Highlights of THE BOYZ Open Press Conference in Singapore

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| June 17, 2019

Cre.Ker Entertainment’s 12-member boy group THE BOYZ held their Open Press Conference on June 15, a day ahead of their first-ever Asia Fan-Con Tour [The Castle] in Singapore.

Greeted by a hoard of enthusiastic fans affectionately known as THE Bs, THE BOYZ sat down for an interview where they answered questions on their songwriting inspirations, first impressions of each other, as well as future plans.

Visiting Singapore for the first time as a group, THE BOYZ mentioned the beautiful scenery they’ve heard about the city, and especially highlighted their desire to watch the Spectra Light & Water Show at Marina Bay Sands.

When asked about the inspiration behind Sun-woo and Eric’s songwriting for their latest single ‘Bloom Bloom’, Eric said he’d always wanted to write something dedicated to fans, adding that the members wanted to walk on the “flowery path” together with their fans.

Up until now, THE BOYZ are known for their young, fresh and boyish concepts, but Ju-yeon expressed an interest in trying out a sexy concept in the future; to the approving cheers of fans!

Meanwhile, Hwall was chosen by the other members as the one who had the strongest first impression because he seemed intimidating, but over time the members came to know him as a very cute and lovely person.

When they have free time off, THE BOYZ shared that they enjoy going to internet cafes and bowling together, but one of their favourite activities as a group is ordering spicy rice cakes and fried chicken to eat at home.

THE BOYZ wrapped up their press conference with a special fansign event for the fans, praising Singaporean fans as very passionate and energetic.

(Article by: Tiffany)


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