[K-Movie] South Korean Action Comedy ‘Okay! Madam’ To Hit Local Cinemas


| September 16, 2020

Upcoming action comedy Okay! Madam will be opening in Singapore cinemas on 24 September 2020. The film pays homage to the Hong Kong action film Yes Madam and it stars a stellar line-up of cast such as singer turned actress Uhm Jung-hwa, versatile actors Park Sung-woong, Lee Sang-yoon, Bae Jeong-nam and Lee Sun-bin.

Aside from this film marking Uhm Jung-hwa’s return to the big screen in five years, what’s interesting to note is that the movie was shot inside an actual Boeing 777 aircraft. Okay! Madam follows the story of a couple’s first-ever overseas trip to Hawaii, but things took a turn for the worse when they became involved in the rescue operation of a hijacked flight they’ve boarded.

Film Synopsis:
Mi-Young (Uhm Jung-hwa) runs a shop at a traditional market, where she makes and sells twisted bread sticks. Her husband Seok-Hwan (Park Sung-woong) works as a computer repairman. One day, Seok-Hwan wins a free trip to Hawaii. Mi-Young and Seok-Hwan will go on their first international trip together. When Mi-Young and Seok-Hwan get on the airplane to Hawaii, things don’t go as expected. Terrorists, including Cheol-Seung who chase after a secret agent, get on the same airplane. The passengers soon become hostages. Suddenly, Mi-Young and Seok-Hwan begin to rescue the passengers.

Title: Okay! Madam
Genre: Action, Comedy
Cast: Uhm Jung-hwa, Park Sung-woong, Lee Sang-yoon, Bae Jeong-nam, Lee Sun-bin
Directed by: Lee Chul-ha
Singapore Release Date: 24 September 2020
Runtime: 101 minutes

(Poster & Movie Stills: Purple Plan)


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