5 Interesting Types of Cafes to Visit in Seoul for the Healing Experience

Beatrice Yeo

| March 12, 2019

Not only is Korea a literal shopping paradise, but it is also a hotbed of amazing cafes. Unlike the cafes we know of here, the café culture in Korea is so much more advanced and sophisticated, it’s a whole different ballgame. Compared to the tangibles you get at a café, it’s more of the intangible experiences that matter.

Most cafegoers in Korea are usually there to experience something different and something unique. We’ve seen how Koreans love their animal cafes, so we know just how crazy cafes over there can get. But as time goes on, cafes there only grow quirkier (You’ll find out the reason soon enough). Well, but compared to spending your days lazing on bed, I’d say getting out and about to café hop is a much better way to waste your time. So here are some interesting cafes for you to check out if you are in Seoul!

(Photo Credit: IG @ claire_nim)

1) Peach Gray (피치그레이카페)

Picasso in the making? Or maybe you decide that it’s finally time for your inner Van Gogh to shine? Find out just how artistic you are at Peach Gray! At this watercolor café, all orders come with a set of watercolor paints, papers and a brush for you to flaunt your artsy fartsy side as much as you want, no judgmental stares included.

(Photo Credit: IG @ what.t.loves)
(Photo Credit: IG @ jung_biin)

Beginner painters are always welcomed, even though the walls on these cafes say otherwise (because this place is plastered with gorgeous drawings from other customers 😭) but if you ever need some help or inspiration, there are guidebooks around the store to help you! And apparently, the pancakes here are the fluffiest you’ll ever see, it’s to die for.

Address: 14-1 Songpa-gu, Garak-ro 21-gil (서울송파구가락로21길14-1)

Peach Gray opens every day from 11 am to 9 pm but remember to check their Instagram page (@peach_gray) for any last-minute closures! It’s a 5-minute walk from Seokchon subway Station (Line 8/9), Exit 2.

(Photo Credit: IG @ awesomehaeun)

2) SLKO (슬코)

The slime trend is still alive and buzzing in Korea. The latest craze to hit the café scene is this slime making café called SLKO. Though it may not be the latest slime cafe, it’s definitely one of the more well-known, established ones.

(Photo Credit: Slime Korea)

Visitors start their slime making adventure by first choosing the base they want, after which they enter a candybar-esque ‘topping’ booth where they can mix and match different glitters and textures to form the slime of their dreams.

No need to buy a whole bottle of contact lens solution just to make your slime, SLKO has it all covered for you. Time to hear some ASMR firsthand! No one ever said slime is just for kids so what are you waiting for? Trust me, you won’t be the only grown up there.

They have too many outlets to list so head on over to their website to find out which store is nearest to you!

(Photo Credit: IG @ sanghoon0104)

3) DB Story (디비스토리)

Ever wanted to buy a phone case but the stores you go to just don’t have what you want? Or maybe the phone case you currently have is missing a bling or two? Time to head down to DB Story to finally make your own case, the options are endless. With a ton of cases and decorations to choose from, you can make anything you want – from the weird all the way to the wacky.

(Photo Credit: IG @ yeah_jiin)

Not only will decorating a phone case be a very therapeutic experience for both you and your friend, it is also a good way to see who’s the better Monet amongst the two of you! Phone cases can be bought from the cafe at 2,500 won (~S$3) and the cost of the accessories will vary depending on designs.

Address: 43 Mapo-gu Wausan-ro 23-gil (서울마포구와우산로23길43)

DB Story opens every day from 12 pm to 9 pm. (Nearest Subway Station: Hongik University Station, Exit 9)

4) Eros Fortune Telling Café (에로스사주카페)

Sometimes I like to ask myself some of life’s deepest questions. Why have I never strike the grand 4D prize before? Why do the things I study always not appear on the exam? The list can go on and on forever. But maybe heading to a tarot saju café and listening to a tarot might just get you the answer you’ve always been looking for.

For a fee, visitors can indulge in a range of fortune-telling activities such as tarot card reading, palm reading or even get a fortune teller to ask a spirit to rewrite your destiny on your behalf, all while drinking a cup of tea. While it can be a fun experience, try bringing a (willing) Korean friend along as not all stores have readers that speak English! It’s recommended to call in and make a reservation to ensure that an English-speaking interpreter is available on the day of your visit.

Address: 37 Seodaemun-gu Ewhayeodae-gil (서울서대문구이화여대길37)
Telephone: +82 2-363-1810

Eros opens every day from 11 am to 10 pm, except on Public Holidays. It is located near Ewha Womans University.

5) Mr.Healing

If you’re tired after a long day of shopping and you just want a nice place to nua, Mr. Healing is the cafe you should be looking out for. This ‘healing’ café chain has everything you need for a good rest, from plush massage chairs that can help you loosen up from a long day’s walk to even oxygen zones for you to recharge at. The cozy atmosphere is sure to make you feel all refreshed and ready to go!

Mr. Healing has too many outlets to list down so here is a list of its locations for you to check out! Opening hours differ for each outlet.

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