AB6IX Talks about First Impressions, TMIs, and “Ahn Jeong Soon” at their Press Conference in Singapore

Shine Lee

| July 31, 2019

Prior to their first ever Fanmeeting “1st ABNEW in Singapore”, AB6IX made an appearance at the open press conference last Saturday (27 July) at The Star Vista, where the quintet was welcomed by an amphitheatre of fans cheering passionately for them.

At the press conference, the boys answered some questions about their time in Singapore, first impressions of one another, their TMIs (Too Much Information) of the day, and more.

Out of the 5 members, Woong was the only one who had never visited Singapore prior to this trip. When asked if there’s any local food he’d been looking forward to try, he mentioned Kaya Toast and Pandan Cake among the ones that he’d heard rave reviews about.

On the other hand, Dae Hwi also talked about his huge love for chilli crabs, revealing that they had this dish the night before where they ate all the way till the restaurant closed at 12 midnight.

The press conference also included a fun segment called the AB-Pick, where members were to pick amongst themselves and choose the one that best represents the questions asked.

Woong was selected by the majority as the member who is in charge of aegyo (cuteness) in the group, while Woo Jin was voted to represent the sexiness of the team.

On their first impressions of one another, Young Min mentioned that Woong looked very approachable as he has a very bright smile, while Woong revealed that his initial impression of Dae Hwi was a born celebrity.

Dae Hwi further shared that even though Woo Jin was quiet at first, he is now in fact the noisiest member, often the mood maker of the group.

When asked by the fans to share their TMIs of the day, Woo Jin said he was the last member to have his hair and makeup done, whereas Dong Hyun casually talked about having chocolates after he woke up that morning.

The press conference concluded with a question specifically directed to Dong Hyun as the MC asked, “Who is Ahn Jeong Soon?” It brought the crowd to fits of laughter at the mention of this fictional character, to which Dong Hyun revealed that it was made by accident during a game he played recently in a variety programme.

(Article by: Shine | Photos by: Nicole)


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