[K-Movie] Legendary Naver Webtoon ‘Beauty Water’ To Screen in Singapore this September


| September 13, 2020

An animated feature film based on the legendary webtoon (Tales of the Unusual) on Naver, Beauty Water will be screening in Singapore cinemas from 17 September 2020.

The animated film is about a horror story where the main character Yeji comes across the dangerous and miraculous Beauty Water which makes one beautiful when applied, and is born again as a beauty.

Beauty Water has been recognised as Korea’s first horror animated feature, with several invitations to film festivals all over the world. With more than 2 million views of the official trailers, expectations are running high on whether this film will be a new turning point for animated films.

Film Synopsis:
With Beauty water, you can be a beauty within 20 min. However, as the saying goes, light come, light go…

Yaeji, who is neglected by the world because of her looks, is always unhappy. One day, a box with Beauty Water and the instruction manual is delivered to her house. With the help of Beauty Water, now she becomes a beauty everyone admires. However, as time goes, her desire for being much more beautiful becomes uncontrollable, and it slowly destroys her life…

(Poster & Stills: Purple Plan)


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