Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music Join Forces For Global Audition to Launch New Girl Group Aim for Debut in 2021


| September 4, 2019

Big Hit Entertainment and its label Source Music will be holding a large scale global audition to launch the next-generation girl group aimed for debut in 2021. Titled ‘PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION’, the two companies plan to embark on a star search journey to 16 cities around the world in October, where global auditions are set to be held.

To form this highly anticipated new girl group, Big Hit CEO Bang Si-hyuk and CBO Min Hee-jin will be taking the lead, with the former overseeing production including music producing, and the latter leading the creative direction and branding that encompasses concept, video and image.

Check out the dates and cities where the global auditions will be held:

How to Apply?

Female applicants born between 2001 and 2007 (12 years to 18 years) are eligible for application. Interested applicants can fill in and submit a form through the ‘PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION’ official site. Applicants who have passed the online preliminary will be informed separately to attend the offline auditions and the finalist will be chosen within four weeks.

 Follow the official social media channels for the auditions here: Instagram | Twitter

(Source & Photos: Big Hit Entertainment)


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