[INTERVIEW] Lovelyz Hints at an Amazing Winter Night with Their Singapore Lovelinus

Beatrice Yeo

| March 8, 2019

After successfully concluding the Seoul leg of their concert, Lovelyz revealed last month that they will be coming to Singapore really soon for a one-night-only show!

Titled “Lovelyz 3 of Winter World”, the girls will be taking Singapore fans on a spellbinding winter wonderland adventure while singing many of their hits such as “Candy Jelly Love”, “Ah-Choo”, “Lost N Found”, and more. Performing in Singapore for the first time ever, all the local Lovelinus are definitely in for a treat next weekend!

Debuted in November 2014, Lovelyz’s lineup consists of 8 members: Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong and Yein. As Woollim’s first ever girl group, they are more than just your typical idol troop. As the epitome of loveliness, Lovelyz will be charming the Singapore crowd with their powerful vocals and cute performances all night long.

Get your lightsticks ready and fan chants memorized, because not only are they working hard to prepare for the show, they have also hinted some exclusive performances (find out more below)!

Happening on 17 March 2019 (Sunday), 7 pm at ZEPP@BIGBOX, the concert is closer than ever and with less than 10 days till their arrival in Singapore, we have a little something to get you guys a bit more pumped up.

In view of their upcoming concert, we’ve score an exclusive email interview with Lovelyz and here is what the group has to say to all their Singapore Lovelinus’ out there:

1) What are your thoughts about visiting Singapore for the first time?

Baby Soul: I have been looking forward to it and I am curious to see how it’s like!
Jiae: This is my first time visiting Singapore as a Lovelyz member and I want to present a wonderful performance. I am really excited!
Jisoo: I am very excited. I heard that Singapore is a very beautiful place so I am looking forward.
Mijoo: I am looking forward to it and I am excited just thinking of the people waiting for us there.
Kei: As this is my first time, I am even more excited and I want to quickly meet the Lovelinus in Singapore.
Jin: Singapore is a country that I really wish to visit so I am so happy to be given a chance to travel there. More than anything else, I am thankful to have the chance to meet the Lovelinus in Singapore.
Sujeong: Because all of my friends have been telling me how amazing Singapore is, I can’t wait.
Yein: I am so so excited just thinking about meeting our fans in Singapore! And I am really happy because Singapore is a beautiful country that I have always been planning to visit when I have time.

2) Lovelyz has been consistent when it comes to music concept and style. Is there any concept the group would like to explore for the next comeback?

Kei: I want to try challenge an energetic song with a slight ‘Girl Crush’ concept.
Jisoo: I really want to try ‘Girl Crush’ concept.
Me too! ‘Girl Crush’~
Jin: I want to try promoting ballad songs like our BTOB seniors! Lovelyz’s ballad songs are nice..!
Sujeong: I want to try having a title song that has a daydream-like atmosphere.
Baby Soul: I want to try a ‘Girl Crush’ or a chic, dreamlike and mysterious concept.
Jiae: I want to try wearing a uniform and having a ‘Girl Crush’ concept~
Yein: I really (!) wanna try a ‘Girl Crush’ concept~!

3) If you could form a sub-unit in the group with any member(s), who would you pick and why?

Jin: I would pick the members in the ‘Morning Star 새벽별’ unit (Baby Soul, Kei, Jin). We are the only members in Lovelyz that are not using our real name hehe. We presented a ballad song before but if there’s another chance… ^^ I would like to do it again.
Baby Soul: I would pick Sujeong. The genre we would like to try is similar yet our vocal colors differ so I think it will be unique and fun. I think we can release a good song.
Yein: I would pick Mijoo and Sujeong! We are the tallest in the team and our charms are quite different so I think if we were to perform together, we could make an amazing stage.
Jiae: I would pick Baby Soul. I want to do a song with her rapping in it! Hehe.
Jisoo: I want to be in a Hip-hop duo with Baby Soul! Before debuting, Baby Soul practiced rap alone for a long time so if I’m with Baby Soul, I think it will be fun and it will help a lot.
Mijoo: I was in a sub-unit with Sujeong and Yein before but I want to try that again.
Kei: I love the Sujeong-Kei combination.
Sujeong: I would pick Yein and Mijoo. We have released a unit song in our album before but I hope there will be another chance for us to have proper activities as a sub-unit.

4) What do your fans mean to you? Describe Lovelinus in three words and elaborate on why you chose these three words.

Sujeong: Energy, love and warmth. I need to have Lovelinus to have strength while performing, because they always watch us warmly with their love!
Jisoo: Food! Clothing! Shelter! These are the basic things humans need, and Lovelinus is what Lovelyz need.
Baby Soul
: Love, strength, and encouragement. Because of Lovelinus’ overflowing love and presence, we are able to gain strength, courage and continue forward.
Mijoo: Light, Star, Love! Lovelinus are lovable people that are always shining brightly like a star.
Yein: The reason I exist, a present and a blessing.
Jiae: Power, energy and energizer. They all have the same meaning but because of our fans, it doesn’t matter if there are just 1, 10 or a few, even when I am exhausted, I can feel all my tiredness disappear.
Kei: The sky. I can see it whenever I look up and just like the sky, I also want to be a comforting existence for our fans.
Jin: Halfway mark. After meeting Lovelinus and learning of their love, I feel as though all the thoughts I had till now are slowly changing hehe.

5) What is one variety show that Lovelyz would like to go on and why?

Yein: “Radio Star”. I think it will be fun if we go there and disclose each other’s secrets! Haha.
Jin: I want to film a Lovelyz reality show once more!
Mijoo: We have not been on “Running Man” as a whole before but I think it will be fun.
Kei: “New Journey to the West” is a program I have been watching well recently so I would love to appear there!
Baby Soul
: “Running Man” will probably be funny. I think it goes well with us – Running, games and all.
Jiae: I want to film a Lovelyz reality show! It’s been a long time since we filmed that and I think there are many fans who have been curious about our daily lives recently.
Jisoo: Our own reality show. Because I want to show fans our most natural, comfortable selves.
Sujeong: “The Return of Superman” is a program I watch every week and I really want to appear there so I can meet the kids in real life

6) If you could film a reality show involving your fans, what would you like to do or how would you spend the day together?

Mijoo: Just having fun together without having a single thought.
Baby Soul
: Just like the reality TV show “Three Meals a Day”, I want to go to a village and catch fish, farm vegetables and cook with fans.
Jiae: A day we will never forget! A day that we will not stop smiling!
Yein: I want to have some traditional experiences together! Play some Korean traditional games, etc.! Haha.
Jisoo: I want to volunteer. I want to make things people would need and cook.. And leave a lot of memories. I think I will feel proud and good.
Sujeong: Recently I have become interested in cooking so I want to cook for our fans.
Kei: I want to go for an MT~ We can grill some meat and play some games, I want to spend a fun day.
Jin: I want to organize a sports meet!

7) Lots of thoughts were put into the outfit concept for “Destiny”, such as the matching of lunar phases. What is one other thing that Lovelyz has put a lot of thoughts in?

Jisoo: Actually, compared to ‘Destiny’ and since ‘Lost N Found’, our stylist asked us the style of clothing we wanted to try and then they personally designed it. The shape and length of a skirt was all done according to what the members wanted.
Jiae: We put a lot of thought in our live performance at that time~! Because it’s been a long time since coming back from our last album, we wanted to show our improved selves.
Mijoo: We put in much effort musically.
Jin: During ‘That Day’, I lost too much weight that I did not look good on screen. So since then, I have been eating a lot and putting in more effort to gain some weight.
Yein: The stage outfits were really pretty and the Earth rotation dance was quite cool so we worked really hard to express it well.
Baby Soul: We emphasized a lot on a song’s lyrics and expression.
Kei: Our live performances! We put a lot of thought into our performances because we always want to show great stages.
Sujeong: The decorations on our wrist and the details in the fabric.

8) Are there anything that the members have taken interest in recently?

Jiae: Personally, I fell for passionfruit ade.
Jisoo: Eating! Not recently but always~
Mijoo: Writing lyrics.
Sujeong: I have taken an interested in slime.
Kei: Clothes. Since spring is coming, I have been trapped by those pretty spring outfits.
Jin: Meat?!!!! Kekeke
Baby Soul: Reading, watching films, composing and exercising.
Yein: Watching dramas.

9) What can Lovelinus look forward to at your upcoming concert in Singapore?  Will there be any surprise element being prepared for the fans?

Baby Soul: We plan to perform new stages we have never shown before so please look forward to them!
Jiae: As this is our first time to meet Singapore Lovelinus, we are currently working really hard to prepare even better stages! Please look forward to it!
Jisoo: We are going to show new stages, different from those previously shown in our Seoul concert so please! Come and see us!
Mijoo: Secret~
Kei: We have many stages that cannot be seen on music broadcasts and can only be seen at our concerts~ So please keep a lookout for it and we want to create an unforgettable memory with our Singapore Lovelinus!
Jin: That~~ You just have to see it for yourself at the concert~!!!
Sujeong: We are going to perform songs that are not included in our Korea concert! Look forward to it!
Yein: We may perform songs that are not included in our Korea concert!! And we are working hard on preparing for it!!! So please look forward!!! Haha.

Are you guys excited yet? For more information about  Lovelyz 3 of Winter World, find out more below:

Lovelyz To Perform in Singapore For The First Time Ever!

Tickets are still available via APACTIX.com and prices range from S$88 to $218. All ticket holders are also entitled to a whole bunch of benefits so what are you waiting for? Get your tickets to meet Lovelyz and stay tuned to our channels for the latest updates!

(Photo Credits: Woollim Entertainment / IME Singapore)


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