 am to 10 pm daily. Do note that on weekdays, break hour is from 3 pm to 5 pm and on the weekends, break hour is from 4 pm to 5 pm.
Address: 서울관악구 관악로14길70

3) Tailor Slice Pizza 테일러슬라이스피자

(Photo Credit: SUIN @ Naver)

Everyone loves pizza but if you know someone who doesn’t then maybe it’s time to find a new friend. But if you are ever up to making your friend a convert (or if you’re simply just craving a slice of pizza after a hearty meal), then this is the shop for you because their pizzas are just so good!

Say bye bye to menus with 6085991 options. With only 4 flavors to choose from, choosing a pizza has never been easier here at Tailor Slice Pizza. Each slice of pizza starts from 4,200 and you can pair it with any of the exotic beer this place offers. Mmmmm… 

Tailor Slice Pizza is open from 12 pm to 11 pm every day, except Monday where they are open from 5 pm to 11 pm.
Address: 서울관악구 관악로14길28

4) Midlevel 미드레벨

(Photo Credit: sykim9608 @ Naver)

Instagram’s favorite, the Hong Kong bubble waffle, is making its mark in Korea too. And ready to up the bubble waffle game is Midlevel, a Hong Kong-inspired café located in the middle of Sharosugil. Once you’ve seen and eaten this over the top waffle (prices start from 4,900), you’ll never want to go back to the basics because the visuals and its taste are out of this world!

The café offers a wide assortment of drinks (prices start from 4,000) for you to pair it with the waffle, and you’ll be surprised to know that the drinks here are just as good and just as aesthetically pleasing as the waffles.

Midlevel is opened everyday from 12 pm to 11 pm.
Address: 서울관악구관악로14길63

5) Modoru Dabang 모도루다방

(Photo Credit: __oui.sungah @ IG)

Doesn’t a warm cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re like me!) sound like a good way to self-recharge during your downtime? With an interior so warm and so crisp, Modoru Dabang seems like the perfect place for you to relax and get ready for your next adventure.

Best known for their fragrant coffees (starting from 4,000) and cherry toast (7,500), this is one café you definitely would not want to miss because true to its name, this café will definitely have you wanting to return for more! (‘Modoru’ 戻るmeans to return in Japanese).

Modoru Dabang is open from 12 pm to 10 pm, every day except on Sundays and on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.
Address: 서울관악구관악로12길45-9

6) Café LILT 릴트

(Photo Credit: _mfy3 @ IG)

The whole world can let you down, but a slice of cake will never leave you hanging. Humbly opened by a young couple, people can expect to be served heartwarming drinks and scrumptious desserts at LILT.

On top of serving amazing drinks, their cheesecake and brownie will do wonders to your heart and soul. Plus points for the owner’s pretty plating skills and the super gorgeous museum-like interior!

Café Lilt is opened every Tuesday to Friday from 12 pm to 10 pm, and every weekend/public holiday from 12 pm to 9 pm. It is closed on Mondays and on the last Tuesday of every month.
Address: 서울시 관악구 행운1길 50

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Show Review

[COVER] DPR Live Brought The House Down At His Sold-out Show in Singapore

After an extensive tour of North America and Europe, DPR Live arrived in Singapore on 7 December as part of his first ever world tour with the DPR crew, CTYL (Coming To You Live).

The sold-out show was kickstarted by Show Me The Money’s DJ DaQ, with groovy remixes of hit songs from popular Korean artistes such as EXO, BLACKPINK, and Zico.

As the anticipation reached its peak, DPR Live then flew onto the stage to the sound of explosive cheers, starting off with “KNOW ME” and “CHEESE AND WINE”. 

Following the excitement of the opening tracks, DPR Live properly greeted fans, exclaiming how surreal this experience felt to him, and that they have always wanted to perform in Singapore. Director Christian Yu also took to the stage during the short reprieve to thank fans for their continued support.

The rapper then went on to perform a series of songs including fan-favourites “LAPUTA”, “JASMINE”, and “TEXT ME”. Fans sang loudly to the songs without invitation, further encouraged by DPR Live who held his mic away several times to hear the fans’ voices. 

DPR Live also treated fans to a special performance of the first single he released in 2015, “TILL I DIE”, reminiscing on harder times and reminding fans to always chase their dreams. Fans chanted as the supposed last song “MARTINI BLUE” came to a close, before rising into a renewed frenzy as the rapper hurtled back onto stage with his final closing song “TO MYSELF”.

(Article: Tiffany / Photos: Nicole)


Seungri Mentions Singapore As Part of “The Greatest Seungri” Asia Tour Stops

Back in Singapore for the third time in three months, Seungri from the iconic K-pop group BIGBANG was invited last Saturday (8 December) to grace the regional launch of Braun Büffel’s all-new Spring/Summer 2019 collection along with the brand’s Creative Director, Fabio Panzeri.

A frequent visitor to Singapore, the star openly declared his love for the country and mentioned that it feels like home whenever he visits. He enjoys the company of his good friends here, as well as the delicious food he gets to eat on every trip to Singapore.

Seungri also talked about the possibility of his solo concert tour out of Korea, which he has been hinting since September. Though it has not been officially announced through his label (YG Entertainment), he dropped more hints and mentioned that the Singapore stop will be scheduled somewhere in between February and March of next year, where he also plans to travel around Southeast Asia to meet his fans.

“My Singapore and Southeast Asia VIPs have been very supportive of BIGBANG and myself. Since my members are in the military now, I hope to deliver a special gift for our Southeast Asia fans next year. It’s gonna be fun, we’re gonna make good memories, and it will be an amazing show.”

As his event appearance drew to a close, Seungri was specially presented with a birthday cake from the luxury leather brand Braun Büffel, accompanied by a birthday song from the fans, which he generously reciprocated with a Christmas carol.

The brand new SS19 collection, themed Retro Future Vision, is now available in Singapore and online from 8 December 2018.


K-pop Boy Group A.C.E Completes The Korean Line-up For StarHub Night of Stars in Singapore

StarHub has today unveiled the full list of artistes who will be gracing its inaugural star-studded event, StarHub Night of Stars this 22 December. Taking place at the Sands Theatre @ Marina Bay Sands, the awards ceremony will see popular Asian celebrities coming together to celebrate the best of Asian entertainment on StarHub TV.

During the event, a total number of 13 awards will be presented to honour the success of the celebrities in their respective entertainment fields, from acting to singing and hosting. Under the Korean line-up, it is confirmed that actor Lee Joon Gi, singer Jeong Sewoon, K-pop girl group Cosmic Girls and boy group A.C.E will be attending the glamorous event.

Complete Artiste Line-up

China – Qin Lan
Hong Kong – Benz Hui, Joe Ma, Michelle Yim and Rosina Lam
Korea – A.C.E, Cosmic Girls, Jeong Sewoon and Lee Joon Gi
Singapore – Andie Chen, Ann Kok, Christopher Lee, Fann Wong, Kate Pang, Lawrence Wong and Thomas Ong
Taiwan – Chen Meifeng, Dennis Nieh, Derek Chang, Jasper Liu, Lulu Huang, Pauline Lan and Sam Lee

How to Get Tickets To StarHub Night of Stars?

The awards ceremony is an invitation-only event and tickets will not be for sale. However, fans will be able to catch their favorite stars gracing the red carpet from 3:30pm onwards outside the Sands Theatre on 22 December.

From now till 12 December, on a first-come-first-serve basis, customers who sign up for the HomeHub Plus bundle together with the Qiang Dang Yu Le Pack online or at the StarHub Shop in Ion Orchard, will receive a pair of tickets to this star-studded event. Valid with a 24-month contract, customers will enjoy a six-month complimentary HomeHub Plus ($68.80/month thereafter) subscription and 50% off Qiang Dang Yu le Pack at $14.45 per month (U.P. $28.90 per month) for three months. Interested parties can also win tickets to the show by taking part in various contests on the StarHub Facebook page here.

StarHub Night of Stars will also be premiered on Hub VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) on 13 January 2019, 7pm, and will be made available on Hub E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) on 19 January 2019, 8:45pm and 4 February 2019, 430pm.

We are also giving away 15 pairs of tickets to the invite-only event! Super exclusive! Find out more here.


[2018 Year End Edition] 8 Rising Actors Who Caught Our Eyes Through Supporting Roles

2018 has been another year of blessings for K-drama fans and TV audiences, bringing us much laughters, tears, butterflies, and anxiety through the intense plots and drama suspense. As much as we love the drama leads, there are also supporting characters who deserve the shine and mentions, after all they do play important roles in the drama as well.

In no particular order, check out these 8 rising actors (& heartthrobs) who caught our eyes through supporting roles in 2018 K-dramas!

(Photo: tvN)

1) Seo Ji Hoon (Born April 25, 1997)

Seo Ji Hoon has been gaining attention for his current major role in K-drama “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter“, where he acts alongside Moon Chae Won, Yoon Hyun Min and Kang Mi-na. Before this drama, the young actor has been mainly playing supporting roles — but with that said, his great visuals and acting still left an impression on the public especially from his recent dramas this year, such as “My First Love” and “Misty“.

Did you know that Seo Ji Hoon made his debut in the popular thriller drama “Signal” (2016)? Some of his previous drama appearances also include “School 2017” (2017) and “Prison Playbook” (2017). You can follow the talented actor on his Instagram here.

(Photo: Namoo Actors)

2) Song Kang (Born April 23, 1994)

Carrying that signature smile and sweet boyfriend look wherever he goes, Song Kang is one of the up-and-coming actors to look out for in 2019. Since his debut in 2017, the actor has appeared in two dramas namely “The Liar and His Lover” (his debut work!) and “Man Who Sets the Table” (2017), as well as the 2018 movie “Beautiful Vampire“.

Housed under Namoo Actors, his label-mates include top actors and actresses such as Ji Sung, Lee Joon Gi, Chun Woo Hee, Park Min Young, Moon Chae Won, Moon Geun Young, and more. Even though he is still considered a rookie actor, Song Kang has earned much praise for his acting — he also made a name for himself in the K-pop scene as the former MC for popular music program “Inkigayo” (2018, February 18 – October 28), where he hosted alongside SEVENTEEN’s Minggyu and DIA’s Chaeyeon.

The actor is currently appearing as a regular member in the mystery thriller variety show, “Village Survival, the Eight“, where the cast members are given a mission to solve a mystery in the countryside village within 24 hours. You can follow Song Kang on his Instagram here.

3) Koo Ja Sung (Born September 22, 1992)

Fans of the 2018 variety program “Dunia: Into a New World” will be familiar with actor Koo Ja Sung, who was a cast member alongside TVXQ’s Yunho, Kwon Hyun Bin, Jung Hye Sung, Cosmic Girls’ Luda, and more in Season 1 of the show. Before being casted in this variety series, Koo Ja Sung made his small screen debut in “Misty” (2018), and has been rising to popularity ever since.

Having majored in music, the 188cm-tall actor used to be a fashion model where he has graced the runway for Arena Homme Plus and GQ, before his transition over to an actor. He has also previously mentioned in an interview, that rather than being an actor who sticks out, he just hopes to be a familiar face among the TV audiences whenever he appear through the small or big screen. Are you anticipating his next project? You can follow the actor on his Instagram here.

(Photo: tvN)

4) Kim Jae Young (Born September 30, 1988)

*Heartthrob alert!* Actor Kim Jae Young completely swooned us over with his recent role in hit drama “100 Days My Prince“, where he acted as the older brother of Yeon Hong-sim / Yoon Yi-seo (Nam Ji-hyun). His character played a critical role in the drama and even though it (the character) did not end up with a good fate, he left a lasting impression on all viewers including me. (And he gives off the second male lead syndrome too!)

Kim Jae Young made his acting debut in the 2013 movie “No Breathing“, and has participated as a supporting role in dramas “Hello Monster” (2015), “Black” (2017), and more. His handsome visuals must have caught the eyes of many, as he now lands with his first major lead role in current K-drama “Eunjoo’s Room“. The actor was also recently being featured in Urban Zakapa’s new MV prologue. Be sure to follow him on Instagram here!

5) Jung Yoo Ahn (Born September 14, 1999)

I first remembered Jung Yoo Ahn from the 2018 drama, “Come and Hug Me“, where he played the younger counterpart (Gil Moo-won) of Han Jae-yi’s adopted brother. In that drama, he made an impression on me with his realistic acting skills even though he was just a supporting character.

In fact, he has actually appeared in several dramas such as “Queen For Seven Days” (2017), “The Liar and His Lover” (2017), “Lucky Romance” (2016), and also played minor roles in box office hits “Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days” (2018) and “Rampant” (2018).

Most recently, the young actor has been casted for YouTube’s original web drama series “Top Management“, where he forms part of the project unit group S.O.U.L with ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, actor Ahn Hyo Seop and Bang Jae Min. They have even released a song together for the drama too!

With so much growing potential, we’re looking forward to catch Jung Yoo Ahn in more projects down the road! You can follow the rising actor on his Instagram here.

6) Nam Da Reum (Born June 13, 2002)

Nam Da Reum is definitely a familiar face among the K-drama fans, having played the younger counterpart of many actors (aka your oppas) for 9 years and counting. The young actor is only 17 years old (Korean age) this year, but his filmography is extensive, and very impressive. He has acted in dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers” (2009), “Dong Yi” (2010), “Pinocchio” (2014), “While You Were Sleeping” (2017), “Come and Hug Me” (2018), “Where Stars Land” (2018), and the list goes on.

Many have acknowledged Nam Da Reum’s superb acting skills as he continues to receive drama love calls one after another. We are also anticipating his new drama (and his first lead role) in tvN’s upcoming series next year, “Drama Stage 2019: Goodbye My Life” (current title).

(Photo: KingKong by Starship Entertainment)

7) Shin Seung Ho (Born November 11, 1995)

Rookie actor Shin Seung Ho rose to fame after playing his first lead role in the popular web-drama series “A-Teen“. Prior to acting, Shin Seung Ho had been a football player for 11 years but called it quits after he discovered his passion for acting. In “A-Teen”, he played the role of a basketball player and left viewers in awe coupled with drama withdrawal syndrome after each episode. Many had nothing but praise for his acting, seeing how he was able to pull off the role perfectly.

Even though he has not announced his next project, it makes us curious about the kind of roles he will play in the near future. You can follow the journey of Shin Seung Ho on his Instagram here.

(Photo: JR Ent)

8) Kim Kyung Nam (Birth Year 1989)

Actor Kim Kyung Nam has set many hearts aflutter with his charming character in the recent drama “Where Stars Land“, where he played the role of Oh Dae Gi, a member in the security service team of Incheon Airport. Though he often displays a tough and masculine character, he has a strong sense of responsibility and is portrayed as a caring sunbae to his hoobaes. Since starring in this role, he has gained a surge in popularity along with his shy loveline in the drama.

The actor previously starred in dramas such as “Prison Playbook” (2017) and “Come And Hug Me” (2018), where he was known for his villainous role in the latter TV series. Having played a variety of supporting characters that got us hooked onto the storylines, Kim Kyung Nam definitely has the potential to play the lead role next! You can follow the actor on his Instagram here.


[FILM REVIEW] The Wrath: A Mediocre Attempt at Replicating a Classic

Anticipation was at an all-time high seeing that The Wrath was a remake of the Korean horror classic of the same name. However, the disappointment that marred everyone’s faces after the movie ended was evidence that it fell short of people’s expectations. I dare say that even after so many years of technological advancements and the evolution of humankind, this film did not live up to its original predecessor’s glory. The film did not even come close to the extremely high standards the original has created. If anything, it was a comedic attempt at replicating a classic.

The Wrath is a story of a vengeful courtesan ghost seeking revenge on a high-ranking Joseon official’s family after she was cruelly killed. Plagued by a curse from the spirit who died, all the sons in this aristocratic family mysteriously die, leaving the head of the household to succumb to insanity.

The film starts off with the third son returning home with a mission to get rid of the curse by using a sacrifice, Ok-bun  (played by Son Na-eun)whom was bought into the family under the guise of producing a baby fit to carry on the noble lineage. However, as the spirit continues to wreak havoc amongst the family, Madam Shin (played by Seo Young-hee) reach a state of turmoil and Ok-bun soon finds herself with the abilities to see and feel evil spirits.

As the film progressed, it was starting to lose its identity as a remake of the 80s classic. Instead, it was filled with many cringeworthy lighting directing, amateurish cinematography shots and special/practical effects that looked so cheap it looked like something out of an actual 60s film. The audience definitely had a good laugh when they saw how out-of-place it was and I couldn’t agree more. It was as if all the production budget went towards the casting and not towards the other important aspects of the film.

It is also worth mentioning that certain scenes were so badly put together, it left a lot of question marks in our heads because of the loose ends. There were just too many loopholes in the film, even the ending left me scratching my head and I was dissatisfied at the lack of proper closure.

Apart from Na-eun’s subpar, awkward acting due to her probable lack of experience taking on a lead role in a period movie, the rest of the cast integrated into their roles really well. Despite it being a period film, the actors’ speech delivery and take on the older Korean dialect was well delivered.

Most notably, Seo Young-hee’s role as an evil stepmother couldn’t have fit her any better. Her poise and elegance when taking on this antagonistic role made her character shine throughout the film, and it was something I personally looked forward to while watching! Even when made to recreate certain classic scenes like the “Chicken Blood” scene, it was well conveyed and did not destroy the flow of the movie.

Overall, The Wrath is a poorly produced movie that falls way short of the original movie’s standard, so much so it doesn’t deserve to be in the horror genre (we got to be really honest with you guys). Even though this was produced by renowned director Yoo Young-seon, it just definitely did not do the original any justice, especially with its lackluster production quality. And despite the actors’ efforts to bring the classic to glory, 2018’s version of  The Wrath was just irredeemable.

Actor’s Appeal: ★★★☆☆
Plot: ★★☆☆☆
Cinematography: ★★☆☆☆
Sense of Satisfaction: ★★☆☆☆

Total: 2.25/5

The Wrath opens in Singapore cinemas 6 December 2018. Watch the official trailer and find out more about the film here:

(Photo Credits: Golden Village Pictures)


BTS Unveiled As The Most Streamed K-pop Artist Globally and in Singapore on Spotify

Spotify has announced the list of K-pop artists that topped their Most Streamed titles in 2018, with BTS taking the win for the Most Streamed K-pop Artist Globally and in Singapore.

According to Spotify’s data, the group’s hit track “FAKE LOVE” has emerged as the top K-pop song on the music streaming platform, amassing over an impressive 175 million streams to date. Popular K-pop groups such as BLACKPINK, TWICE, Red Velvet, and EXO follow closely in the Top 5 list of Most Streamed K-pop Artists in Singapore. Check out the full list of the best of K-pop below!

Spotify’s Top K-Pop Lists 2018:

Most Streamed K-Pop Artists in Singapore

1. BTS
4. Red Velvet
5. EXO
6. iKON
9. Wanna One
10. IU

Most Streamed K-Pop Artists Globally

1. BTS
3. EXO
5. Red Velvet
8. iKON
9. GOT7
10. Monsta X

Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify’s K-Pop Daebak Playlist

3. Red Velvet — Bad Boy
4. MOMOLAND — BBoom BBoom
6. TWICE — What is Love?
10. SUNMI — Gashina

*Spotify’s K-Pop Daebak playlist is home to the hottest hits from emerging and chart-topping acts. Check out the playlist here!

Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify’s Korean OSTs Playlist

1. Henry — It’s You
2. Suzy — I Love You Boy
3. CHANYEOL — Stay With Me
4. Eddy Kim — 긴 밤이 오면
5. Bumkey — When I Saw You
6. Crush — Beautiful
7. CHEN — Everytime
8. Kim Yeonji — 마음의 말
9. Ailee — I Will Go To You Like The First Snow
10. Gummy — You Are My Everything

*Spotify’s Korean OSTs playlist is home to familiar hits from your favourite Korean movie/TV drama. Check out the playlist here!

For those of you who’ve been following us on Instagram, here’s our very own curated playlist of #HallyuMusicMonday on Spotify. If you need some music recommendations, you know where to head!

(Source & Photos: Spotify)


[FILM REVIEW] Unstoppable: When Love Knows No Boundaries

Just a week into its official release and “Unstoppable” has already surpassed over a million ticket sales in Korea. Is it because of the exciting plot? Or is it thanks to the well thought out casting? With my life on the line, I would say it’s thanks to both and more!

This is one film you should definitely watch this year-end because I can say with confidence that the 115 minutes spent on this film will fly by in the blink of an eye.

With a star-studded lineup full of well-known faces, this movie is a great film to watch with your friends and family. “Unstoppable” marks Ma Dong-seok’s (Don Lee) 5th time headlining a film this year after successfully starring in hit films, “Champion”, “Wonderful Ghost”, and more. Known for his big physique and excellent acting chops, this bulky actor surely integrated his role as ex-gangster-turned-loving-husband really well!

Another familiar face to the small and big screens is Song Ji-hyo, who has shown us a new side to herself through her role of Dong-chul’s loving wife, Ji-soo. After watching the film, it was apparent that each and every character were cast well as they seem to seamlessly fit into their characters, it was as if the script was written with their personalities and physiques in mind. All the expressions and emotions were well exhibited, and the added realism gave the movie a whole new dimension that us viewers can look forward to.

Just how far will the power of true love take you to? When Ji-soo gets taken hostage by human trafficker Ki-tae (played by Kim Sung-oh), Dong-chul drops everything and runs to save the love of his life using whatever means he can get his hands on.

Don’t be deceived by his fierce appearance though, because on the inside, he’s honestly a little softie for his wife. Accompanied by 2 sidekicks, the trio set off on a relentless maze to get to Ji-soo but as they uncover more about the kidnapping, mystery begins to shroud the case and they find themselves in a bigger mess than what they initially expected.

This film touches on various aspects. In particular, “Unstoppable” showed us just how greedy humans can be in the face of money.

The general storyline was simple albeit with a lot of twists and turns added to it for extra excitement. So much so that every time Dong-chul delivers a punch to the enemy, I find myself cheering for him more and more. Furthermore, the antagonist’s psychotic acting was on point even though he eerily reminds me of the Joker from DC Comics with his brightly colored suits and maniacal laughter (That’s a good thing!).

Thanks to the two sidekicks that stuck with Dong-chul throughout the journey, the film had a slight comedic touch to it, a good way to keep the crowd entertained.

All in all, there was a good balance of all the essential elements such as suspense, action, comedy, and etcetera that were needed to make a film fantastic and thus, “Unstoppable” is definitely a very enjoyable piece to watch!

For first-time director Kim Min-ho, I would say that almost everything, from the plot to the location planning, were flawless but there are some downsides to this show. While Song Ji-hyo was listed as one of the main characters of this film, the number of lines and scenes she had did not do her justice. It was apparent that she had some of the hardest portions to film but it somehow felt as if she was just a supporting cast with the amount of screen time she had.

Furthermore, Ma Dong-seok seem to always play the same role – The tough on the outside, fluffy on the inside type, so the film would have been even better if they had expanded on his character so that he could show more of his distinctive charms. But this, of course, doesn’t stop the film from being amazing. If you have time, hit the theatres soon to catch this movie, you will not regret it!

Actor’s Appeal: ★★★★☆
Plot: ★★★★☆
Sense of Satisfaction: ★★★★☆

Total: 4/5

Unstoppable” opens in Singapore cinemas from 6 December 2018. Watch the official trailer and find out more about the film here:

[K-MOVIE] Ma Dong Seok Plays the Unbeatable Beast in “Unstoppable” – In Cinemas 6 December

(Photos: mm2 Entertainment)


Seungri To Grace The Regional Launch of Braun Büffel’s SS19 Collection in Singapore on 8 December

Seungri from BIGBANG will be coming to Singapore once more to grace the regional launch and media preview of Braun Büffel’s all-new Spring/Summer 2019 collection on 8 December 2018 at its Marina Bay Sands’ boutique.

This new collection is themed Retro Future Vision and it showcases the evolution of a 131-year-old German leather brand, bringing stylish and functional designs for the 21st century man and woman on-the-go.

(Photo: Braun Büffel Spring Summer 2019)

In this brand new season’s collection, the brand’s design takes on a maverick approach with a mood of sophisticated and urban sportiness, and it marks the first complete collection designed by the House’s Creative Director, Fabio Panzeri.

Braun Büffel’s Spring/Summer 2019 collectionRetro Future Vision, will officially launch from Singapore and online on 8 December 2018.