Iconic Types Of Bangs Sported By K-Pop Girl Groups

Michelle Ho

| May 25, 2020

Girl group members are no stranger to new hairstyles and colours, having to change up their look every now and then with each comeback; virtually every girl group has had its fair share of members having bangs in one style or another at some point in time. Regardless of whether the bangs are curly or straight, bangs are well-loved and have been seen on many girl group members.  Here, we take a look at some of the most iconic types of bangs sported by this generation’s girl group members.

See-through Bangs

(Photos: Seola, Sujeong, Yuju, Sejeong)

Arguably the most popular style, see-through bangs are a staple in girl groups – almost every girl group has had at least one member sporting the see-through bangs look. It’s a style that instantly shaves years off one’s age for a more youthful look. While trends come and go, the see-through bangs style will never go out of style, that’s for sure.

Full Bangs

(Photos: Minnie, Momo, Joy, Lisa)

A style that changes up one’s look immediately, full bangs can look either cute or chic, depending on the look the person is going for. The duality is strong with this style, as seen on girl group members like Lisa, Joy, Momo and Minnie who rock it both ways on stage and off-stage.

Choppy Bangs

(Photos: Hyojung, Naeun, Sohee, Jueun)

Choppy bangs were trendy for a while and while they’re not as often sported, it is a quirky style that ends above the eyebrows for an edgy look to stand out from others. They can also be grown out to straight bangs or see-through bangs, depending on how thick the choppy bangs are.


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