[Feature] THE BOYZ is the Next K-Pop Group to Keep An Eye On and Here’s Why

Li Meixian

| May 16, 2019
(Pic Credit: THE BOYZ official FB page)

One of the rising boy groups in the K-Pop scene, THE BOYZ has been gaining attention ever since their debut in 2017 and it’s all for the various good reasons. Formed and debuted under Cre.ker Entertainment, THE BOYZ comprises 12 members namely: Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Ju Haknyeon, Hwall, Sunwoo, and Eric.

These 12 boys have made a name for themselves as they have gone on to dominate the music charts with their mini albums and digital singles, and bagged home numerous rookie awards, making them the next K-Pop group to look out for.

(Pic Credit: THE BOYZ official FB page)

For the first half of this year, THE BOYZ has made plans to meet their international fans and they will be setting out on their first Asia Tour titled The Boyz Asia Fan-Con Tour “The Castle”, visiting cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Having successfully kicked off their Asia Fan-Con Tour for two days in Seoul last January, the 12-member boy group is ready to set foot in Asia next month with a 6-city tour. But before that, let’s dive into their idol journey and give you a little more insights to stan this talented group!

1. Their group choreographies are absolutely on point

Once you’ve watched their music video or performance clip, you’ll subconsciously find yourself absorbed into their eye-catching and seamless dance moves. With so many members in the group, sometimes being synchronised with one another is a challenge by itself. Nonetheless, their performances are always a joy to watch as the choreographies were meticulously crafted out to make each member stand out on their own.

Here’s one dance practice video they’ve recently released to celebrate THE BOYZ 1st music show win for ‘Bloom Bloom’!

2. A burst of energy and boyish charms

THE BOYZ entered the world of K-Pop with their debut mini album [The First], which placed third on Gaon’s weekly chart during the week of its release. The title track ‘Boy’ sings about the hardships they’ve gone through in order to achieve their dreams, as it calls out to the world with their cool and boyish charms.

In 2018, the boy group has gone on to release two other mini albums and a digital single, successfully garnering a bigger fanbase and gaining more attention both domestically and internationally.

Some of their best hits include ‘Giddy Up’, ‘KeePer’ (produced by Block B’s Park Kyung), ‘Right Here’ and ‘No Air’. Every new release was able to showcase their different charms – from the boyish to the cutesy and more – as they displayed their vibrant and youthful energy.

Their recent comeback covers 3 songs in the digital single, which features ‘Bloom Bloom’ as the title track that is sure to get listeners tapping their toes. A complete mood lifter with an addictive chorus going “Bloom-bloom pow”, the song has also won them their first and well-deserved music show win after 1 year and 5 months.

Not to mention, part of the choreography is really cute, as though these flower(boys) are all ready to bloom and soar higher! Their diverse discography just proves that THE BOYZ are a bunch of versatile idols capable of performing a wide array of genres.

3. Making waves during their pre-debut days

Some members’ names might have rang a bell and it’s because they had experienced their own share of popularity on reality competition, survival programs, and even appearances in other artistes’ music videos.

Prior to debut, members Kevin and Sunwoo were contestants on “K-Pop Star 6” and “High School Rapper” respectively. Ju Haknyeon also participated in “Produce 101 Season 2”, where he was ranked #19 in the finale of the survival program.

Younghoon appeared in several MVs like I.O.I’s ‘Whatta Man’, John Park’s ‘DND (Do Not Disturb)’, and Melody Day’s ‘Color’ (alongside Eric, Hwall and Hyunjae too).

In fact, all of them have experienced huge popularity during their pre-debut days through their very own web variety show “Flower Snack”, which gained them over 10,000 fan club members and more than a million likes. (Watch it here)

THE BOYZ was also signed on to Sony Music, Japan’s largest record company, for their Japanese management contract – and this took place even before they made their official debut in Korea. Talk about their overflowing potential!

(Pic Credit: SBS MTV The Show)

4. They’re extremely talented

Like how it’s all part of the idol package, THE BOYZ also has members that are gifted in songwriting. Their very own debut title track ‘Boy’ was co-written by member Sunwoo, whom together with Eric, were also credited as co-lyricists for the vibrant track ‘Bloom Bloom’.

Take a look at how THE BOYZ steal hearts with cover dance performances of other idol groups’ hits:

5. Personalities and visuals, they have ‘em all

THE BOYZ has always been an idol group known for their outstanding visuals, but not only that, members were also praised for their good personalities on the variety shows they’ve appeared in.

With their Asia Fan-Con Tour taking place in Singapore next month on June 16, we are excited to watch these 12 boys unfold their talents on stage and perform their best hits live. Tickets are available for grabs via APACTix from S$118 onwards, and the fan benefits are just as amazing.

Updated 30 May 2019:

Check out the ADDED PERKS for fans who’ll be attending the Fan-Con Tour in Singapore! On top of the already amazing fan benefits, all ticket holders will now be entitled to a Hi-Touch session with THE BOYZ, while all VIP ticket holders will receive a guaranteed Photo Op and Rehearsal Pass too.

This fearsome idol group is ready to take you higher and for all we know, the Fan-Con Tour is gonna be an exciting one. Find out more details here!

Follow THE BOYZ’s official channels here:
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[Feature] THE BOYZ is the Next K-Pop Group to Keep An Eye On and Here’s Why

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