5 Korean Instagram Accounts To Follow For Beautiful Swatches And Quick Makeup Tutorials

Michelle Ho

| August 27, 2019

I spend a considerable amount of time on Instagram on a daily basis, looking at new posts and skipping through watching the many Instagram stories from people I follow. When I’m done catching up on what I’ve missed, I often find myself looking through the Beauty topic channel on the Explore page. From there, I’ve found a few Korean Instagram accounts that have caught my attention, posting makeup swatches and short makeup tutorials that I can’t help but like. If you love all things beauty, here are a few of such accounts that are worth following.

1) chaeng_ah


chaeng_ah’s account is worth following for her eye makeup looks and tutorials. She’ll often include the makeup products used on the top left corner of her videos, so you don’t really need to know Korean to follow her lovely eye makeup tutorials!

2) hailey.the.creator


hailey.the.creator’s account consists mostly of lip swatches and eye makeup tutorials with occasional pictures of beauty products. I often come across her posts when looking through the Beauty topic channel on the Explore page and I’m sure you would have too at one point or another. If you haven’t followed her, it’s probably time to do so!

3) handy_j


Besides lip swatches and eye makeup looks, handy_j also posts pictures and videos of how various base makeup products look on her. I enjoy watching her aesthetically pleasing Instagram videos, especially the ones of her applying lip products on her lips. There’s just something so satisfying about it!

4) oh_dya


Slightly different from the rest, oh_dya’s feed consists mostly of pictures of beauty products. It’s interesting to see how she uses different products for her makeup look on different days, and I like how she includes arm swatches in her posts.

5) raemi_lip


As her Instagram handle suggests, raemi_lip mostly posts swatches of the latest lip products, though she also occasionally posts eye makeup looks and tutorials. She has a clear, distinct aesthetic to her feed, making it extremely satisfying to scroll through her feed. Her account is definitely one of my favourites!


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