Application OPEN For K-POP Trainee Experience Program with RBW Korea

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Think you’ve got what it takes to be a star? How about challenging yourself to a K-POP Trainee Program in Korea, where you can experience and receive professional trainings just like what your favourite K-POP idols went through? A golden opportunity is here for those of you who’ve always dreamt of becoming a star or even honing up your vocal/dance skills.

In collaboration with RBW Korea, TeenEdge will be running an intensive K-POP Trainee Experience Program (Dream Withus) where participants could directly receive professional trainings in RBW’s headquarters in Seoul. Home to top-notch artistes like MAMAMOO and rising boy groups VROMANCE and ONEUS, RBW is an established record label and entertainment company reputable in the K-POP industry.

What You Can Expect During This 1-Week Program

Dream Withus is a 1-week program where participants will go through professional trainings in vocal, dance, studio recording, stage performance, special profile photoshoot and audition lecture. These trainings will be conducted by RBW’s music producers, vocal coaches and dance instructors, and at the end of the program, you will be given a final training report for assessment.

Not only will you have a chance to showcase your talent and be evaluated by the management team for your performance, outstanding participants will also receive an opportunity to be selected by RBW to become an official trainee through this program!

(Photo Credit: TeenEdge)

When Is This Program Taking Place?

Having successfully conducted this program twice in 2018, TeenEdge will be sending the first batch of participants to Korea this coming June 1-8, 2019. It is open for anyone residing in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Brunei, aged 16 and above. For those below the age of 16, parent’s approval will be required.

A compulsory pre-training camp with TeenEdge will be held on May 31, 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thereafter, participants will depart to Seoul, Korea on June 1, 2019. A TeenEdge representative will be with participants at all times during the program and an English translator will be present throughout the training.

(Photo Credit: TeenEdge)

What Is Included In The Package?

There are only a maximum of 10 seats available for the Dream Withus Program. The total program fees is USD 2,350 and it will include a two-way flight ticket, training fees, accommodation*, meals (lunch & dinner), Pre-training camp in Kuala Lumpur (flight, accommodation and meals will also be arranged for this camp), as well as a 1-day tour in Seoul. Personal or out-of-pocket expenses are not included.

(*Accommodation will be a hotel across RBW’s HQ in Seoul, shared between 2 persons per room)

How Can I Sign Up For It?

Register your interest early at by May 5, 2019 to secure your seat! Confirmation is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Only for Hallyusg fans and followers, you can enter DREAMHALLYU as the promo code to receive a special discount of USD 100! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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  1. Hi Good Day, I am Tricia Obnial, 21 yrs old, I live in the Philippines. I just wanna ask how to have an opportunity to make an audition on RBW? I’ve always dreamed to become an idol, i super loved to dance and to perform on stage. Hope i could get a chance to become a trainee in your company. Thank you!

  2. Hi I’m Aliesah Jane Dazo,13 years old,I live in Philippines.I just want to ask if could i possibly audition on RBW?because I really want to become Kpop Idol someday.I hope you could give me a chance to prove my self that I can do it.I know how to sing and i also know how to dance and rap but just a bit rap only.So I really really want to be in your company.I hope you can notice me.THANK YOU

  3. Hi I’m bianca.I’m 14 years old and I’m from the philippines. I wanna ask if it is possible to audition through online, if it is, then how? I just wanna pursue my dream and help my family

  4. name is niña dimla i live in the Philippines has the talent for singing dance and rap but not very good dance but if i do and audition i will do my best and you will not regret you chose me i dream of becoming a kpop Idol so I can help my family

  5. Hi I am seanna a 13 year old girl I love to dance and sing at the age of 3 I don’t know flint Korean but I’m learning I’m not supported on my dream but I try if you choose my you will not regret at all please i We still love to help with my family even though supported I just want to say please I audition for many And Nobody wants me Please!

  6. Hi I’m ritchell Ayco 15 years old from Philippines I hope I become a idol and trainee of RBW Entertainment, I love dancing, singing and performing on stage I love to rap too and I’m playing guitar when I was 12 years old.. I want to become an idol because I want to inspire youth to show their own talent and to pursue there dreams with heart

  7. Hi. I’m Eyya. I’m 15 years old. I would like to be a trainee on RBW to pursue my dream. iwanna be a singer. I always dance in my home privately. I wanna show it to people. I’m from Malaysia.

  8. Hi I’m Sydney Scully Autida 17 years old from Philippines I want to become a idol someday and become trainee part of RBW Entertainment cause I really love to sing and dance and also I can rap too Just little bit I want really to pursue my dream with all my heart become a idol someday and also I really want to help my family I hope you will notice me Thank You.

    • Hi im Phoebe Kate Juarez im from cebu Philippines and my dream is being a trainee of RBW Intertainment i really love to sing and dance i can rap a little bit too and i want to porsue being and idol may dreams hope this will be notice

  9. Hii..guys my name is ainam taggu and im from indai.but actually i live in arunachal pradesh…can i join rbw?because my dream is to became a kpop idol…kpop idol is my very big dream…i hope my dream come true

  10. Hi i’m jasmine gealon and i’m 14 years old my dream was to become an idol and i really wish to become a trainee and pursue my dream that i’ve been longing for.. And wish me luck❤

  11. Hi im Amanda from Sri Lanka and im 19 years old. i have a brown skin. i really want to become a singer and a dancer. i want to make a different in srilankan music industry but theres no entertainment companies like this in sri lanka. so im looking forward to audition for overseas entertainment companies.
    So can i audition for your company?

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