[Feature] Our Top 5 Male K-Beauty Influencer Picks

Beatrice Yeo

| April 17, 2019

We all know famous K-Beauty influencers like Risabae, Ssin-nim, and Hyojin but we are now past the era where makeup is exclusively for woman. Nowadays, beauty standards are becoming so universal it is no longer seen as something girly but as something you put on to make yourself look better. A self-improvement thing of sorts!

With more gender fluid beauty related products entering the Korean market lately, male beauty influencers are also on the rise! To hopefully give you/your male friends some makeup inspiration, here are a few male beauty influencers you could check out:

1) Park Bo Sung (@park_bosung)


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Park Bo Sung first shot up to fame after the videos of him expertly applying makeup was uploaded onto TikTok. On top of charming the viewers with his pretty boy looks, the one-minute videos of him putting on makeup are all hilariously edited and wittily filmed, earning him a massive number of followers in a span of a few months.

Not only does he do his makeup amazingly well, but his creativity when it comes to this art form is boundless. From school to idol looks, if you want to know how to do them in a jiffy, check him out!

2) Choi Tokkii (@ttokkii)

Well known within the ulzzang circle for his beady eyes and toothy smile that resembles a rabbit, Choi Tokkii has been making waves on YouTube for doing an exceptionally praiseworthy job of putting on makeup that covers a range of occasions, all while looking absolutely adorable.

If you’re interested to learn more on male grooming as a whole, you should check him out because more than just makeup tutorials, he also offers fashion lookbooks and general styling tips.

3) Aura M (@aura_m_kr)

Also known as Lee Sang Min, this former beauty/fashion presenter is definitely one of Korea’s best-kept secrets. A self-proclaimed male beauty influencer, this guy does everything from simple makeup tutorials to more informative ones such as hair treatment tutorials.

Not only was he a fashion magazine marketer but he has also even written a book on men’s grooming prior to YouTubing, so if there’s anyone that knows male beauty more than the others do, it has got to be him.

4) Seoulite (@seoulitestudio)

Special effects makeup is counted as beauty too…right? Although they often upload elaborate Halloween/idol looks, Seoulite occasionally talks about their fashion latest hauls and beauty finds that are sure to teach you a thing or two about keeping your face looking fresh and flawless.

The duo’s skills are really out of this world and with their limitless creativity and hilarious antics, you’ll soon find yourself reaching out for a makeup brush to learn a quick trick or two!

5) HOONION (@hoon1on)

If you want to keep yourself up to date with the latest makeup and beauty trends, HOONION does a great job at showcasing the latest cosmetic products, fresh from the shops! Apart from going in depth into each product and talking about its specs, he teaches you how to apply them on easily.

Although his videos do not have English subtitles, I’m sure you’ll be able to learn something too! After all, actions speak louder than words and his personality is sure to shine through!


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