[K-Movie] Gong Hyo-jin and Kim Rae-won Reunite in 16 Years for New Rom-Com Film, “Crazy Romance”

16 years after they starred together in the 2003 classic MBC drama “Snowman”, Kim Rae Won and Gong Hyo Jin will be reuniting in a new film called Crazy Romance, set to hit Singapore cinemas from 31 October 2019.

This romantic comedy film tells the realistic story of falling in love, experiencing painful breakups, and finding love again. After its debut at the box office in Korea, the film has crossed the 1 million ticket sales mark in just 5 days, as the numbers continue to increase by the day.

Headlined by Kim Rae Won and Gong Hyo Jin, this film is also very relatable in real life for people who’ve experienced falling in and out of relationships. The two main leads are expected to show realistic romantic chemistry on set with their matured acting skills.

Film Synopsis:

Jae-hoon (played by Kim Rae-won), whose heart is broken by his ex-girlfriend, wakes up in the morning hungover as always, to find that he talked on the phone with someone unknown last night for more than two hours. Soon, he figures out that the person was Sun-young, his colleague from work, who just joined his team and introduced herself to him in less than 24 hours!

Meanwhile, Sun-young (played by Gong Hyo-jin) is undergoing a messy breakup. At her very first day at work, she bumps into Jae-hoon while bad-mouthing her unfaithful boyfriend to break up with him. Despite the fact that they have come to learn more about each other’s love affair than work, this subtle tension and awkwardness between them did not last long. They start to pit against each other in a short time. Even while calling one another pathetic and ridiculous, they still care about each other deep in their heart…

Title: Crazy Romance (가장 보통의 연애)
Genre: Romantic-Comedy, Drama
Cast: Gong Hyo-jin, Kim Rae-won
Directed by: Kim Han-gyul
Singapore Release Date: 31 October 2019
Runtime: 110 minutes
Rating: NC16

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[K-MOVIE] Sul Kyung Gu and Cho Jin Woong Bring Laughter in New Comedy Film, “Man of Men”

Director Yong Soo presents his feature debut, Man of Men, a light-hearted comedy transpiring around an infamous ex-lawyer now terminally ill man, who crosses paths and strikes an irresistible deal (a bucket list is involved) with a wacky gangster fulfilling his community service.

The film kicks off with Sul Kyung-gu as the notorious lawyer who is now terminally ill and paralysed from the shoulders down. The veteran actor has swept off numerous Best Actor awards for Public Enemy and Oasis in 2002, and also his latest projects in The Merciless and Memoir of a Murderer (both 2017).

Playing an oversized thug who looks tough but has a secret soft spot is Cho Jin-woong, who gained recognition and praise for his performance as a detective in the television series Signal (2016). He also starred as the mysterious villain in crime thriller A Hard Day (2014) – further proving his versatility – and last year’s The Spy Gone North and Believer.

Film Synopsis:

Once an infamous lawyer for taking up any case for money, Jang-su (played by Sul Kyung-gu) is now a terminally ill patient. His dreary time left is shaken up by the new volunteer Young-ki (played by Cho Jin-woong), a low-life gangster assigned to complete a court-ordered community service.

Finding Young-ki’s unrefined manner refreshing and authentic, Jang-su asks Young-ki to help him complete his bucket list in return of a large sum of his life insurance money. In desperate need of fast cash, Young-ki accepts the offer, but the job leads them to an unexpected ending.

Title: Man of Men (퍼펙트 맨)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Sul Kyung-gu, Cho Jin-woong
Directed by: Yong Soo
Singapore Release Date: 7 November 2019
Runtime: 117 minutes

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These Are Some Of The Prettiest Fall/Winter Eyeshadow Palettes

With the Fall/Winter season here, many brands have been releasing eyeshadow palettes with lots of brown and muted shades that are perfect for the Fall/Winter mood. Singapore may be experiencing Summer all year round, but nobody said these palettes can only be used during the Fall/Winter season! Here are some of the latest eyeshadow palettes that have caught my attention and are too pretty to ignore:

1) 3CE Multi Eye Color Palette #Dry Bouquet (₩38,000)

(Photo Credit: 3CE)

3CE’s eyeshadow palettes are insanely popular and the brand has recently released a new palette with shades reminiscent of dried flowers. All nine shades are matte, great for those who aren’t a fan of shimmers and glitters.

2) eSpoir 19 F/W Look Book : Dusty Brick (₩32,000)

(Photo Credit: eSpoir)

As demonstrated by the brand, you can create a toasty brick look with the three eyeshadow shades on the left, or a dusty brown look with the other three eyeshadow shades on the right! Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to these two looks. To top it all off, use the nude peach blusher to match your eye makeup look!

3) ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes #Bakehouse (₩22,000)

(Photo Credit: ETUDE HOUSE)

Aptly named Bakehouse, this eyeshadow palette reminds one of freshly baked bread with its colour scheme. Play around with the glitter, shimmer and matte shades to create a natural and warm eyeshadow look with this palette.

4) innisfree Fig Mood Palette (₩25,000)

(Photo Credit: innisfree)

There are so many Youtube tutorials on how to create a strawberry makeup look, orange makeup look and even a sweet potato makeup look. Now, with this new eyeshadow palette from innisfree, you can create a fig makeup look! These shades will help you achieve a fresh but muted look that is perfect for the Fall/Winter season.

5) Nature Republic Pro Touch Killing Point Shadow Palette in 01 Autumn Mood ((₩18,900)

(Photo Credit: Nature Republic)

Create a natural eye makeup look with these nine wearable and soft shades this Fall/Winter season with this eyeshadow palette. Add a killing point to your eye makeup look with the three glittery shades in this palette!


[MOVIE] ‘Unbreakable Spirit’ Starring Bruce Willis, Song Seung-Heon, Liu Ye and More to Open in Singapore Cinemas

Unbreakable Spirit is inspired by the WWII’s Japanese bombing of Chongqing in 1941, taking away countless lives. Numerous buildings were also destroyed, causing millions of people to be homeless. This action-war film has one of the highest budgets in the history of Chinese Cinema, assembling stars from all over the world. Mel Gibson also served as the Consultant offscreen for the film.

Leading the U.S. Air Force is Bruce Willis, the man behind the Die Hard franchise (1988 – 2013), with one of his most recent works being Glass earlier this year. The Chinese pilots – played by Chinese actor Liu Ye (Saving Mr. Wu, 2015), Korean heartthrob Song Seung-Heon (Obsessed, 2014), Hong Kong stars William Chan (The Mystic Nine, 2016) and Nicholas Tse (Cook Up A Storm, 2017) – are taken under Bruce Willis’ wing. This is also Song Seung-Heon’s second Chinese project, after The Third Way of Love (2015) with Liu Yifei.

The film also stars Fan Bing Bing (Sky Hunter, 2017), Adrien Brody (Dragon Blade, 2015) and Ma Su (See You Tomorrow, 2016), all known for their illustrious careers.

Film Synopsis:

During World War II, under terrible conditions, lack of resources, weapons, knowledge and experience – the Chinese Air Force fought bravely against the powerful Japanese Imperial Army. Commander Jack Johnson (Bruce Willis) from the United States Air Force not only teaches the Chinese how to battle against the Japanese, he also leads his own Chinese aviation squadron against the trained Japanese air force.

Meanwhile, a Japanese spy sneaks into Chongqing posing as a refugee and tries to steal Chinese military plans, causing a great deal of damage. Two Chongqing families with a hundred-year feud resolve their differences as the enemy invades, reflecting how the Chinese have always prevailed through constant struggle and mayhem.

Title: Unbreakable Spirit (大轰炸)
Genre: Action, War
Cast: Bruce Willis, Liu Ye, Song Seung-Heon, William Chan, Nicholas Tse
Directed by: Xiao Feng
Singapore Release Date: 31 October 2019
Runtime: 96 minutes

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Where To Visit in Seoul To Catch The Pink Muhly Grass in Autumn

Ever dreamt of prancing around a field of cotton candies and letting soft, billowy balls of fluff tickle your nose? Now in Seoul, you can turn your dreams into reality and do just that! This autumn, visit the Seoul Sky Park (하늘공원) and immerse yourself in a gorgeous field of Pink Muhly Grass!

These cloud-like rows of pink fluff have recently been trending online and are exactly what sweet dreams are made out of (just not edible). With appearances resembling much like the cotton candy of your dreams, these grasses are said to be a breed of Chinese Silver Grass which had made its way to Korea all the way from the US Midwest. But be careful when you pose for a photo though because these grasses are said to cause a bit of a tickle!


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Another thing to look out for at the Seoul Sky Park are the Kochia Bushes. Planted just beside the beautiful uniformed rows of pink blossoms are these well-pruned circular bushes come in different shades of red, pinks and oranges. Seeing these blooms are a stark reminder to us all that summer is finally over (in Korea) and that winter is finally on its way, don’t you agree?

From now till November, quickly make your way over to the dreamlike gardens to snap a cool photo and catch a glimpse of the pretty pinks before they disappear for the year! However, if you miss this beautiful display, fret not because the park still has other flowers and plants that will bloom in the other seasons.


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To get to Seoul Sky Park, take a 12-minute walk from World Cup Stadium Station Exit 1. To get to the peak where the bushes are, you can either take a hike up (climb up the 291 step-strong stairs) or take a shuttle bus (prices start from 3,000 KRW for adults). Alternatively, check out this day tour here that brings you to the Seoul Sky Park (Haneul Park).

Bear in mind that there will be a lot of people there too so stay safe and hydrated!

If you’re planning a trip to South Korea soon, be sure to equip yourself with unlimited 4G WiFi coverage across the nation. Rental is available on a pay per day basis and can connect up to 3 devices on the same pocket WiFi from less than S$3/day!


Get It Beauty On The Road in Singapore Returns for a Second Season on tvN Asia

K-Beauty TV series Get It Beauty On The Road (Singapore Edition) is back with a second season, set to premiere on tvN in Asia on 29 October 2019. This new season is helmed by Korean TV personality Kim Jung-min, K-Beauty expert Kim Ki-soo, and local actress Julie Tan, as the three of them join forces to explore the latest beauty trends and products, as well as share their personal tips on beauty and wellness.

Fans of the beauty TV series will be able to look forward to familiar segments such as Get It Do It (make-over session), What’s in Your Bag (revealing of must-have beauty items), Blind Test (providing viewers the most credible product evaluation and ranking), as well as a new segment Get It Solved, where beauty problems are identified and followed up with handy tutorials.

In the first episode, the hosts will be demonstrating the application of living coral makeup to tackle uneven skin tone problems and make one’s skin transform to look bright and glowing with their know-hows and techniques. Kim Jung-min will also share her secrets on how to effortlessly achieve a “no-makeup” makeup look using only a few beauty tools.

The beauty and fitness influencer, who’ve hosted Get It Beauty for several years, adds that while there are many beauty tips that one can learn from, it’s also important to have self-love and confidence within oneself. “Inner beauty is something that I feel is more significant than one’s physical appearance,” she shared during the sit-down interview with HallyuSG.

On this upcoming series, beauty creator Kim Ki-soo will also be giving out helpful pointers on how to choose the right products and apply it correctly without ruining the base makeup. When asked to disclose his best beauty tip, the expert says, “Cleansing is the most fundamental and essential step before you go to sleep as it helps to remove impurities and excess oil on your skin. Using of essence is also important in your daily skincare regime to keep your skin glowing and moisturised.

To find out more about this season’s Get It Beauty On The Road in Singapore, be sure to tune in every Tuesday, 7pm (GMT+8) on tvN Asia (StarHub TV Ch. 824 & Singtel TV Ch. 518/619) starting 29 October 2019.

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Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In’s new melodrama film “Tune in for Love” to be globally released on Netflix

Tune in for Love is a melodrama film starring Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in.

Set for global release on Netflix on 5 November 2019, the film relays a young couple’s love story, in which fate keeps pulling them together and pushing them apart again as they try to figure out life on their own, and with each other.

The film starts off in the year of 1994. Mi-su (played by Kim Go-eun) works at a bakery, inherited from her mother.

Hyeon-u (played by Jung Hae-in) ends up working at the shop, and they slowly start to grow feelings for each other. Throughout the next decade, Mi-su and Hyeon-u continue to cross paths, but timing is not always in their favor.

The music-filled melodrama, with songs flowing through the years, triggers nostalgia and emotion. The film depicts fresh college graduates who are faced with an economic recession due to the Asian financial crisis of 1997. It also attempts to capture two sincere young adults who try to do their best to make it through those uncertain times.

Check out the trailer below:

(Source & Photos: Netflix)


10cm To Perform in Singapore with Live Concert on 18 November

10cm, the South Korean acoustic-folk indie singer behind numerous hits that took the nation by storm, will be visiting Singapore with his band for a concert on 18 November 2019 (Monday).

Kwon Jung-yeol, the vocalist behind the one-man band, will be helming the concert with familiar hits that are well-loved by audiences around the world.

A household name in Korea, 10cm is most popular for hit releases including Americano (2010), Fine Thank You and You? (2012), What The Spring?? (2016), and more. 10cm has also participated and released original soundtracks for dramas like Goblin and Hotel Del Luna.

Date: November 18, 2019 (Monday)
Venue: Esplanade Annexe Studio
Time: 8pm
Ticket Prices: (excludes booking fee)
S$128 (VIP) | $88 (Standard)

Tickets are now available via APACTix channels. This will be a free standing event and all VIP ticket holders will be entitled to a solo photo opportunity with 10cm after the concert.


K-Pop Darling IU Completely Sells Out Singapore Concert Within 1 Hour, To Add Second Show on 6 December

(Pic Cr: tvN)

Tickets to IU Tour Concert ‘Love, Poem’ in Singapore were completely snapped up within one hour shortly after going on sale today, 12 October 2019.

Local concert promoter iMe Singapore has confirmed an additional show date to cater to the overwhelming demand for this leg of tour – on 6 December (Friday), 7:30pm.

The multi-hyphenate singer-songwriter-actress will kick off her concert tour in Korea in November before setting off to meet fans in various cities around Asia. IU is also set to release her 5th Mini Album of the same title ‘Love, Poem’ in November.

Priced from S$148 to $268, tickets to the 2nd show will go on sale tomorrow, 13 October (Sunday) at 12pm (GMT+8) across APACTix website, hotline (+65 3158 8588), islandwide SingPost outlets, The Star Performing Arts Centre Box Office and Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office.

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Show Review

DAY6 Treats Fans To A String of Nostalgic Hits at First Full-fledged Concert in Singapore

After touring the U.S. leg of their 2019 Gravity World Tour, DAY6 finally kicked off their Asia Tour series beginning with a stop in Singapore on October 5, 2019.

Back in Singapore three years after their Daydream Fanmeeting, DAY6 returned in glory with a longer setlist and better music which they’ve released under their belt during these three years. The long-awaited concert was celebrated with much success as fans cheered the band on with their loudest screams and applauses, and sang along with every performance.

The concert was very much enjoyable right from the get-go, as DAY6 kicked off the show with upbeat hits like ‘Best Part’ and ‘Sing Me’, inviting fans to get up from their seats and relish in the moment.

Aside from performing tracks from their latest EP [The Book of Us: Gravity] such as ‘Time of Our Life’, ‘For Me’ and ‘Wanna Go Back’, DAY6 also got fans excited with a throwback of classic song medleys and remixes.

Jae further revealed that they had specially prepared a slightly different setlist for the Singapore stop, which included fan-favourite tracks released from their debut period.

Fans sang, grooved, and waved along with the band to feel-good and sentimental tracks like ‘Out of My Mind’, ‘Colors’ and ‘Congratulations’, filling the theatre with an air of nostalgia.

Comparing three years ago and now, DAY6 has definitely grown to become better musicians and we can’t help but feel proud of their growth and achievements, as well as how far they’ve come. They are still as passionate, energetic, and humble as before, and the show that they’ve put up that evening was absolutely the way how a live concert should be held. No lip sync, no script, just Freely as DAY6 themselves.

(Photos: Live Nation Singapore)


10 Korean Products to Get at Cold Storage’s K-Food Fair (Now till 10 October 2019)

Cold Storage’s K-Food Fair, Seoul Delicious 2019 is currently ongoing where fans of all things Korean can head down to the nearest Cold Storage mart to shop for goodies specially imported from the land of Korea. On 28 September, the opening ceremony took place at the atrium of Great World City, which was welcomed by Guest of Honour; His Excellency Mr Ahn Young-jip, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea.

The ceremony kicked off with a ceremonial mixing of a Giant Bibimbap bowl, inviting members of the public to have a taste of the Korean mixed rice while they shopped at the fair.

This was followed by a K-pop cover dance performance, as well as a friendly cook-off between Celebrity Chef Park Joon Woo and MasterChef Singapore’s first runner-up Gen Lee.

The K-Food fair at Cold Storage features an extensive range of products, including popular Korean snacks, condiments, fresh produce, fresh seafood, and so many more variety of goodies that’s bound to leave everyone spoilt for choices.

We picked out 10 items that will go into the basket right away:

1) Yangban Rice Porridge (Abalone/Tuna)

This is legit one of the best instant porridges we ever had in Korea’s convenience stores.

($2.50 each)

2) Soft Beancurd / Soybean Paste Stew Mix

Tried the soft beancurd stew and it actually tasted similar to what they sell in restaurants. For sure we’re going to be stocking up this.

($1.95 each)

3) Dongwon Real Crabs (Original/Lobster)

You know it’s gonna be good when lots of your Korean friends highly recommend this.  😀

($6.75 for a pack of 2 Original/Lobster)

4) Korean Frozen Thawed / Boiled Abalone

The real stuff.

($9.90 per piece)
(Frozen and packed; $19.50)

5) Korea Shortnecked Clam

The fresh clams were fished and imported to Singapore in under 48 hours! There are also other types of clams to choose from, like Korea Surf Clams and Baby Clams.

(200g; $6.90)

6) Samho Fishcake

(Fishcake on sticks; $5.85 per pack)

7) Tteokbokki in Fish Cake

A delicious combination of Tteokbokki (rice cake) with fish cake!

($4.50 per pack)

8) Dongwon Cheese Tteokbokki

Cheese + Tteokbokki (rice cake) never go wrong, do they?

($2.95 for cupped; $5.50 for packet)

9) BARISTA Rules Coffee

(Cupped coffee; $2.70)


‘Cos who can say no to pepero?

($8.50 for a box)

From now till 10 October, step into any Cold Storage, Market Place or Jasons store to get your Korean goodies and snacks! Product sampling stations can be found at selected Cold Storage stores (Takashimaya, Plaza Singapura, Causeway Point, Bugis Junction, Compass One) during 4-6 October from 11am to 7pm, where a wide range of Korean products will be available for tasting. Don’t miss out!

Seoul Delicious 2019 K-Food Fair is supported by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation.


KAMP Announces New Addition to Line-up, Stray Kids To Perform in Singapore for the First Time

(Pic Credit: JYP Entertainment)

K-pop fans, here’s another reason to look forward to the upcoming K-pop music festival, KAMP Singapore 2019, which will be taking place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for 2 days on November 9 & 10! The festival has today confirmed Stray Kids as the latest addition to its power-packed artiste line-up, as the 9-member boy group joins the Sunday (Nov 10) performing acts to take the stage with their catchy hits.

This scheduled appearance will mark Stray Kids’ first visit to Singapore as a group, so anticipations are running high to see what they have in store for their Singapore fans.

Check out the updated line-up at KAMP Singapore 2019:

9 November 2019 (Saturday): GFRIEND, NCT 127, Ha Sung Woon, Chung Ha
10 November 2019 (Sunday): Super Junior, WJSN, MOMOLAND, Sonnet Son, Stray Kids

Details of KAMP Singapore 2019:
 9 & 10 November 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time: 7PM to 10PM
Ticket Pricing for Each Day: (before booking fees)
CAT 1: S$295 (Standing/Seated) | CAT 2: $250 (Seated) | CAT 3: $180 (Seated) | CAT 4: $140 (Seated) | CAT 5: $100 (Seated)
Ticketing Channel: SportsHubTix

Aside from the evening concert, a red carpet event ‘KAMP Grounds’ will be held at the OCBC Square on each festival day, where fans are in for an up-close engagement session with the artistes gracing the walk of fame. Unlike the usual style of a red carpet event, KAMP Grounds will feature a walkway in between four pens/zones, which give fans a closer access to directly engage with the artistes (think Hi-touch, autograph or even wefie opportunities).

To get access into one of these zones, simply be a Category 1 ticket holder and you’ll automatically be enrolled into a raffle to win special zone passes. The catch is, only those who purchase Cat 1 tickets before 20 Oct* will be entered into the raffle. (*Note: Find out more information of the respective zones here)

Concurrently, there are 3 contest events for ticket holders to participate and show their support to the performing acts:

1) Fan Art Event — Time to get your creative juices together by drawing or designing an artwork portraying your favourite #KAMPer artiste! This contest is open to all ticket holders regardless of your ticket category. Winning entries will have their artwork exhibited at the backstage and get it aired on KAMP Live Broadcast!

2) Fan Video Contest — Make a short video (up to 1 min) to express your love for your favourite act and submit a story that explains the video. This contest is open to all ticket holders regardless of your ticket category. Winning entries will be announced on site at KAMP Grounds and be broadcasted live, where artistes will be watching at the main stage.

3) KAMP Reporter Event — A chance to be a fan-reporter and ask questions directly to your favourite artistes! Only Cat 1 ticket holders will be able to participate in this event and stand to receive the exclusive access to the Fan Press Zone.

To find out more details of each contest event and their respective mechanics, visit here. In case you missed it, here are the things to note about the upcoming festival:

Things To Know About KAMP, An Upcoming K-Pop Music Festival in Singapore


Follow KAMP Global on their official SNS:
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KAMP Singapore 2019 is brought to you by AMP Live and VEZT Korea.