How to Experience Creating Your Very Own Perfume in Korea

Beatrice Yeo

| April 23, 2019

Personalising things are all the rage right now and day classes seem to be popping out in Seoul these days. When it comes to picking out your very own perfume, most would say it is a very personal choice. After all, it is something you wear for the most part of your day and it is a good way to make a lasting impression. Like the wise Emanuel Ungaro once said, “A perfume is an intimate object, it is the reflector of the heart”. A good perfume can speak a thousand words so it should definitely embody the essence of your being but wanting to find one you like can be no easy task.

Having always dreamt of making my very own personalised bottle of perfume, I signed up for a perfume making workshop on my recent trip to Korea via Klook. At just S$59.45, we had the opportunity to design our very own 50ml bottle of perfume with the help of an English-speaking instructor!

Nestled in a quiet corner of the tourist hotspot, Myeongdong, lies GN Perfume Studio, the place where the 1-hour workshop will be held. Located on the building’s 3rd floor, this quaint, minimalistic classroom is where all the magic happens.

Before we started working on the concoction, my friend and I were given a small questionnaire to fill out. We were asked questions that would split us according to our different personalities and we were also made to pick out our likes and dislikes.

Not only was it a good opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves, the answers would also aid the instructor as the basis for her recommendations later on in the activity.

The work begins and our instructor brings out 7 different perfume bases for us to choose from, each of which were scents unique to the shop itself and came in a diverse range of types. Floral, woody, musky or refreshing, you should choose one that resonates within you because bases, according to our instructor, were used to bring out the depth of the perfume.

After making our choices, our loveable instructor then proceeded to recommend us middle and top notes that would go well with it, according to our personalities.

For me, I already had an image in mind before entering the class. Just like a warm bowl of chicken soup, I wanted my perfume to envelop me with a sense of peace. Something that would be easy to smell and at the same time, would bring me comfort. And thanks to the extensive list of scents the perfumery provides, I was able to bring the perfume of my dreams into reality.

After minutes smelling the different scents, experimenting with the combination and consulting with the instructor, I was able to narrow it down to these 4 – Fig, Cucumber, Green Tea and Musk!

The next part was no doubt the hardest. With the limit of droplets being set at 20, we had to use a dropper to combine our middle and top note choices with our base.

For a second, we felt like Hogwarts students attending a Potions class because one wrong measurement and your perfume will definitely turn out wonky. But once you pass the hurdle, your very own bottle of perfume is now complete!

My very own creation, Home! This mixture contains anything and everything I’ve ever wanted in a perfume, and the combination of it all just creates a refreshing scent that would instantaneously remind me of the warmth of my nest, thus its name.

But before you get too excited and start using it, remember to leave your mixture alone for 2 weeks because your masterpiece needs time to mature into a more intense scent.

All in all, the entire experience was enjoyable and worth every penny. The process – from booking to creating, was fuss-free and painless so if you’re looking to have a unique experience in Seoul, how about trying to make your perfume today? This experience was made possible thanks to the good folks at Klook! And just like me, you can also book and experience this perfume-making activity here.

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