This Korean Beauty YouTuber does an Epic Cover Makeup of Sky Castle’s Coach Kim

Li Meixian

| January 28, 2019
(Photo: jtbc)

K-drama hit Sky Castle has been all the rage since its broadcast, breaking TV rating records and trending all over social media and the internet without any signs of slowing down.

With just one episode left to the ending, viewers and netizens are all counting down to catch the finale on February 1, 2019, hoping for a perfect closure to the drama series.

(Screen capture from Risabae’s cover makeup video)

Riding on the Sky Castle trend, one of Korea’s Top Beauty YouTubers — Risabae, decides to make things a little more fun amidst all the drama suspense, by recreating the Coach Kim Joo Young (Kim Seo Hyung) look using her skilful makeup techniques.

First, she emphasizes that the overall look has to be simple, but to highlight on Coach Kim’s perfect features, detailed contouring is a must. The YouTuber also made use of various contouring techniques to brighten up the cheekbones and sharpen her nose to resemble that of Coach Kim’s.

(Screen capture from Risabae’s cover makeup video)

In the makeup cover video, Risabae also puts in extra effort in the finish, using powder to ensure that her face maintains the matte and cold look instead of a moisturised finish. Thereafter, she recreates the brows and emphasizes on the frown, right eye hole, and even the dimension below the eyes so that she can achieve the “dark, slightly cold and creepy” look.

A+ for effort, really. That, plus her funny imitations of Sky Castle’s Coach Kim in the video. Watch it with English subtitles below:

Risabae is known for her amazing makeup skills, and in the past she has also done several themed makeup covers of celebrities and K-pop idols, such as MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, IU, Red Velvet’s Joy, Sunmi, and many more.

And each time she’s super on point and never fail to impress:


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