New Romance Film ‘Sweet and Sour’ To Premiere on Netflix this June


| April 17, 2021

Jang Ki-yong, Chae Soo-bin and Krystal Jung have teamed up for a new romance film Sweet & Sour, which is set for global release on June 4th. The film follows a realistic story of relationships, as the three young people experience sweet and sour moments in their lives.

In this film, Jang Ki-yong plays the role of a realistic boyfriend Jang-hyuk, who gradually transforms from a sweet guy in the beginning of a relationship, to an unresponsive one.

Jang-hyuk’s lovely girlfriend Da-eun is played by Chae Soo-bin, who established herself as a major next-gen rom-com star through all her previous drama roles. Many young viewers will relate to her character Da-eun, who is frustrated with both her job as a nurse and her love life.

Bo-yeong, the woman whom Jang-hyuk meets through his job assignment with his big name corporate employer, is played by Krystal Jung. Demonstrating a different kind of charm than her usual chic image, Krystal shapes Bo-yeong into an interesting character in a love-hate relationship with Jang-hyuk while they collaborate and compete for the same permanent position at the corporation.

Filming for Sweet & Sour was completed in December 2019 and the film will be released worldwide on Netflix on June 4th.


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