3 Times Park Bo Gum Made Us Swoon with His Acting [GIVEAWAY ALERT!!]

Beatrice Yeo

| February 22, 2019
(Photo Credits: CJnDrama Twitter)

After concluding yet another successful drama, Park Bo-gum will be embarking on his next Asia tour to meet and greet his fans after 2 long years.

Recently playing the role of Kim Jin-hyuk, a free-spirited book lover on tvN’s Encounter, his innocent smile and natural charisma caught the hearts of people once again, making him a hot topic these days.

Time and time again, Park Bo-gum has proven to us that he is a versatile actor capable of pulling off various roles but despite receiving a lot of love nowadays, everything wasn’t easy for the actor when he first started out.

Debuted in 2011, Park Bo-gum was featured in many smaller roles before hitting it big. From participating in supporting roles to slowly becoming the lead in his own dramas, he has come a long way since then. As his Singapore Fanmeeting draws closer, we take a look back into some pivotal moments in his career to bring you the 3 roles the actor has played that made us swoon.

1) Hello Monster / 너를 기억해

(Photo Credits: KBS)

Park Bo-gum plays the role of Lee Hyun, a man who mysteriously disappears for 20 years only to return under a new moniker, Jung Sun-ho.

Despite the drama’s lackluster ratings, things started turning out for the better as the actor received praise for his realistic portrayal of a serial killer, something unlike the usual Park Bo-gum we see on screen.

Different from anything he has ever shown before, the role allowed him to show more depth to his acting as he smoothly transforms from a naïve-looking younger brother yearning for love to a relentless psychopath in a flip of a switch.

His convincing show earned him a lot of fans and for the first time ever, a bag full of awards at the 29th KBS Drama Awards.

2) Reply 1988 / 응답하라 1988

(Photo Credits: tvN)

Riding on his popularity from before, Park Bo-gum took on the role of Choi Taek in hit series Reply 1988, playing as a down-to-earth, introverted genius that falls head over heels with his childhood friend, Deok-sun.

Soft on the outside but mature on the inside and incompetent in performing everyday things, Choi Taek’s pureness and goofy side struck a chord with the viewers as they were reminded of the joys of being a teenager in that time period.

This drama did extremely well on the charts, becoming the 2nd highest rated K-Drama broadcasted on cable television, further allowing Park Bo-gum to solidify his status as a competent actor capable of taking on a variety of roles.

His promising acting opened up a lot of doors for him and it becomes very evident as he lands another major role shortly after.

3) Love in the Moonlight / 구르미 그린 달빛

(Photo Credits: KBS)

If you ever had to introduce a drama to your rom-com loving friends, Love in the Moonlight should definitely be at the top of your head. In this period drama, Park Bo-gum plays the role of a cheeky mischievous crown prince, Lee Yeong, who falls in love with his eunuch in an unexpected twist of fate.

The drama follows him as he grows from being an ordinary prince to a powerful monarch, so viewers can look forward to his ability in developing his character.

Playing the prince charming of our dreams, his impeccable sword skills and irresistible charms are sure to make you feel all fluffy and girly on the inside. As a testament to his superb acting chops and growing popularity, Park Bo-gum embarked on his first ever Asia Fanmeet tour at the end of this film, and much to the delight of his fans.

Can’t get enough of Park Bo-gum? The actor will be in Singapore for a Fanmeeting this 9 March (Saturday), 6 pm at The Star Theatre and he will be giving a Hi-Touch to all attendees after the show. Limited tickets are still available via APACTix – find out more below:

Park Bo Gum To Meet Singapore Fans on March 9, Tickets from $158 to $228

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