Korea’s Newest Mask Trend: Experience Spa-like Facials at Home with DERMABELL Modeling Gel Masks

Save the hassle of making facial appointments now that you can Do-It-Yourself.

Beatrice Yeo

| January 23, 2019

If there’s one more thing we envy about Koreans, it’s their flawless, glass-looking skin. For years, they’ve been at the top when it comes to producing effective yet affordable skincare products, so much so that a lot of people nowadays turn to Korean brands for their skincare woes. (Me included, I’m a sucker for Korean brands)

Over the years, Korea has seen different types of masks enter the industry, ranging from traditional sheet masks to foaming masks, and it seems like they’re not stopping anytime soon.

And recently, we tried out the Premium Modeling Gel Masks from DERMABELL Basic. If you’ve never heard of them before, a quick search on Google shows that it is a Korean brand well-known for supplying spa centers around the country with the highest quality natural plant-based cosmeceuticals.

Thanks to easier access to advanced skincare ingredients, DERMABELL launched their very own DIY Modeling Gel Mask after accumulating many years of knowledge on skincare. That means you can enjoy spa-like treatments, any time and anywhere!

This revolutionary product is said to provide your skin with up to 72 hours of moisture and maximum nourishment so that your skin appears supple and plump always! Now, these are some substantial claims but I’m always on a hunt for new products to try so when we received some of these masks, I was excited to put the product’s claims to the test, to say the least.

Here is a quick introduction to the 3 different types of modeling gel masks produced by DERMABELL. Each caters to different skin types and worries, so check out what’s below to find out which will suit you best!

Perilla (Purple) – The Perilla mask is infused with  perilla, basil leaf and tea tree extract to sooth irritated skin, and with centella asiatica to rejuvenate and repair the skin’s barrier. Highly recommended for those with sensitive, damaged and inflamed acne-prone skin!

Propolis (Yellow) – The Propolis mask contains Jeju buckwheat honey, royal jelly and green propolis extra that helps provide intense hydration for the skin while slowing down signs of aging. Highly recommended for those with dehydrated, rough and aging skin.

Rose (Red) – The Rose mask is made out of rose, mulberry bark, wolfberry extract to slow down the production of melanin while providing the skin with intense nourishment and moisture. Highly recommended for dehydrated, dull and pigmented skin.

It’s imperative that you find a mask that suits your skin best so that you can see the best possible results. So as someone with dehydrated/rough skin, I figured that the Propolis mask would best fit me and after trying it out, I was not disappointed.

I was so impressed by the product, I can definitely see myself stocking up more of these at home! Here are some reasons why I can see myself using them again in the future:

1) Instant Hydration

Immediately after peeling the gel mask off, my skin feels freakishly hydrated. So much so that even after a few days, my face still feels so moist and supple – It was unlike anything I’ve felt before.

Also, I absolutely loved how instant and long-lasting the effects were, now I can finally wave my dry skin goodbye!

2) It’s Easier to use than you think

The gel mask was easy to use and convenient to take about. Unlike traditional sheet masks which need to be refrigerated before using, this product only comes with 2 sachets, a mixing tray, and a spatula so that means you can use it anywhere.

And even without a fridge, the mask applies on cool and you are left with a nice and refreshed face after peeling it off! (Also, can I just add that mixing the product was an entire experience on its own?!)

3) Adheres well to every part of the skin

After mixing the formulas up, the mask appears thick and viscous, yet it is somehow able to seep into the fine lines and pores on my faces very well.

Surprisingly, it also adheres onto my face better than I thought it would, so well that I could do whatever I want while waiting for my face to absorb all the goodness.

4) Provides Maximum Coverage

Unlike sheet masks which usually comes in a standard size, this gel mask can be applied on any face shape, big or small. Applying your own masks also means you get can reach inaccessible places easily (E.g. Forehead, nose etc) so no parts of your face gets left out!

Furthermore, the portions were generous, there was so much I could literally ‘paint’ my face however I liked and still have excess after.

5) Fuss-Free Preparation Process

It was quick to prepare and fuss-free. As someone who hates to spam facial products daily, I am always on a lookout for an all-in-one mask that can take away a portion of the fuss, yet supplement my face with nutrients. And this mask does that and more!

All you need to do to get all the benefits is to leave the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes and voila! Your face is almost brand new!

Recently, we also gave out some of these masks to our lovely readers and here is an excerpt of what they have said after using it!

“I peeled the mask off and the peeling process did not hurt at all! I could immediately feel and see a difference in my skin — my skin felt really supple, smooth and hydrated after using the mask! The Premium Gel Mask did brighten up my skin a little and I’m really amazed!” – Anonymous, 18 [Rose]

“Skin was significantly smoother today and the moisture was “locked”, keeping it cool throughout the day. The pores are visibly smaller… Overall pleasant scent that will be well-liked by both genders.” – Leow Zia Sheng, 28 [Rose]

“No regrets 20 minutes later after I peeled off the mask to supple, hydrated, glowy skin (the Korean glow??!!). The zit on my face had also diminished following the treatment!! Definitely a must try for those that have yet experienced the mask!!” – Tay Sze Yan, 40 [Propolis]

“Usually, when you use a sheet mask, you’d have to dab off the excess essence from your skin, but with the modeling mask, you don’t have to because there is no residue left on your skin.” – Filzah Sumar, 28 [Propolis]

“When I applied it to my skin, it had a really nice and cooling effect, I loved it! It was not messy at all, was easy to take it out and most importantly was not sticky at all. I noticed that my skin was moisturized and less red.” – Teo Jun Hao, [Perilla]

“Interesting application, although I do advise you to really pin all your hair back cos it can get a little messy. That being said – the results were instant. After letting it sit for 15-20 mins, the gel hardened slightly and I was able to peel it off nicely, and it revealed plump, hydrated and glowing skin. The bonus is that the effects don’t just last for a few minutesmy skin continued to look dewy and fresh for the next few days!!” – Sonia Chew (Radio/TV Personality), 27 [Perilla]

If you’re looking for a new face mask to try out, how about getting your hands on your very own modeling gel mask by DERMABELL? Now is the time for you to stop shelling so much money on a generic product and start investing in your skin properly.

This award-winning brand used to be available only in Korea but right now, it can be easily purchased from the DERMABELL Singapore online store at $45/box (5 packs of mask). There is currently a bundled offer at $39/box with a minimum purchase of 2 boxes, and free shipping is available for Singapore orders over $50 purchases. So what are you waiting for, try it out now and let us know what you think. 🙂

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with DERMABELL.


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