Ryan Cheezzzball Adventure Park – The First-Ever Kakao Friends Theme Park Opens in the Heart of Seoul

Li Meixian

| June 4, 2019
(Pic Cr: Kakao Friends FB)

Cheers to another reason to visit the landmark of Seoul, Namsan Tower (also known as N Seoul Tower), because a brand new attraction has opened and it’s the first-ever Kakao Friends theme park in collaboration with its own-brand snack, Sunday Cheezzzball.

(Pic Cr: studiodbros)

Named Ryan Cheezzzball Adventure Park, this is a Virtual Reality theme park featuring digital attractions that tap into the latest VR technology, offering a fun and thrilling experience like no other.

Step into the VR theme park and be greeted by several Ryans, including a mega one that’s perfect for lots of photo opportunities.

(Pic Cr: sunday_cheezzzball IG)
(Pic Cr: sunday_cheezzzball IG)

Within the same premises, there are also drinks and the ever-so popular Cheezzzballs to grab and go from the Snack Station if you feel like munching on some snacks. Or you could always hop over to the Café & Lounge for a break.

(Pic Cr: baby-kingdom)

And of course, what’s a theme park without souvenir? Check out the retail corner, Sunday Cheezzzball Box, to shop for some exclusive Ryan Cheezzzball Adventure merchandise and don’t forget to grab one of those Cheezzzball packs home!

(Pic Cr: sunday_cheezzzball IG)

Here’s a map to navigate around the VR theme park, if it helps. 😀

There are 3 main digital attractions to explore, namely Cheezzzball Farm, Cheese Island Rush and ZZZ Express:

(Pic Cr: studiodbros)
(Pic Cr: studiodbros)
(Pic Cr: studiodbros)

The VR rides will not only feature Ryan, but also other Kakao Friends characters such as Apeach, Muzi, Tube and Neo.

Ticket Pricing:

BIG 1 — 1 attraction per day: KRW 10,000 (~S$12)
BIG 2 — 2 attractions per day: KRW 16,000 (~S$19)
BIG 3 — 3 attractions per day: KRW 20,000 (~S$24)

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm
Location: Namsan Seoul Tower Plaza, Level 4
Ride Restrictions: Height @ 130~190cm, Weight @ 110kg and below


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