Where To Visit in Seoul To Catch The Pink Muhly Grass in Autumn

Is this real life?

Beatrice Yeo

| October 22, 2019

Ever dreamt of prancing around a field of cotton candies and letting soft, billowy balls of fluff tickle your nose? Now in Seoul, you can turn your dreams into reality and do just that! This autumn, visit the Seoul Sky Park (하늘공원) and immerse yourself in a gorgeous field of Pink Muhly Grass!

These cloud-like rows of pink fluff have recently been trending online and are exactly what sweet dreams are made out of (just not edible). With appearances resembling much like the cotton candy of your dreams, these grasses are said to be a breed of Chinese Silver Grass which had made its way to Korea all the way from the US Midwest. But be careful when you pose for a photo though because these grasses are said to cause a bit of a tickle!


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Another thing to look out for at the Seoul Sky Park are the Kochia Bushes. Planted just beside the beautiful uniformed rows of pink blossoms are these well-pruned circular bushes come in different shades of red, pinks and oranges. Seeing these blooms are a stark reminder to us all that summer is finally over (in Korea) and that winter is finally on its way, don’t you agree?

From now till November, quickly make your way over to the dreamlike gardens to snap a cool photo and catch a glimpse of the pretty pinks before they disappear for the year! However, if you miss this beautiful display, fret not because the park still has other flowers and plants that will bloom in the other seasons.


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To get to Seoul Sky Park, take a 12-minute walk from World Cup Stadium Station Exit 1. To get to the peak where the bushes are, you can either take a hike up (climb up the 291 step-strong stairs) or take a shuttle bus (prices start from 3,000 KRW for adults). Alternatively, check out this day tour here that brings you to the Seoul Sky Park (Haneul Park).

Bear in mind that there will be a lot of people there too so stay safe and hydrated!

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