[K-Movie] Upcoming Film ‘Love, Again’ Provides Comic Relief in A Realistic Story That Viewers Can Relate


| November 16, 2019

A new romance comedy movie is about to come your way this November. Starring Kwon Sang-woo, Lee Jung-hyun and Lee Jong-hyuk, “Love Again” is one of the newest Korean comedy films to hit the cinemas, presenting a realistic story of marriage, divorce and romance of modern-day men and women with an identifiable message.

In this film, Kwon Sang Woo plays the role of Hyun Woo, an average man who has gone through a divorce ceremony and is enjoying his single status, until he suddenly finds himself crossing path with his ex-wife again. He will be reuniting with Lee Jong-hyuk 15 years after starring together in “Once Upon a Time in High School”, as well as Sung Dong-il in “The Accidental Detective” series.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-hyun is set to offer fresh, new delight to audiences with her all-time comic and realistic character Sun-young. Joining the cast is actor Lee Jong-hyuk, who takes on the role of Sang-chul, a character of interest who completes the twisted triangle between the main characters.

Film Synopsis:
After the embarrassing divorce ceremony, Hyun-woo (played by Kwon Sang-woo) returns to the single life that he dreamed of and hopes to enjoy his freedom forever. Just six months later, Sun-young (played by Lee Jung-hyun) comes back into his life as the love interest of Sang-chul (played by Lee Jong-hyuk), an old friend from high school. The funny reality of Hyun-woo, who struggles to escape from Sun-young’s sudden return and being unable to ignore her when she is in need, evokes empathy in real-life situations.

Title: Love Again
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cast: Kwon Sang-woo, Lee Jung-hyun, Lee Jong-hyuk, Sung Dong-il, Jung Sang-hoon
Directed by: Park Yong-jip
Singapore Release Date: 21 November 2019
Runtime: 112 minutes
Rating: TBA

(Photos & Synopsis: mm2 Entertainment)


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