3 Aesthetic Korean Home Café Accounts To Follow and Check Out

Michelle Ho

| May 11, 2020

Home café videos have been quite popular for a while now. For the uninitiated, these videos usually show the process of making or assembling aesthetically pleasing food and drinks from the comfort of one’s home. Coupled with relaxing background music and sometimes even ASMR, these videos are calming to watch.

While dalgona coffee has been all the rage over the past few weeks or so, it’s time to leave that behind — get some inspiration from Korean home café accounts and try making something different! Even if you’re not planning to make some of these drinks or desserts, these home café videos are relaxing to watch, offering you a source of comfort amidst these trying times.

Here are three Korean home café accounts you should check out.

1) y.na__ / y. na__ homecafe

Instagram / YouTube

I absolutely adore y.na__’s Instagram videos and love how aesthetic-looking her drinks are. Compilations of her Instagram videos can be found on her YouTube channel, where she also has videos breaking down the steps to her drinks so you can recreate them from the comfort of your home.

2) hanse____ / 한세HANSE

Instagram / YouTube

hanse____’s YouTube channel has a massive following of 2.35 million subscribers and it’s not hard to see why. With 16 different playlists of content ranging from ASMR to no-bake recipes, her videos will definitely catch the attention of those with a sweet tooth.

3) saebom_c_ / 새봄SAEBOM HOMECAFE

Instagram / YouTube

A quick look at saebom_c_’s Instagram feed and you’ll notice her posts are organised row by row, making her account visually pleasing. Though her account is relatively new, it’s definitely worth following. The videos on her YouTube channel include English subtitles as well, so that’s a big plus if you’re looking to recreate drinks.


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