Sung Hoon Names Kian84 as the ‘I Live Alone’ Cast Member Whose Lifestyle is Most Similar to His

Li Meixian

| September 29, 2019

Variety star and charming actor Sung Hoon was in Singapore on Friday (27 September) to kick off the Meet & Greet series in the lead up to StarHub Night of Stars, which will be returning this November.

Before the Meet & Greet session in the evening, Sung Hoon made an appearance at the press conference and shared his thoughts about being a cast member on the popular variety program ‘I Live Alone’, which has been nominated for the Favourite Variety Show award for StarHub Night of Stars 2019.

Although he has appeared in other variety shows like Law of the Jungle and Running Man, Sung Hoon’s casting in I Live Alone has received much support and love from the audiences, as he showcases a new side of him through his daily, normal life.

The actor emphasised on the importance of being real in front of the cameras, stressing that he didn’t want to be controlled by a certain image through the program, nor pretend to be someone else whom he isn’t.

“During my first meeting with the PD and production team, we discussed about my appearance on the show and I told them that I wouldn’t want to appear if I had to create a certain image through this program. It gradually became comfortable filming in my house as I can show audiences that this is how I live and how I spend my day.”

Sung Hoon also added that each cast member is distinctive in their own way, which makes the program fun and enjoyable to watch as there isn’t any script to follow during the shoot. Rather than admiring any celebrity’s lifestyle, he’s the type of person that focuses more in his day-to day life, which he describes to be a normal and comfortable lifestyle that’s similar to Kian84, another cast member on I Live Alone.

Known for his big appetite, Sung Hoon also shared thoughts on the possibility of creating more contents for his fans, such as meeting fans through mukbang (eating) broadcasts and lifestyle videos on his channel.

To catch more of Sung Hoon, make sure to tune in to Oh!K (StarHub channel 816) to watch ‘I Live Alone’ every Sunday at 10:50pm (SGT). Fans can also cast their votes for the nominated variety show for StarHub Night of Stars 2019 on StarHub’s Facebook page.

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Sung Hoon Names Kian84 as the ‘I Live Alone’ Cast Member Whose Lifestyle is Most Similar to His

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