These Are Some Of The Prettiest Fall/Winter Eyeshadow Palettes

Michelle Ho

| October 25, 2019

With the Fall/Winter season here, many brands have been releasing eyeshadow palettes with lots of brown and muted shades that are perfect for the Fall/Winter mood. Singapore may be experiencing Summer all year round, but nobody said these palettes can only be used during the Fall/Winter season! Here are some of the latest eyeshadow palettes that have caught my attention and are too pretty to ignore:

1) 3CE Multi Eye Color Palette #Dry Bouquet (₩38,000)

(Photo Credit: 3CE)

3CE’s eyeshadow palettes are insanely popular and the brand has recently released a new palette with shades reminiscent of dried flowers. All nine shades are matte, great for those who aren’t a fan of shimmers and glitters.

2) eSpoir 19 F/W Look Book : Dusty Brick (₩32,000)

(Photo Credit: eSpoir)

As demonstrated by the brand, you can create a toasty brick look with the three eyeshadow shades on the left, or a dusty brown look with the other three eyeshadow shades on the right! Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to these two looks. To top it all off, use the nude peach blusher to match your eye makeup look!

3) ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes #Bakehouse (₩22,000)

(Photo Credit: ETUDE HOUSE)

Aptly named Bakehouse, this eyeshadow palette reminds one of freshly baked bread with its colour scheme. Play around with the glitter, shimmer and matte shades to create a natural and warm eyeshadow look with this palette.

4) innisfree Fig Mood Palette (₩25,000)

(Photo Credit: innisfree)

There are so many Youtube tutorials on how to create a strawberry makeup look, orange makeup look and even a sweet potato makeup look. Now, with this new eyeshadow palette from innisfree, you can create a fig makeup look! These shades will help you achieve a fresh but muted look that is perfect for the Fall/Winter season.

5) Nature Republic Pro Touch Killing Point Shadow Palette in 01 Autumn Mood ((₩18,900)

(Photo Credit: Nature Republic)

Create a natural eye makeup look with these nine wearable and soft shades this Fall/Winter season with this eyeshadow palette. Add a killing point to your eye makeup look with the three glittery shades in this palette!


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