Interview with WILD – A Hybrid Entertainment Group Connecting Korea and Many Leading SEA Creators


| May 29, 2021

Wild Entertainment Group or WILD, is a hybrid management, media production, and marketing company – home to numerous talents and content creators around the globe. The company was founded in August 2020 by CEO, Leonard Lim, whom we recently had the opportunity to speak to and learn more about his emerging entertainment group.

Prior to his move to South Korea two years ago, Leonard was an established model in Australia and North America, and has always had a big passion for entrepreneurship. He is also the Founder of Jewelry Company ‘Kapsul Collective’ that has made collaborative collections with big K-pop names such as Park Ji Hoon, Victon, Kevin Woo, Sorn (CLC), Samuel Kim, and Amber Liu.

While living in Seoul, Leonard realised the large number of talented creators from Southeast Asia (SEA) that don’t have the right home to grow as creators. As such, he has been spending the last ten months building WILD into the hub in Korea for Southeast Asian creators globally, connecting artists and creators worldwide leading them with massive growth strategies for his team.

To date, WILD has signed over 40 talents and boasts a network of partnerships and collaborations – mainly acting as the link between Korea and South East Asia.

“We have celebrities and talents across regions such as Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, and a few out there in Australia, Canada, and USA,” shared Leonard.

“We work with creators across all main social media channels and niches, and are confident that our roster of talent can utilise their creativity and authenticity to showcase the brand.”

The WILD team comprises content creators (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, etc.), singer/songwriters, music producers, as well as a production team responsible for photography, filmography and graphic design. They’ve also launched their fast-growing YouTube channel ‘Wild Channel’ just two months ago, already garnering over 24,000 subscribers ever since.


The team also partnered with CUBE Entertainment, producing and directing CLC Sorn’s debut single ‘Run’ earlier this year, in March 2021. Produced and written by songwriter/producer – Candace Sosa (WILD Music) and music video directed by Kaya Wong (WILD Filmography) – the song was a huge success charting at #2 on the US iTunes Chart and #25 on the Worldwide iTunes Chart.

When asked about future goals for the company, Leonard shared that WILD plans to continue establishing themselves as the powerhouse for music, creative content, and media production while keeping their global audiences entertained.

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