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Jeong Eun-ji Talks About Going Through Different Life Stages with Fans at 1st Singapore Concert

Li Meixian

| June 10, 2019

Jeong Eun-ji sets the bar at her first solo concert in Singapore. Held on June 9, the main vocalist of Apink captivated fans with her soothing vocals as she belted out sweet spring tracks one after another, as well as popular drama soundtracks and song covers of various singers such as Adele, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé.

Opening the concert with a beautiful folk-pop song “Hopefully Sky”, Eun-ji filled the venue with her warm vocals and went on to perform more songs that reminded us of Spring and Hope, such as “The Spring” and “It’s OK”.

Together with her live band, the female powerhouse presented songs that exuded her charms, as she effortlessly executes the high notes perfectly in every single track.

Surprising fans with a different video clip from her Korea concert, Eun-ji explained that she’d wanted to show more sides of herself so that fans could have a better understanding of her, both as a singer and a human being, through the video.

The singer also revealed that she’d been studying and learning English in order to communicate more with her international fans, adding that she was grateful for the opportunity to connect with her fans on stage.

During the first half of the concert, fans were blessed with OST covers that Eun-ji has sung for K-dramas such as “Your Garden” (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon) and “It’s You” (Three Days). Talking about how comforted she felt as she went through and witnessed different life stages with her fans through the years, Eun-ji reminisced over the happy memories and sang a soft acoustic ballad “Being There”, expressing that she wants to grow old together with them.

She also made sure to interact with the audience as much as possible with her easy-going banter, displaying her playful self onstage from time to time. At one point, Eun-ji even invited a lucky fan to sing a duet of “Hopefully Sky” together, welcoming cheers from all corners.

After a round of fan-talk session, Eun-ji continued the show with a gorgeous ballad “Seasons Change” that showcased her solo sound flawlessly. Revealing that the song is one of her personal favourites, the singer shared that she wrote the lyrics while thinking it could be healing to people who listen to it, especially if they ever feel alone.

Eun-ji also prepared special performances for her fans, such as a Mandarin cover of “那些年”, Adele’s “When We Were Young”, Beyoncé’s “Love on Top”, another fan-favourite OST “I will Go To You Like The First Snow” (from K-drama Goblin), and more.

As though love is in the air, Eun-ji invited everyone to sing along to the uplifting tunes of “Love Day” and “Be With Me”, sending happy vibes to all corners. During the final encore stage, she sang her heart out to “First Love”, an upbeat soft rock piece that she wanted to dedicate to her fans, making a promise that she’ll continue to sing songs that will become a source of energy to cheer people up.

Eun-ji has grown so much as an artiste over the years and we cannot be more proud of where she stands today. From writing to composing and producing her own music, she is definitely a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Jeong Eun-ji 1st Singapore Concert [HyeHwa] was brought to you by D Show Entertainment and Three Angles Production.

(Photos: Nicole Quek)


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