[K-Movie] Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk Team Up for An Oil Heist in PIPELINE


| May 28, 2021

A dangerous oil heist is about to take place in PIPELINE, a crime action movie starring Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk. Directed by director Yoo Ha, the heist film is about the story of a team of six coming together to steal oil hidden in the underground tunnel—the biggest pipeline in Korea.

Gunwoo (Lee Soo Hyuk) is an heir of a large conglomerate. He engages Pindol (Seo In Guk), the best drilling technician in Korea, to complete the impossible heist to drill into the pipeline between Honam and Seoul-Busan highway within a month.

In order to get the job completed in time, they form a team with four other thieves — ‘Section Chief Na’ (Yoo Seung-mok), ‘Jeobsae’ (Eum Moon-suk), Geunsab (Tae Hang-ho) and ‘Counter’ (Bae Da-bin).

The team gets cornered from all sides as the cops get a wind of the oil heist with the mine collapsing at the same time, resulting in delays in the dangerous operation.

PIPELINE hits Singapore cinemas on 3 June 2021.

Title: PIPELINE (파이프라인)
Genre: Action
Cast: Seo In-guk, Lee Soo-hyuk
Directed by: Yoo Ha
Singapore Release Date: 3 June 2021
Runtime: 108 minutes

(Movie Stills: Golden Village)


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