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TWICE Gets Fans Emotional at the Singapore Stop of “TWICELIGHTS” World Tour

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| July 20, 2019

South Korean girl group TWICE was in town last Saturday (13 July) for the Singapore stop of their “TWICELIGHTS” concert tour which was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. This visit marked the third time TWICE met with their fans (ONCEs) in Singapore, as they kicked off the night on an explosive note with rock-esque performances of “Stuck In My Head” and “Cheer Up”.

The energy continued as the group put their own unique feminine twist on The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”, which was followed by “Dance The Night Away”, the perfect summer track!

The girls also performed mellow tracks such as “You In My Heart”, where fans waved their phone flashlights, lighting up the entire stadium. It was a beautiful sight, and definitely created such a warm atmosphere for TWICE and ONCEs alike. 

They brought the energy up again with the unit performances, where fans were treated to a sexy performance of Beyoncé’s “Dance For You” by Sana, Dahyun and Tzuyu.

Jihyo and Momo performed a unique and powerful choreography to Taemin’s “Goodbye”, and Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung closed with “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.

TWICE then continued with more fan favourites — “Likey”, “What Is Love”, “Like Ooh-Ahh”, “TT”, and their latest title track “Fancy”’. This was the first time the group performed “Fancy” in Singapore, and ONCEs responded with the loudest fanchants ever! 

After the fan project where ONCEs reassured TWICE how precious each member is, and how thankful they are to the group, the girls were visibly touched and poured their hearts out to their fans. 

Nayeon found that night especially memorable and she said that she will never forget it, promising to come back to Singapore again. Tzuyu expressed her gratitude to ONCEs for always giving them strength, and that she will return the love by performing on stage.  Chaeyoung also reassured fans that TWICE will be back as nine members soon, and asked fans to just wait a little longer. 

On that note, TWICELIGHTS in Singapore drew to a close as the group performed “Stuck”, whilst going to all ends of the stadium to wave goodbye to their ONCEs.

TWICE has proven yet again that they are one of the top girl groups in the industry and that they are here to stay. We absolutely cannot wait to see what greater heights the future has in store for them!

(Article by: Sarah | Official Photos: Live Nation Singapore)


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