[K-Movie] South Korea’s First-ever Sewol-Themed Film “BIRTHDAY” Opens in Cinemas 16 May

Celebrating a ‘birthday’ in the film means ‘we will remember’, and that we will never forget.


| May 13, 2019

The first-ever South Korean film to explore the 2014 tragic sinking of the MV Sewol ferry, BIRTHDAY tells the story of a family coping with the loss of their son in April 2014, and the people who love him reminiscing their memories of him when his birthday approaches.

Perhaps the most painful event in Korea’s modern times, this film tries to capture those experiences as realistically as possible, reminding audiences of the tragic accident after 5 years and allowing them to reflect on the preciousness of their daily lives and the people they love.

Headlined by veteran actors Sul Kyung-gu and Jeon Do-yeon, BIRTHDAY has amassed over 1 million moviegoers in less than 3 weeks and topped the box office charts in just 6 days after premiering in South Korea cinemas as it captures the audiences with its heart-wrenching story.

Celebrating a ‘birthday’ in the film means ‘we will remember’, and that we will never forget. The movie also marked Director Lee Jong-un‘s debut film, as she hopes to captivate audiences with sincerity and share the pain with those who bear scars that can’t be erased.

Film Synopsis:

After April 2014… A story of those left behind

‘Jung-il’ and ‘Soon-nam’ miss their son, ‘Su-ho’, who passed away in a terrible accident. His family’s longing for him only gets bigger as his birthday approaches.

Su-ho’s birthday without Su-ho…
Family and friends plan to gather and present their special memories of him as gifts.

One day a year, where we all come together for you…

“We will never forget you.”

Genre: Drama
Cast: Sul Kyung-gu, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Bo-min
Directed by: Lee Jong-un
Singapore Release Date: 16 May 2019
Runtime: 120 Minutes
Rating: All ages (G)

BIRTHDAY opens 16 May 2019 in Golden Village. Check out the movie trailer above!

(Photo Credits: Golden Village)


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