SPAO Unveils An Exciting Collection Series Featuring Toy Story and Zootopia

Li Meixian

| May 15, 2019

SPAO is back with a really cute collection to knock out all fans of Toy Story and Zootopia. This collaboration with Disney is about to take the stores in Korea from May 17 onwards, and it’s already making hot rounds on the internet and social media when the news was first announced.

Known for their amazing collaborations with numerous media franchises, the fashion brand has released hit collection series in the past, featuring Pokémon, Line Friends, We Bare Bears, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball, Crayon Shin Chan, Adventure Time, and many many more.

This time, an exciting series is about to unleash and here’s what SPAO has included in their upcoming new collection:

T-shirts featuring Toy Story characters – Woody, Buzz, Aliens, Rex, Lotso, Mr. Potato Head (₩19,900 / ~SGD 24):

One-piece (long t-shirt) featuring 3 designs (₩19,900 / ~SGD 24):

Toy Story Drawing T-shirt featuring Sunnyside Daycare characters, Mr. Potato Head, Aliens (₩15,900 / ~SGD 19):

Zootopia Pocket T-shirts (₩19,900 / ~SGD 24):

Zootopia Drawing T-shirts (₩15,900 / ~SGD 19):

This collection is exclusive to SPAO Korea, both online (from May 15) and offline (from May 17), and we foresee it’s gonna fly off the shelves as quickly as it hits the stores.

(Photo Credits: SPAO)


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