10 Korean Products to Get at Cold Storage’s K-Food Fair (Now till 10 October 2019)

Li Meixian

| October 4, 2019

Cold Storage’s K-Food Fair, Seoul Delicious 2019 is currently ongoing where fans of all things Korean can head down to the nearest Cold Storage mart to shop for goodies specially imported from the land of Korea. On 28 September, the opening ceremony took place at the atrium of Great World City, which was welcomed by Guest of Honour; His Excellency Mr Ahn Young-jip, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea.

The ceremony kicked off with a ceremonial mixing of a Giant Bibimbap bowl, inviting members of the public to have a taste of the Korean mixed rice while they shopped at the fair.

This was followed by a K-pop cover dance performance, as well as a friendly cook-off between Celebrity Chef Park Joon Woo and MasterChef Singapore’s first runner-up Gen Lee.

The K-Food fair at Cold Storage features an extensive range of products, including popular Korean snacks, condiments, fresh produce, fresh seafood, and so many more variety of goodies that’s bound to leave everyone spoilt for choices.

We picked out 10 items that will go into the basket right away:

1) Yangban Rice Porridge (Abalone/Tuna)

This is legit one of the best instant porridges we ever had in Korea’s convenience stores.

($2.50 each)

2) Soft Beancurd / Soybean Paste Stew Mix

Tried the soft beancurd stew and it actually tasted similar to what they sell in restaurants. For sure we’re going to be stocking up this.

($1.95 each)

3) Dongwon Real Crabs (Original/Lobster)

You know it’s gonna be good when lots of your Korean friends highly recommend this.  😀

($6.75 for a pack of 2 Original/Lobster)

4) Korean Frozen Thawed / Boiled Abalone

The real stuff.

($9.90 per piece)
(Frozen and packed; $19.50)

5) Korea Shortnecked Clam

The fresh clams were fished and imported to Singapore in under 48 hours! There are also other types of clams to choose from, like Korea Surf Clams and Baby Clams.

(200g; $6.90)

6) Samho Fishcake

(Fishcake on sticks; $5.85 per pack)

7) Tteokbokki in Fish Cake

A delicious combination of Tteokbokki (rice cake) with fish cake!

($4.50 per pack)

8) Dongwon Cheese Tteokbokki

Cheese + Tteokbokki (rice cake) never go wrong, do they?

($2.95 for cupped; $5.50 for packet)

9) BARISTA Rules Coffee

(Cupped coffee; $2.70)


‘Cos who can say no to pepero?

($8.50 for a box)

From now till 10 October, step into any Cold Storage, Market Place or Jasons store to get your Korean goodies and snacks! Product sampling stations can be found at selected Cold Storage stores (Takashimaya, Plaza Singapura, Causeway Point, Bugis Junction, Compass One) during 4-6 October from 11am to 7pm, where a wide range of Korean products will be available for tasting. Don’t miss out!

Seoul Delicious 2019 K-Food Fair is supported by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation.


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