5 of the Cutest Korean Dogs You’d Want to Follow on Instagram Right Now

Beatrice Yeo

| March 25, 2019
(Photo Credits: @Bichon_tori, @CorgiBH, @zzangjeolmi, @Chulsoo_dog and linomo2314 from Naver Blog)

From K-Pop to K-Beauty, South Korea is really pushing their boundaries when it comes to social media sensations and it looks like dogs are the next big thing to hit the Korean webs. Of course, South Korea has their fair share of adorable stuff too but recently, these endearing balls of fluff have been making waves because who can say no to cute pets? Some have become huge phenomena that they have already reach celebrity status, even releasing official merchandise, holding mini fanmeets and the like!

With legions of fans behind their back, Korean dogs might very well be the next sensation to take the world by storm. So, if you’re looking for more cute things to swoon on your Instagram feed, this post is for you. Here’s introducing to you 5 of the most popular Korean dogs currently on Instagram:


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1. @zzangjeolmi

This gold-white puppy was once abandoned and wandering around with mud from head to toe. But now, it has become an online sensation and stole the hearts of many around the country after pictures of it were uploaded online by its rescuer. True to its name, this tiny fluffball looks as velvety and smooth to the touch – just like soybean powder, what a cutie!

To date, Injeolmi is currently one of the most popular dogs on the Korean internet, garnering a lot of attention for its looks and cute antics. Recently, Injeolmi even released a book titled “안녕하세요 내 이름은 인절미예요” (Literal translation: Hello, My name is Injeolmi), documenting its life and story since being rescued. The book got so big it became one of Kyobo’s top 10 books in the 2nd week of January!


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2. @corgibh

Not to be confused with the actual singer, Baekho is also the name of a Welsh Corgi from Korea! Amassing over 179k followers on Instagram, Baekho is a people-loving pup that enjoys interacting with humans A LOT, strangers or not. He is so full of affection, that even a local mart awarded him with an honorary employee badge to show their appreciation to this bundle of joy.

Given the popularity with Corgis nowadays, it’s no wonder people online are also obsessed with Baekho too. With just one swish from his fluffy bum, people (like me) can’t help but squeal at his cuteness. Truly a celebrity, Baekho has even had fan meetings before, and many have turned up with gifts and fan support in tow!


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3. @bichon_tori

Sporting a perfectly trimmed afro, Bichon Tori is truly one of South Korea’s most unique looking dogs. Living in Daegu with fur as white as snow, this cotton ball lookalike is a literal ball of fluff. Thanks to its dark beady eyes and love for frilly outfits, it’s often mistaken for a doll and I was no exception.

This photogenic dog really knows how to work its angles, perfectly striking a pose at every opportunity. We can’t help but have hearts shoot out from our eyes!


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4. @run_darly

This mini polar bear lookalike is slowly bringing the world together with his bright and cheerful personality. With a lopsided smile and a hop in its step, we can’t help melt into a puddle of goo as we scroll down Darly’s feed that documents his day to day life.

In case you’re wondering how come this pup might seem like a familiar face, he has starred with various celebrities to film music videos and commercials! Oh yes, he has his own book too, titled “달려라, 달리!” (Literal translation: Run, Darly!).


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5. @chulsoo_dog

Chulsoo looks like the friendly neighborhood dog we all know and secretly want to pet. Looking straight out of a comic book, this duo-toned dog is easily recognizable by its lovely beady eyes, button nose, and fashionable outfits. And it doesn’t stop there because it has been captivating Korea with its cute smile and temperament. It’s so popular that it has even released a calendar and shot a commercial with IKEA recently!

If you’re curious about Chulsoo’s day to day life, it even has a YouTube channel so that you can see him travel around the world or have a trim at the barber. Who would’ve thought that a dog would look so cute doing these mundane things?


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