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DAY6 Treats Fans To A String of Nostalgic Hits at First Full-fledged Concert in Singapore

Li Meixian

| October 10, 2019

After touring the U.S. leg of their 2019 Gravity World Tour, DAY6 finally kicked off their Asia Tour series beginning with a stop in Singapore on October 5, 2019.

Back in Singapore three years after their Daydream Fanmeeting, DAY6 returned in glory with a longer setlist and better music which they’ve released under their belt during these three years. The long-awaited concert was celebrated with much success as fans cheered the band on with their loudest screams and applauses, and sang along with every performance.

The concert was very much enjoyable right from the get-go, as DAY6 kicked off the show with upbeat hits like ‘Best Part’ and ‘Sing Me’, inviting fans to get up from their seats and relish in the moment.

Aside from performing tracks from their latest EP [The Book of Us: Gravity] such as ‘Time of Our Life’, ‘For Me’ and ‘Wanna Go Back’, DAY6 also got fans excited with a throwback of classic song medleys and remixes.

Jae further revealed that they had specially prepared a slightly different setlist for the Singapore stop, which included fan-favourite tracks released from their debut period.

Fans sang, grooved, and waved along with the band to feel-good and sentimental tracks like ‘Out of My Mind’, ‘Colors’ and ‘Congratulations’, filling the theatre with an air of nostalgia.

Comparing three years ago and now, DAY6 has definitely grown to become better musicians and we can’t help but feel proud of their growth and achievements, as well as how far they’ve come. They are still as passionate, energetic, and humble as before, and the show that they’ve put up that evening was absolutely the way how a live concert should be held. No lip sync, no script, just Freely as DAY6 themselves.

(Photos: Live Nation Singapore)


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