These 10 Items Are What Netizens Like Best from Daiso Korea in the Month of July

Li Meixian

| July 31, 2019

Ever wonder what people usually buy at Daiso stores? Daiso Korea has compiled a list of products that made it to the Top 10 Hot Items voted by netizens and consumers on their SNS for the month of July, and the results are interesting as some items are as random as a toy water gun or coloring postcards!

In no particular order, check out which items topped the list in the month of July:

Patterned Masking Tape Set (3,000)

(12 pieces per set)

Plain Color Masking Tape Set (3,000)

(12 pieces per set)

Water Gun Pistol (₩2,000)

(Comes with 2 magazines)

Hanging Storage Case (₩5,000)

(With mesh pockets)

Adhesive Phone Holder (₩1,000)

Nail Mirror Powder (₩1,000)

Pineapple Soft Toy (₩5,000)

Foldable Basket (₩5,000)

Snoopy Art Coloring Postcards (₩5,000)

Clear Organizer Box (₩2,000)

(3 pieces per set)

Daiso Korea is a shopping paradise on its own! What would you buy if you enter the Daiso stores in Korea? 😉

(Photos Credit: Instagram @daisolife)

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