Daiso Korea has Aced it again with The Release of Marvel-Themed Products

Li Meixian

| May 7, 2019

Daiso Korea is where all Marvel fans would want to be right now.

With the Avengers: Endgame movie setting box office records and being all the rage across the world right now, Daiso Korea has teamed up with Marvel to release a whole array of products from pouches, neck pillows, mugs, to even umbrellas and alarm clocks!

And because it’s Daiso, none of these items are priced above 5,000 KRW (~SGD 6) and you’d wish you can lug home an entire luggage full of these Marvel-themed products, which are already available for sale in stores now.

Check out some of the items below:

Top (left to right):
Marvel Cup: 2,000 KRW (~SGD2.40)
Marvel Mini Cup (4pcs/set): 3,000 KRW (~SGD3.60)
Marvel Can Tumbler (500ml): 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)
Marvel Thermos Tumbler (400ml): 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)

Bottom (left to right):
Marvel Rubber Coaster: 1,000 KRW (~SGD1.20)
Marvel Straw Cup: 3,000 KRW (~SGD3.60)
Marvel Straw Glass Cup: (500ml) 2,000 KRW (~SGD2.40), (800ml) 3,000 KRW (~SGD3.60)

Marvel Baby Hero Bowl (12.5cm): 1,000 KRW (~SGD1.20)
Marvel Baby Hero Plate (20cm): 2,000 KRW (~SGD2.40)
Marvel Baby Hero Cup: 1,000 KRW (~SGD1.20)

Marvel Paper Plate (5pcs/23cm): 1,000 KRW (~SGD1.20)
Marvel Paper Plate (6pcs/20cm): 1,000 KRW (~SGD1.20)

Marvel Round Cushion (40cm): 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)
Marvel Square Cushion (40cm*40cm): 3,000 KRW (~SGD3.60)

Marvel Memory Foam Foot Mat (45cm*65cm): 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)

Marvel EVA Slipper (260mm / 270mm): 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)

Marvel Slippers (For Kids: 190mm / 210mm): 3,000 KRW (~SGD3.60)

(Left) Marvel Classic Umbrella (65cm): 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)
(Right) Marvel 2-Fold Umbrella (60cm): 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)

Marvel Beach Towel with Hood: 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)

Marvel Cushion (includes Eye Mask): 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)

(Left) Marvel Coin Pouch: 1,000 KRW (~SGD1.20)
(Right) Marvel PU Notebook: 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)

(Left) Marvel Alarm Clock: 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)
(Right) Marvel Non-woven Bag: 1,000 KRW (~SGD1.20)

(Left) Marvel Mouse Pad: 3,000 KRW (~SGD3.60)
(Right) Marvel Mouse Pad: 5,000 KRW (~SGD6)

Marvel Mouse Pad (Small): 1,000 KRW (~SGD1.20)

Note: There are several more designs for some of the above items.

If you know someone who is in Korea right now, you know who to ask to bring back these items for you. 😀

(Photo Credits: Daiso Korea)


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